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Capsule Hotel, Sheremetyevo: photos and reviews of hotel

Modern technologies are developing rapidly.This is noticeable not only in the technical direction, but also in the service sector, hotel business and other industries. More and more getting used to comfort, modern travelers try to find for themselves the most comfortable places for spending time between flights. Everyone will agree that it's better not to spend hours connecting airplanes in a noisy waiting room, but in a specially equipped place where you can not only sit with a book in your hands, but also get a good night's sleep. Due to the excellent design that was developed in Japan, some especially large hub stations are equipped with capsule type hotels. Now in Russia there is a capsule hotel. Sheremetyevo provides its passengers with all amenities in a minimal space.

capsule hotel Sheremetyevo

History of occurrence

Capsule hotels have arisen in Japan at the end70-ies. They are built on the principle of honeycombs. Small rooms, equipped with everything necessary, are designed only so that people can get a full rest between flights. However, if in Japan they have gained great popularity due to the large tourist flow, in Russia such a miracle is almost impossible to meet.

Japan is a country with its own principles andregulations. Capsule hotels, which can be found in small towns and metropolitan areas, differ from those in Europe, one small feature - almost all of them are masculine. Of course, in some of them, one floor is allocated to accommodate women, but in this case the fine half of mankind is strictly forbidden to enter the male territory.

At the most modern level, Sheremetyevo Airport is equipped. Capsule hotel here has gained immense popularity.

Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel

Location and structure of the hotel

One of the first Moscow hotels created bycapsule type, is the "Air Express". It is designed for the fact that passengers who travel by air will spend a relatively short time in it. Find this hotel can be in the terminal "Aeroexpress", he is located at the airport Sheremetyevo.

capsule hotel air express sheremetyevo

It is located on the fifth floor of the terminal.There are more than 65 rooms of very compact size. The smallest area does not exceed 8 square meters. The most spacious room has a size of 22 square meters. For a moderate fee (about 2700 rubles for a single accommodation), you can spend four hours here. If you are going to spend a longer period of time in the room, the payment will be made hourly. For the most demanding customers, the hotel has VIP rooms. For passengers of any level, a capsule hotel (Sheremetyevo) is suitable.

Features of the capsule hotel

A distinctive feature of all hotels of this type, regardless of the country in which they are located, is a large area of ​​the premises, which is allocated for general use. Here everything is common:

  • Great Hall.
  • A special rest room, in which there are fresh newspapers and magazines.
  • A restaurant.
  • In large tourist cities such hotels can be equipped with even a swimming pool or a sauna.

hotel in sheremetyevo capsule hotel

Hotel Policies

All have long been accustomed to the fact that in the worldhotel chains, regardless of the country of location, have the same rules of conduct and service. The same is observed in such hotels. It is very convenient for those people who, by work or simply because of their way of life, travel the world. I came to a new country, but you already know how to behave in the hotel.

capsule hotel Sheremetyevo photo

At the entrance you need to remove your shoes and puther in a locker specially designed for this purpose. It is locked with a key. All things can be handed over to the storage room, the key of which you will also be kindly provided. As a result, we have three keys that open different doors. The third unlocks your number. After passing the first two stages, you can safely be located in your small but cozy room, curtain the windows and dive into a measured rest.

European capsule hotels

What is typical of Japanese culture, practicallynot suitable for European countries, and even more so for tourists, that's why pragmatic Europeans have transformed minimalistic capsule hotels. If in Japan the numbers are very modestly executed, in quiet and discreet tones, capable of appeasing, then everything is exactly the opposite. Modern European capsules are very beautiful, with a well thought out interior and a design line. One can meet those who literally repeat the cabins of luxury cruise liners. The guests of such rooms completely lose the feeling that they are waiting for a transplant. You can feel even the captain of the ship. Now and the inhabitants of Russia have a chance to visit the capsule hotel. Sheremetyevo gives all travelers the opportunity to comfortably rest between flights.

"Air Express"

Considering all the latest technologies and modernflow on the modification of capsule hotels, the project of the operating hotel in the Moscow airport was developed and successfully implemented. The capsule hotel "Aerial Express" (Sheremetyevo) is fundamentally different from its Japanese "brethren".

capsule hotel Sheremetyevo reviews

There is some part of the numbers thatis located in the middle. They are inside the corridors and do not have windows. But do not immediately abandon such a room, because the designers have worked on the glory and thought through everything to the smallest detail. Correctly placed lighting and directional spotlight made it possible to completely compensate for the absence of direct sunlight. Even with all the compactness of each room, they are all equipped with a bathroom, telephone and hot shower. Almost everyone will like the capsule hotel (Sheremetyevo). You can see the photo in this article.

Knowing the role of Internet access formodern man, the project developers have implemented the ability to connect to the World Wide Web of each of the clients. The very location of the hotel allows customers to enjoy the entire airport infrastructure, such as:

  • The shops.
  • Restaurants.
  • Terminals.
  • Banks.

The hotel in Sheremetyevo (capsule hotel) can easily replace the hostels and make a variety in the life of the traveler.

capsule hotel Sheremetyevo

Capsule hotel: progress in Russia

It's just amazing that in Moscow there is aamazing capsule hotel! Sheremetyevo gives a truly real miracle. Here everything is created in order to spend time as comfortably as possible, and the moderate cost of the number attracts tourists' attention to capsule type hotels. Settling in such hotels, you do not have to spend time on a long transfer, which is not cheap. In addition, you can get new, previously unknown feelings from the time spent here.

Choose a capsule hotel (Sheremetyevo) for stopping. Reviews about this place are only positive. Women and men are delighted with this hotel room.

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