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Bulgaria, Dyuni: resort reviews, photos and prices

Summer is, as you know, time for vacations and vacations.Agree, we all want at least a week to lie lazily in the sun, swim in the warm and tender sea and, absolutely without thinking about anything, to throw out of my head all the problems, troubles and troubles. Where should I go? The choice, and the truth, is not easy.

Recently, Bulgaria is becoming more popular. Dunes, Golden Sands, Albena, Sozopol - this is not a complete list of resorts in the country, which so massively strive to get vacationers.

This article will tell you about pastime(both active and passive) in a relatively young resort. The reader will discover a completely new direction called Dunes (Bulgaria). Reviews already have time to visit there travelers with confidence say that it's worth to come here if not this, then certainly next summer!

Section 1. General description of the resort

bulgaria of the dune

As already mentioned above, the Dunes are quite possibleconsider young, but to date already quite popular resort in Bulgaria. It should be noted that its location is very successful. It was founded in the north of the mountain range called Strandja. If you pick up a card, it turns out that you can find it with absolutely no problems: it is on the Black Sea coast, 7 km from the humble town of Sozopol and 40 km south of Bourgas.

Bulgaria ... Dune Resort, as, indeed, the whole countryin general, thoroughly permeated with the spirit of modernity, but at the same time you can feel the originality of the ancient Bulgarian traditions. Many believe that this simply can not be, because the town recently celebrated a small anniversary in a quarter of a century. It turns out that Bulgaria can not present such surprises. Dunes to this next confirmation.

A cozy and quiet atmosphere is provided by velvety sandy slopes and sunny terraces, narrow shady streets and a small pier, golden gentle sand and flowering gardens.

The resort was built in the near 1986.His plan was developed by Bulgarian architects, but the Austrian company "Rogner" already embodied it. Representatives of various national groups took part in the construction.

To date, the Dunes area kind of paradise. Why? The fact is that the town occupies the territory of a nature reserve, which is distinguished by a unique ecological environment. Around the recreation area is a pine forest, so the local air can, in the opinion of experts, be considered a real curative cocktail.

Taking into account all the above facts,many parents have been choosing the "Sea Dunes" children's camp (Bulgaria) for several years as an optimal place for resting their children.

Section 2. How to get there

dunes bulgaria reviews

The nearest airports to the resort are located inVarna and Burgas, there is no airport in the Dunas themselves. Flight by various airlines will cost the traveler approximately 280-330 €. Also you can get to the Dunes by sea. First, by steamboat to one of the nearest ports, and then using motor transport.

Rather modest in size, the countryBulgaria. Dunes, you can say, are at the intersection of several roads. All those who want to save money will be useful to know that in Bourgas it is quite real to change to a regular bus and get to the destination in one hour. The fare is 2 euros.

Section 3. Beaches of the resort

bulgaria spa dunes

In the recreation area there is a coastala strip with a width of more than 100 m and a length of 4.5 km. Coastal territory is covered with fine golden sand with small dunes formed. The sea here is clean, calm, with a sandy bottom and gradually increasing depth, which makes swimming especially safe. It should be mentioned that Dune beach was awarded the "Blue Flag" for the cleanest environment.

Already, the resort is slowly but surelybecomes one of the most attractive places for a holiday on the Black Sea of ​​Bulgaria. In just a few years, new hotels have been built here for holidaymakers. The bay is great for practicing various sea sports, for example, for windsurfing. Also in this resort village there are seven tennis courts and several swimming pools.

Section 4. Natural world

hotel in bulgaria dunes

Do not assume that you are waiting on a trip only inone of the cozy and comfortable hotel in Bulgaria. Dunes can also boast of the presence of a wild, untouched civilization of nature. Behind the mouth of the Ropotamo River and the beautiful reserve is the Maslian Cape. It is characterized by high spurs towards the sea and opening panoramic views. Reviews of travelers do not get tired of praising quiet, sprinkled with shells and pebbles coves, where you can often stay in a camping or some private boarding house. Prices are considered quite acceptable even for the most economical. There is also a beach braid, smoothly turning into a forest and a marsh Stomoplo.

Not far from Dune begins at once two reserves- "Velov vir" and "Water Lily". Not everyone even realizes that it was on this part of the coast that migratory birds laid their routes long ago. Therefore, every year at the end of summer, you can see peace-loving storks, majestic pelicans and dozens of different species of birds of prey.

Section 5. Attractions and attractions

hotel in bulgaria dunes

In general, Bulgaria (Dune, in particular) is knowntheir interesting places, which are definitely worth a visit to everyone. By the way, we can not fail to mention that the modest resort town also owes this unusual name to unusual landscape features: picturesque sand hills, which stretch in the form of a semicircle along the coast for 4.5 km.

Bulgaria ... Dunes ... Should I go to this place?Many seasoned travelers note the fact that there is sure to be a place for everyone. For example, those who love comfort and luxury, can live in the city, but nature lovers tend to go beyond it.

Both those and others are encouraged to gofor a walk to the famous nature reserves "Rototamo" and "Arkutino", reminiscent of the most real jungles. The latter, by the way, is at a distance of only some 500 meters from the Dune. From the Veselaya cliff there is a stunning view of the neighborhood of the village. Also, walking along the marshy lagoon, you can meet various representatives of the local flora and fauna. Monuments, sculptures and complex architectural compositions - this is not something that the town of Dune (Bulgaria) can offer to tourists. Reviews experienced and beckon to wander among the sand, then there is strewn with sandy lilies. Not far from the village on the surface of the water near the snow-white water lilies are floating and especially rare species - lake roses.

Section 6. What is it, rest in the Dunes?

sea ​​dunes Bulgaria

This resort is great for relaxing allfamily. There is a whole complex of entertainment for both adults and small travelers. You can lie anywhere on the beach, walk along the seashore or do some kind of water sports. For example, yachting or windsurfing. And it is also recommended to take advantage of the chance and ride horses. The route will pass along the most beautiful places of the Strandjan mountains. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the prices for a holiday in a double room of a high-class hotel will cost from 57 to 70 euros per person per day.

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