/ Kazan, Victory Park. Sights of Kazan

Kazan, Victory Park. Sights of Kazan

Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is an amazing place.In this city there are many sights: both ancient and new. The city is being intensively rebuilt, many international meetings of various levels are held there.

Originally from the USSR

Often the main city of Tatarstan is called the thirdthe capital of our country. One of the most beautiful cities of modern Russia is Kazan. Victory Park is in many localities of the Russian Federation, it exists in this city. They laid it down, although under Soviet rule, but relatively recently in 1978.

Kazan Victory Park
The very idea of ​​creating a park was beautiful, and the placethe authorities of the city allocated specifically for him - nothing was demolished, just drained the swamps. The area occupied by the park is 50 hectares. After the preparation of the territory, the alleys were broken and trees were planted in quantity corresponding to each day of the war, totaling 1418 pieces.

Have had time for the round date

Hard times came, which the countrysurvived and began to reborn. It's time to return to the projects started and unfinished due to lack of funds for construction. All these difficult years, Kazan Victory Park quietly landscaped, and in 1995 on its territory laid and began to build a museum. And then the trees grew. An exhibition of military equipment was organized. And in 2005, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the surrender of fascist Germany, Victory Park was inaugurated.

Victory Park Kazan how to reach

For 27 years Kazan built Victory Park: statues and obelisks were built, a museum was built. As a result, many objects related to that great war were collected here.

The Eternal Flame Memorial

And of course, like in many other parks dedicated to these events that affected each family, his heart is the Eternal Flame. The memorial is located near one of the entrances to the park.

He is surrounded by a pantheon, on the plates of whichImprinted are the names of residents of Tatarstan, who gave their lives for their country. Among them - 200 Heroes of the Soviet Union and 29 Knights of the Order of Glory. On the seven stelae, established around the memorial, each of which is dedicated to one of the seven rifle divisions (they were created in Kazan), the names of the soldiers were immortalized. It is clear that the memorial is the main venue of the Victory Parades. The whole Kazan bears flowers here. Victory Park on this day is particularly transformed. At the Eternal Flame, young residents of the capital of Tatarstan stand guard.

Stela and open-air museum

A little further, in the depths of the park, along the main avenue, there is a 42-meter stele "Victory", crowned by a wreath of leaves of the laurel - a wreath of winners. The Order of Victory decorates the beautiful beauty.

Victory Park Kazan address

At the very foot of the "Victory" are statues of the warriorand the mother with the baby in her arms. In many cities in similar parks the most popular place is the museum of military equipment, which is located in the open air. But in Kazan this huge museum is here, besides tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers and artillery pieces, there is the legendary Katyusha, planes, including the famous MiG. In addition, there are helicopters here, and the Luna-M missile system has also been brought here to the eternal parking lot, but all the military equipment exhibited is in excellent condition. And recently, by the Day of the Navy, a refurbished cabin was put here from the submarine K-403 "Kazan". A bell was hung around the felling, and the country and the city were decorated with the coats of arms. You can imagine how much joy gives children the opportunity to climb into the cockpit of the plane or squeeze into the tank!

Place of worship

In order to form the necessary number of alleysthe trees were planted in a certain way: it was originally planned that each of them would belong to a certain kind of army. The alley of mothers, widows, women in general, whose lives have been re-enacted by the war, is also here.

 Victory Park Kazan reconstruction

But Victory Park is not only a place of sorrow andworship of the great feat of Soviet people, residents of Tatarstan. He turned, by the efforts of the authorities, into the favorite place of rest for the townspeople, and this is the best memory for the dead.

Reservoirs of the park

Here, always, especially on Sundays, a lothaving a rest. In the park there is a beautiful artificial lake. The townspeople have a tradition to arrange on its waters competitions of the courts, controlled by radio. And the tradition took root so that in 2006 on this lake the Russian championship on races of radio-controlled boats was held. Bathe in this lake is prohibited, but you can ride a catamaran. There is another pond in the park, it is located in the north-eastern part. He is stocked and admired by ducks.

Popular cafe

In this modern park there is a lot of,than now attractive city squares. So, along the alleys you can ride horses and ponies, there is a rental of various sports equipment. And of course, both in the park, and near it a lot of cafes. "Park Victory" (Kazan, Yamasheva Avenue, 36) - it is such a cozy place, which is known to all residents of the city. The advantages of the café "At Victory Park" include the beautiful European, Russian and Tatar cuisines, there is a spacious summer area. The institution is famous for its fairly affordable prices (the average bill is 500 rubles).

Location and accessibility

As noted above, for this memorial objectthe swamps were diverted. Where is the Victory Park (Kazan)? How to get to this favorite place townspeople? The territory was allocated in Novo-Savinovsky district of the city. The object is located where Bondarenko street and the avenue intersect, named after the first Tatar Bolshevik and publicist Khusain Yamashev. To the World Cup 2018, the metro line will be held here, and now the nearest station to the park is Kozya Sloboda. You can get to the park by buses No. 5, 28a, 33, 46, 49, 60 and 13th by trolleybus route. Victory Park (Kazan) has the following address: Kazan, Yamasheva Avenue / Bondarenko Street.

Restoration of the park

Throughout the country, the 70th anniversary was very widely celebratedGreat Victory. For almost a year, restoration work was carried out in the capital of Tatarstan in such a cult place as Victory Park (Kazan). The reconstruction was completed by May 9, 2015. She touched not only the pantheon, where there were new names of the soldiers, who were formerly missing.

cafe at the Victory Park Kazan
The paving stones were replaced, the steps of steelgranite, the plate under the Eternal Flame is made of solid granite. In addition, the stelae "Victory" and the colonnade were lined with a new travertine tile. Work was carried out to improve the lighting of the park (in particular, a new illumination was installed on the stele), fully restored military equipment. On the perimeter of the memorial were added flower beds. Near the Alley of Widows a beautiful English lawn appeared, in a separate pavilion there is now an electronic book for the memory of the dead. A lot has been done towards the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

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