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Charter airlines in Russia: a list of reliable and safe

Not so long ago, most of the domestictravelers preferred Aeroflot's services. Today, many other airlines operate on the territory of our state. They serve flight and charter flights. Let's consider the most reliable airlines in Russia. The list of safe airlines that organize the charters will be presented later in the material.

list of reliable airlines in Russia

Azur Air

Considering the charter airlines of Russia,the list of the safest and most reliable domestic airlines will start with Azure Air. This small organization provides flights to popular tourist destinations. In particular, the aircraft of the company make charter flights to Turkey.

The carrier has been operating since 2014.It is located at the Moscow airport "Domodedovo". The base for the formation of the company's fleet was the Katekavia airplanes. It was under this name that the organization was known earlier. Today Azure Air is engaged in the organization of voyages and charter flights to more than two dozen resort destinations. The aircraft of the company regularly travel to South-Western Europe, Asia, the Caribbean regions and the Middle East.

airlines russia list of aircraft

I Fly

The company, founded in 2009, providescharter flights on popular tourist destinations. Aircraft carriers transport passengers within Russia, but also fly abroad. I Fly Airlines are known for their quality service and low ticket prices.


Surveying Russian charter airlines, the list ofairlines of this plan, it is worth highlighting the carrier Gazpromavia. Currently, the organization continues to strengthen its position in the domestic aviation services market and is one of the industry leaders. The company is in the top ten airlines of the country, and also in the second place in the helicopter market. Gazpromavia is included in the list of safe airlines in Russia. Every year the company only increases the volumes of regular and charter flights.


Considering the list of reliable airlines in Russia,You can not avoid the domestic carrier Yamal. The company is mainly engaged in organizing regular flights in Tyumen and the Yamal-German district of the country. However, it also carries out many charter flights.

According to the reviews of domestic passengers, it wasthis company offers the best quality of service, and also establishes the minimum prices for tickets when flying in Russia. Travel on the airplanes of the represented airlines are really safe. To this day, the company's aircraft have not suffered a single accident that would lead to human casualties.

airlines russia list


Continuing to review the airlines of Russia, the listreliable carriers that carry out charter flights, it is worth paying attention to the airline Kolavia. The aircraft of the organization operate mainly along routes in the middle of the country. Less often - carry out international voyages and charter flights. Among other things, the company provides helicopter transport to private customers.

Ural Airlines

What other charter airlines are there in Russia?The list is supplemented by the carrier Ural Airlines. He is known for the high reliability of the air transport used and the quality of passenger service. The company's fleet is based in Yekaterinburg. From here, regular and charter flights are carried out in the middle of the country. The airplanes of the represented airlines rarely perform flights outside Russia.

list of safe airlines in Russia


Surveying Russian airlines, a list of aircraft,which provide regular and charter flights, it is impossible not to mention the oldest and largest domestic airline Aeroflot. The organization has the official status of a national carrier. The company is based in the Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo".

Aeroflot - quite expensive airlines.Therefore, the organization of charter flights with the help of the company's services can require quite impressive investments. Despite the long history of doing business on the domestic market, travelers consider the operator not the most convenient for making flights. Such an opinion about the company was formed due to fairly regular delays, postponements and cancellations of flights without the knowledge of passengers, which has happened many times in the past.

Vim Airlines

The air carrier is among the so-calledloukosterov, which offer the passenger low ticket prices, but resort to limiting the number of amenities and services available. Nevertheless, the company's aircraft provide not only regular flights, but also are available for organizing charters. In addition, Vim Airlines is one of the safest airlines in the country.

As already mentioned, the carrier isloukoster. Therefore, it is not surprising that passengers react negatively to the company. The main reasons for dissatisfaction with the carrier's clients is the almost complete lack of maintenance on board, frequent postponements and flight delays.


The company "Orenburg Airlines" (Orenair)is a member of the corporation Aeroflot. Aircraft carriers perform mostly regular flights in the middle of the country. Less frequent delivery of passengers on the territory of Russia by charter flights. The company is known as one of the largest domestic carriers, which carries out the movement of goods to the countries of Europe, Africa and Asia.

 charter airlines russia list


The company has the status of the second largestdomestic carrier after the corporation Aeroflot. The organization has such famous passenger liners as Boeing 737 and Boeing 747. The company's fleet is also represented by high-speed airplanes of less impressive size, which provide charter flights.


The carrier has the status of one of the most budgetarydomestic companies, which organizes regular and charter flights. In addition to passenger transportation, airlines carry out transportation of goods by helicopter transport. The company's aircraft are reliable. The carrier is able to offer passengers tickets at a really low price.

However, there are also quite a few negativepassenger reviews about UTair airlines. The clients of the company most often do not like the change of aircraft, which can happen without warning. So, when buying a ticket for a place in the business class, passengers are often often placed in an entirely different airliner in the class, which is an order of magnitude lower.

airlines russia list

The result

So we reviewed the list of the most reliable andsafe domestic airlines that organize charter and scheduled flights. Our review presents only a small proportion of airlines operating in Russia. However, these carriers primarily deserve the attention of passengers.

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