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The best tour operators in Montenegro: rating, list, features and reviews

Montenegro. This romantic word hides the Slavic soul behind it, and its name is Montenegro. Despite the small area, the friendly country is popular among fans of eco-friendly and economical tourism.

Montenegro is a place for people who want toreunite with flora and fauna. The trip to this country, first of all, will appeal to fans of peace, tranquility, couples and those who do not want to spend large sums on rest: the prices here are pleasantly surprising by their democracy.

tour operators for Montenegro

Interested? Then for you offer their services the best domestic tour operators in Montenegro, which will make the vacation interesting, pleasant and less expensive.

Useful recommendations

Before booking a tour, you must select additional search criteria:

  1. Type of accommodation (hotel, hotel, boarding house).
  2. Meals (all inclusive, half board, no meals or breakfast only).
  3. Type of placement (number of people).
  4. Approximate, but better accurate, date of the trip.
  5. Total number of nights and days.
  6. The cost you are counting on.

All tour operators in Montenegro and othercountries on their official websites have special forms of request for a tour. This is necessary in the event that the tourist is not interested in any proposal. When filling out the form, you will be able to accurately and in detail describe the wishes related to recreation, and experts will select the best offer.

A few words about the country

What is a holiday in Montenegro? Tour operators first of all will tell about the compactness of the state. For example, you can get by car from one end of the country to another in a day.

The tourist center of the capital is the Budva Riviera. There are entertainment, beaches, and amazing architecture.

Luxurious hotels and hotels are located inSt. Stephen, where there is a fortress built in the 15th century. If before it was a protection against the attack of pirates, now it is a chic hotel, where Hollywood stars often come to rest.

tours to Montenegro from the tour operator

Democratic cost hotels are onUlcinsky Riviera. But know that here is located Ada-Boyana - a small islet and a nudist resting place. Therefore, for family vacations and for the recovery of the body it is better to choose Herceg Novi.

Domestic tour operators in Montenegro: rating, traveler reviews

Here is a list of multidisciplinary and niche organizations.

TUI Russia is a member of the TUI Group(the result of the merger of British and German companies). The head office is in Germany. Annually serves more than 30 million customers from 180 countries, including from Russia. The TUI Group has over 1,800 travel agencies around the world and cooperates with over 300 hotels, 6 airlines and 13 cruise liners. This is the first place in our rating.

Montenegro Which Tour Operators

"Pax" - one of the oldest domestictour operators. The main office is in Moscow, and there is also a representative office in Montenegro. At the moment, "Pax" - one of the leaders of Rosturizm. This is the second position of our rating.

By the way, Pax and TUI Russia have repeatedly fought for the nomination "The Best Tour Operator in Montenegro" based on the results of the popular vote.

"Inna Tour" - one of the leaders of Rosturizm. Over the years, the multi-profile tour operator has proved to be a reliable service provider. Inna Tour offers:

  • hotel reservation;
  • organization of business meetings and conferences abroad;
  • group, individual and VIP-tours;
  • health and medical tourism.

All these operators receive mostly positive feedback. Customers note the attentive attitude of employees and the reasonable cost of permits.

"Velena Travel"

This tour operator is based in Montenegro in St. Petersburg and, judging by the reviews, has a good reputation, which means that it can be called reliable.

So, what services does the tourist organization provide? It:

  1. Booking and consultations in the selection of group tours.
  2. Development, consulting and individual tour reservation.
  3. Reservation of hotels, hotels, railway and air tickets.
  4. Medical insurance and visa processing.


  • tours around the cities of Montenegro;
  • excursion tour;
  • event tour;
  • recreation at the resorts;
  • organization of business trip.

According to customer feedback, the best period is May-October, at this time tour operators in Montenegro (including Velena Travel) offer last-minute tours.

rest in Montenegro tour operators

How is the flight carried out?There are regular flights to Belgrade (Serbia), from there you can use the local airline and fly to Podgorica or Tivat. You can also get to Dubrovnik, then - transfer to Montenegro. But this requires a transit visa. Charter flights are often carried out on Saturdays, but sometimes introduce additional flights on Wednesdays and Fridays.

"Ross Tour"

One of the leading and reputable companies in theRussian tourist market will help "from and to" plan your vacation and comfortable flight to the Republic of Montenegro from Rostov. The tour operator Ross Tour offers its clients to visit the country not only in summer but also in winter. Based on customer feedback, we can conclude that the company has perfectly organized the following services:

  • beach tour;
  • family tour;
  • medical tour;
  • providing active recreation, including such sports as diving, climbing, windsurfing and rafting;
  • ski vacation.

