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Airline "Saratov Airlines": passenger reviews

In recent years, manyAirlines, which were previously subsidiaries of the main air carrier - Aeroflot. In the first decade of the 2000s, most of them were separated into independent companies, actively developing and developing new directions.

These air carriers are"Saratov Airlines". Reviews about the company can be easily found on the Internet, because it is very popular among residents of Saratov and nearby cities. In connection with the fact that "Saravia" makes domestic and international transportation, in the high season of holidays to its services resorted to several tens of thousands of passengers. Today we will tell you in detail about "Saratov Airlines". Reviews of employees and passengers who have used the services of this air carrier, will be the basis for our article.

Saratov Airlines reviews

History of the airline

Many believe that "Saravia" is a newThe airline, created on the wave of changes in the country in zero years. However, in fact, "Saratov Airlines" (we will quote the passengers a little later) exists since the thirties of last century. Then it was created taking into account the agricultural needs of the region. On the basis of this company, the entire agricultural aviation of the Saratov region was to operate. In the ten years that followed the company's appearance, its small aircraft alone served numerous fields and lands designated for plowing.

Airline in the war years

The war significantly changed the profile of the company."Saratov Airlines", reviews of which are now plentiful on the Internet, in the forties only began to develop passenger transportation by air. The first flights were carried out in difficult conditions, but the pilots quickly managed to debug this type of transportation. However, a greater percentage of the flights of this company were associated with the delivery of goods. This area became the main activity of "Saratov Airlines" in the war years, which in peacetime significantly increased the rating of the organization itself and expanded its capabilities.

A new round in the development of "Saravia"

In the early nineties the statea small airline was transformed into OJSC "Saratov Airlines". More than half of the shares belonged to Aeroflot, so its new offspring was perceived as a subsidiary.

Basically the company carried out regulardomestic and charter international flights. This allowed her to stay afloat, but the development of the enterprise was constantly slowed down. On this issue, the management of "Saratov Airlines" had constant disagreements with Aeroflot, so seventeen years after its formation, the joint-stock company changed owners.

 Saratov Airlines reviews of passengers

Company in the twenty-first century: new horizons

At the moment, the airline "Saratovairlines "the reviews get quite positive.Of course, it does not do without some share of the negative, but the separation from Aeroflot brought the company a lot of advantages.

Six years ago, a controlling interest was bought out by private individuals, and the joint-stock company entered a completely new stage of development.

There have been major changes in the company's management team, as well as among ordinary employees. All this has very well affected the image of "Saratov Airlines", which are now developing confidently.

Company today and tomorrow

According to the latest data, the company is activemastering new directions and routes. For example, three years ago, the "Saravia" aircraft flew to thirteen Russian cities. But this year this figure has increased to thirty.

In the summer season, regular flights are addedPrivate and charter routes to the most popular tourist destinations. Residents of Saratov have the opportunity to travel from their hometown to Turkey, Egypt, Spain and many other countries. This allows the company every year to increase its passenger traffic by twenty to thirty percent. The management of the enterprise is confident that in the coming years the number of passengers will reach a record figure of one million people. At the moment, "Saratov Airlines" provides data on just over five hundred thousand passengers served by this carrier.

The airline is based at the Saratov-Tsentralny Airport, located twenty kilometers from the city. Here most of the carrier's aircraft are serviced.

en 148 Saratov Airlines reviews

Representations of the company in the cities of Russia and abroad

The main office of the airline is in Saratov.It is located on Zhukovsky Street, in the house at number twenty-five. Here you can get the necessary information about flights and directions, as well as purchase tickets. The air carrier also has its own official website on the Internet, which contains up-to-date information necessary for passengers.

In Russia, "Saratov Airlines" has offices in four cities:

  • Sochi;
  • Anapa;
  • Moscow;
  • Surgut.

In addition, the air carrier's offices are open abroad. You can buy tickets for "Saravia" flights in the following cities and countries:

  • Greece - Heraklion and Thessaloniki;
  • Italy - Rimini;
  • Spain, Barcelona;
  • Czech Republic, Prague;
  • Armenia-Yerevan.

In the near future, the company plans to open several more representative offices in Europe and South-East Asia.

