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Where to rest in January? Unforgettable New Year Holidays

"Where to rest in January?"- this is the question asked by all those who managed to escape from the stuffy offices for the New Year holidays. January is the month when there is an opportunity to make your holiday diverse and unforgettable. If you can relax in the summer in a stuffy Europe, or on the beach or the ocean, then in winter you can go to tropical countries and mountains and the ocean. The problem this month is only that there are a lot of people who want to plunge into the abyss of new impressions and emotions, so you'll have to think about the coming rest in advance.

Where to rest in January? On the sea!

I think every resident of cold Russia at least oncerepresented how he meets the New Year on the sunny coast without banal, but nevertheless, favorite holiday attributes, lying on a deckchair with a glass of mojito. Why not realize your old dream right now? The most popular among Russian tourists in the winter is Sharm el-Sheikh. The resorts of Egypt are accessible both to prosperous people and to the middle class. Here you will find rest places for every taste and purse. In January, Egypt is not as hot as it is in summer. The temperature of air and water varies from 23 to 26 degrees. In addition to the sea and the beach near the hotel, tourists can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, from excursions to the pyramids to shopping.

Also popular are Thailand, Bali,Maldives. If you prefer a more extreme and rich, but hot rest, you will be interested in India, Syria, Vietnam. For lovers of the highest class, the Arab Emirates with a safari in the desert, full of nightlife and luxury hotels are perfect.

Where to rest in January? In the mountains!

Among tourists, the most popularThe New Year holidays are enjoyed by the slopes of France, Austria, Andorra and Germany. Here in early January, literally not push through. If you want to find a quieter and quieter snow-covered place, where there is an opportunity to ride on snowboard and skiing, do not see familiar faces, choose Italy. It is comfortable here and learn new kinds of winter sports, and ride on extreme routes. Vip-persons prefer Courchevel and do not change it under any circumstances. Those who could not become a platinum card holder are satisfied with the resorts of Montenegro, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. It should be noted and Scandinavia with magnificent scenery and a comfortable climate.

Where to rest in January? In Europe!

As you know, the tradition of celebrating the New Year inEuropeans and Russians differ significantly. Why not change habits and not go on a trip to the countries of Europe in search of new impressions and knowledge? The route can be compiled independently, visiting the most unusual and previously unknown geographical points. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland - these places are filled with the marvelous Christmas atmosphere. Feel yourself a fairy tale hero, meet Santa Claus and see how the Europeans celebrate the holidays.

In Italy, Great Britain and France in early January, there are grand Christmas discounts, during which you can buy a lot of really beautiful and interesting things at a low price.

In Portugal, Greece and Spain in January is quite warm (up to 20 degrees), so there is a great opportunity to escape there from the thirty-degree Russian cold.

About where you can relax in January, talkcan be infinite. In the world there are so many interesting places that you want to visit. It does not matter if you go on a trip in January or July, appreciate every minute spent in another country, catch new emotions and impressions, communicate, learn to understand people from different parts of the world, enjoy what you see around!

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