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Sights of Thailand: photo, description, interesting facts

Thailand is the most popular destinationSoutheast Asia among Russian tourists. This mysterious country can offer tourists everything: beautiful beaches with white sand, night discos, authentic cuisine, shopping and, of course, attractions, of which there are a lot. In general, they are divided into natural and architectural. More about the sights of Thailand below.

What is interesting about the capital of the country

Bangkok is a densely populated and noisy capitala country that at first shocked the tourist who is not familiar with Asia. The main attractions of the city for cultural travelers are palaces and temples. You can not miss the monument of architecture and culture of Bangkok Wat Ratchanadda. This temple complex is located in the Old Town. In addition to inspecting the complex, you can go to the market located on its territory amulets.

Interesting and majestic complex of the Royal Palace, erected in the XVIII century.

Royal Palace

Here you can see almost a hundred pagodas, several buildings, ancient walls. The entrance to the complex will cost almost 900 rubles.

Other sights of Bangkok

In the city there is still a large numberarchitectural monuments: the temple of the Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the temple of the Golden Buddha, the Marble Temple. But you can look here not only at the majestic Asian culture.

What are the attractions in Thailand forlovers of nature? Of course, this is the national park "Khauyai". It is one of the five largest reserves in the world. Here, in the present jungle, there is a huge number of animals, birds, insects and plants. Many of the inhabitants of the park are rare and listed in the Red Book.

Interesting and the zoo "Dusit" in Bangkok.Animals in it are not separated from visitors by a lattice, they are separated only by moats with water. This allows you to better see the animals and make good photos. Zoo "Dusit" is very popular with tourists with children.

Attractions of Pattaya in Thailand

Pattaya is the most bustling and bustling resort of the country. The beaches here are less picturesque and clean than on the islands, but the hotels are cheaper. So, what to look at in Pattaya?

Tourists are very fond of visiting "Mini Siam" - these are the sights of Thailand and the whole world in miniature. A ticket to the park costs about 500 rubles for an adult and 250 rubles for a child.

For tourists traveling without children, there will bean interesting "Tiffany Show" - the most famous in the world of transvestite show. The performances are very spectacular, colorful and pass at a high level. The ticket here will cost about 1200-1400 rubles.

Being in Pattaya, visit and a wonderful reserve- The village of elephants. Here live 30 elephants, with whom you can contact. Some of them participate in an interesting show. And the most desperate traveler can decide on extreme elephant massage! The tour costs slightly more than 2 thousand rubles.

Pattaya markets

Numerous markets in Pattaya can be attributed to the sights of Thailand, as each of them has its own peculiarities and zest.

floating market

On the most interesting markets of the bustling resort below:

  • The floating market of Pattaya offers goods to visitors directly from houses in water or boats. Basically, they sell seafood and fruits, as well as souvenirs and clothes.
  • The night market "Teprasit" offers a variety ofgoods (mainly Chinese) at low prices. In addition to the flea market, there is also a market with products where you can taste really exotic snacks: fried locusts or spiders.
  • The fish market is located in the northern part of Pattaya near the sea wharf. All fresh fish are brought here. The prices are low, but the assortment is huge.
  • Fruit market on 2 road is famous for the lowest prices in the city. In addition to the usual bananas and pineapples, buy rambutan, lychee, mango and durian.

Attractions Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the exact opposite ofPattaya. Here there is peace and tranquility. The main local attractions are the beaches, but besides lying on the sun there is entertainment.

Visiting Paradise Park leaves the brightest impressions. Located on the top of the mountain, it literally teems with monkeys and parrots.

The Buddha's magic garden is a tropical forest, inwhich is everywhere set up various statues of the deity. By the way, in this excursion it is possible to include a romovar, where tourists are shown the process of making a drink and treated to them. It is necessary to take a couple of bottles home as a souvenir.

Nature lovers and walks should go to the waterfall Hin-Lad.

waterfall Hin-Lad

It is 2 kilometers from Nathon. The path leading to a natural miracle is well-groomed and comfortable, and when you come to your destination, you can swim.

Things to do in Thailand: Phuket

Phuket - the pearl of the country, famous for the best beaches. What places should be visited by travelers who arrived on the island?

The figure of the Buddha in Thailand is not uncommon, becausemost residents honor him as a deity. A large Buddha on the island can be seen from all its corners, because the height of the statue is 0.5 km. A white god of marble in a lotus pose protects the temple. To get to this landmark of Thailand is best from Chalong.

Buddha statue of Phuket

Want to see the real Thailand with its way of life and traditions? Go to the Thai village. Tourists are entertained with national dances, Thai boxing, swordfighting and circus shows with elephants.

If you are in the city of Thalanga, visitlocal museum. The exposition is dedicated to the island of Phuket and all over Thailand. Here you can see decorations, suits of Thais of old times, stone tools. The ticket price for an adult is about 200 rubles, for a child - about 90 rubles.

Farms on the island of Phuket

Island farms are not our usual placesdwelling of cows and chickens. Everything is much more exotic. Tourists on the island are invited to visit the Pearl Farm. The way here is overcome on a boat and brightened up by a wonderful landscape and the stories of the guide. On the farm you can see all the stages of the appearance of pearls and buy the jewelry you like. In the village itself you can see cockfights, kickboxing competitions and restaurants.

Seeking a thrill of tourists, the direct route toSnake Farm Phuket. Local trainers will show an unforgettable show - they tease and escape from the attack of giant pythons and cobras. In the eyes of the audience, artists squeeze out drops of venom from the serpent glands, proving the whole danger of the venture. The ticket for the performance costs about a thousand rubles.

snake farm

In addition to farms, the island is worth a visit to the shelter of elephants, orchid garden, botanical garden and the Sirinat National Park.

Mysterious North of Thailand

The northern part of the country is little mastered by tourists, and in vain ... After all, this is a wonderful land of waterfalls, temples, rain forests and bright holidays. It was here that the entire Thai civilization began to emerge.

Достопримечательности севера Тайланда в основном located in Chiang Mai: there are about three hundred temples and monuments of culture. After seeing all this magnificence, you can go on a long excursion "Golden Triangle".

Chiaggma Attractions

In a calm Chiang Rai go basically likea transfer point for sending to Burma or Myanmar. However, there are attractions here. Visit the museums of the city: a museum of mountain tribes, a golden bowl, Ho-Vattanatam-Nitat.

Многоликая азиатская страна манит туристов со all over the world. Sights of Thailand (photo in the article) are focused on a variety of interests and age categories. Everyone will find their Thailand and will remember it forever.

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