Saratov Airlines yak 42 passenger reviews

Employees of "Saravia" about their work in the company

Usually the most vivid evidence of successcompany reviews of its employees. After all, they can reveal in their comments what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary passengers. Therefore, we decided to analyze the feedback of the employees of Saratov Airlines, so that it would be easier for you to make up your own opinion about this enterprise.

It is interesting that the company as an employerthe staff respond very well. There is practically no staff turnover, because everyone keeps his place and tries to take advantage of the opportunity for self-realization.

The management of "Saravia" carefully selectsemployees through a multi-stage interview and testing. Everyone necessarily passes courses of improvement of professional skill at the expense of the company and only then starts to work. This approach has a positive impact not only on the employees themselves, but also on the service, which is always highly appreciated in the responses of the passengers of the Saratov Airlines.

yak 42 saratov airlines reviews

Aircraft fleet of the company

The only significant disadvantage of thisair carrier, which passengers note almost in all reviews, is an outdated aircraft fleet. The average age of the aircraft "Saravia" is seventeen years, this is a serious obstacle for the further development of the company.

At the moment, the carrier operates eleven aircraft, eight airliners are conserved and are in storage. The aircraft fleet consists of the following models:

  • An-148 ("Saratov Airlines" reviews of flights made on these aircraft, get mostly negative);
  • Yak-42;
  • Embraer E-195.

Each of the aircraft can be told in more detail.

Airliners An-148: a brief description

These aircraft "Saravia" rents from its moremajor brother - the airline "Russia". Earlier, five aircraft were used on domestic flights, now only four. Another aircraft is located at the airport in storage, the management of the company is not going to put it on the route.

В авиалайнере данной модели - восемьдесят три places, so most often it is used for flights over short distances. Since the planes are far from new, passengers often complain of unpleasant odor in the cabin, uncomfortable seats and narrow aisles. However, in turn, many of the reviews highlighted the skill of the pilots, unobtrusive service of flight attendants and delicious food on board. Interestingly, the majority of passengers find it difficult to derive an average rating of their flight on the An-148, because the airliner itself leaves much to be desired, but the service receives only high points.

airline Saratov Airlines reviews

Flights on the Yak-42

Flights on airliners model Yak-42"Saratov Airlines" reviews cause very diverse. And this is not surprising, because several years ago these models were the most used by this airline. On the routes were twelve aircraft. Now only five aircraft are actively used, the rest are mothballed.

On average in the plane - one hundred twenty places thatmakes it very convenient for flights over any distance. But many passengers note that the airliner is rather narrow, it always shakes violently in flight, and the cabin is very noisy due to the roar of the engines. But all the inconveniences are trying to brighten up the cute and smiling flight attendants who fulfill any requests with lightning speed. Also reviews of passengers about the Yak-42 "Saratov Airlines" often contain information about the pilots who skillfully control the aircraft, trying to make the take-off and landing the most comfortable.

Brazilian aircraft Embraer E-195

To date, the company has only two of these comfortable airliners, they are leased. But everyone who had the pleasure of flying them, left rave reviews.

One hundred and fourteen passenger seats are arranged so as to form wide aisles. This greatly facilitates the long flights abroad.

Almost all of the company's customers in the commentsThey were in favor of expanding the aircraft fleet with these models, because these airliners are really new, which is very rare for modern passenger air links.

Saratov Airlines Employee Reviews

Saratov Airlines: negative feedback from passengers and positive comments

Perhaps, after reading this article, you stilldoubt whether to plan your vacation with this airline. Therefore, based on the analysis of feedback, we are ready to present you the pros and cons of Saratov Airlines. From positive comments we can conclude that:

  • highly professional specialists work in the company;
  • new aircraft are surprisingly comfortable;
  • the airline can boast of a lack of disasters;
  • on board very tasty food.

Of the minuses, passengers most often highlight the following facts:

  • outdated aircraft fleet;
  • frequent flight delays;
  • high ticket prices in some areas;
  • rudeness on board.

From everything written in our article, you can make a conclusion about the reliability of this company and the prospects of flights by its airliners. We hope that this material will be useful to you.

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