Vouchers for the last tour can be purchased only from December to March.

tour operators in Montenegro rating

When online shopping at this travel agencyit is enough to enter the data from the passport and the name. All documentation is made in electronic form and is an analogue of paper copies, so be careful when filling out.

As for the cost, it is calculated independing on the search settings. You can pay by credit card. You can also buy a tour at a discount. To do this, you need to issue a bonus card from the company "Ross Tour."

Tour Operators in Montenegro from Moscow: a list of reliable organizations

  1. "South-Star" - guarded the Russian tourist business. Going on vacation in Montenegro on the tour of this tour operator, you will be assured of its reliability. Also, do not worry about your safety.
  2. "Blue Bird Plus" - the best company for organizing family and children's recreation.
  3. "Brave Tourist", in addition to special offers for tickets, offers the best rates for a charter.
  4. Sunmar is the youngest company on the list, yet it is not inferior in quality of services and reliability to competitors.
  5. "Ekspedia" recently created a unique loukost-base with 20-50% discount for tours to Montenegro and other countries.

tour operators in Montenegro from Moscow list


If your dream is to visit with your family the mostbeautiful places Montenegro, then tours to Montenegro from the tour operator R-Tours - what you need. Being a strategic partner of the Ministry of Tourism of this country, the company has established itself as an experienced and reliable tour operator.

List of services:

  • own regular and charter flights to Tivat and Podgorica;
  • organization of the tour and booking of hotels around the coast of Montenegro;
  • reception and quality service for tourists in Serbia (for those who fly with transplants);
  • organization of sports and health programs;
  • organization of family and children's rest.

Also R-Tours offers familiarity tours and training seminars for employees of other travel agencies.

"De Vizu"

Than each other are different tour operators byMontenegro? Quality and a wide range of services, perhaps you will answer. But, according to reviews in open sources, many people, while searching for the right offer, are prioritized on the cost.

Tour to Montenegro from Moscow for the minimum for 2016year the cost is offered by the tour operator "De Viza". Vacation in Montenegro in the summer from this travel agency you can plan as a group excursion trip, beach vacation. In addition, exclusive author programs for the company's customers are provided. The winter tour operator offers to spend at the best ski resorts of the country.

From May to September, the company's websiteoffer an exclusive tour called "Meet Montenegro + Albania" (8 days and 7 nights). In a week's trip you can visit Kotor and Perast, enjoy the beauty of the island of the Holy Virgin, discover the ancient cultural capital - the city of Cetinje, taste the national delicacy of proshut in Negushi and at the end of the tour visit one of the most closed European countries - Albania.

 the best tour operator in Montenegro

"The Balkans"

The most demanding tourists, according to thisoperator, are children. But the sandy beaches of Montenegro, the sun, the sea, the temperate climate, the availability of children's and sports grounds, as well as experienced animators will win the hearts of young travelers. As for the parents, for them an important condition is the economy of the trip, and the travel agency "Balkan" suits such customers as well as possible.

For married couples, the tour operator offers accommodation in Herceg Novi, where there is always good weather, stunning flora, ancient architecture, basalt beaches and affordable hotels.

Reviews about the tour operator "Balkan" in mostits positive. The clients who used the services of the company were delighted not only with the prices, but also with an interesting holiday program. As many tourists admit, thanks to the Balkan they saw rare birds on Petrovac, tasted the most delicious sweets and enjoyed a "lazy" rest on the beach in Lučice.


The company is a specialized tour operator for the Balkans for 12 years. For summer holidays, "Orange" offers to visit the following resorts:

  1. Budva is one of the places frequented by tourists. Not for nothing that he was nicknamed the resort capital of Montenegro. The main difference is the cleanliness and length of the beaches.
  2. Becici and Rafailovichi. They used to be fishing villages, but, having united, they turned into a popular resort. The beaches here are municipal, and the hotels have at least 4 stars.
  3. Saint Stefan is the visiting card of Montenegro. The place is difficult to call an island, tourists called it one big hotel.
  4. Ultsin is a southern resort where recreation is much cheaper than in other parts of the country.
  5. Zabljak is the best place for skiers. True, you can get here only by car.
  6. Kolasin is a safe and affordable winter resort for families with children.

Montenegro from Rostov tour operator

For 12 years of work in the organization of tours toThe Balkan countries "Orange" collected numerous reviews (positive prevail). Learn more about the organization of the tour can be on the official website of the company.


Here, in fact, and everything you need to know about thisa country like Montenegro. What tour operators offer their services, you learned, it remains only to go to their official sites, get acquainted with the cost of services, book tours and enjoy a quiet and quiet holiday in Montenegro. Enjoy your trip!

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