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Sultans Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey / Camyuva): photo, rates and reviews

Larissa Hotels - a dynamically developing hotelnetwork with a central office in Turkey, specializing in providing a relatively inexpensive boarding house (about $ 60 per day) to its guests. Such an economical pricing policy allowed it to consistently open three- and four-star good-quality and cost-effective hotels on the prospectively growing resorts.

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On the Antalian coast in Turkey, for example,11 hotels from Larissa. Launches this network of its boarding houses in other countries. Thus, the corporate strategy is being implemented - to grow into a rating network no longer on the regional, but on the world level, hotel network.

The subject of this article is a comparisonfour-star hotel complexes, named the same: Larissa Sultan Hotel - and built in Turkey (the village of Camyuva) and in Egypt (the city of Hurghada). On their example we see the perspective management from Larissa: to build typical rating hotels that provide services of the level of classic at the prices of econom class. However, each of the same hotel complexes has its own peculiarities, coming from the economy of the country where it is located. At least, after reading the article, you yourself will come to the conclusion: which of the same-named hotels - in Camyuva or in Hurghada - is more suitable for you.

Location of hotels

As we already mentioned, both complexes are called the same: Sultans Beach Hotel.

Turkish four-star hotel "Berega"Sultan "is located 65 kilometers from the airport of Antalya. The nearest town - Kemer - is only five kilometers away. The main bait for tourists is a clean tear-like wine, as Socrates wrote about it, the Mediterranean Sea. According to the classification, this is a hotel complex of the first line: the distance to the beach is 100 m.

The hotel is small, "non-fast", designed for 137 rooms. It is favorable for family holidays.

sultan beach hotel 4

Egyptian hotel complex is builtvery close to the airport in Hurghada: 15 minutes - and the bus from the travel agency delivers from the airport newly arrived at the Sultans Beach Hotel, breaking the distance of 6 km. Unlike its "Turkish namesake", Egyptian Sultans Beach is three times larger and is located on the Red Sea coast of the city, 8 kilometers from its center.

It is surrounded by a very comfortable pedestrian zone withshops, shops, restaurants. It is favorable for successful shopping. The hotel beach on the shore of the Red Sea is only 80 meters from the hotel complex.

Arguing about the general features of network management,we note that the tourists of both hotels highly appreciate the sophisticated landscape design of the complexes, aesthetically and farsightedly constructed and periodically restored.

General principles of architecture

Note that the architecture of both hotels is organicmerges into a single ensemble with a landscape design. Reviews rested in them celebrate not just a harmonious gardening, but just a heavenly entourage: fountains and flowering trees enliven the relatively small hotel area of ​​the Sultans Beach Hotel. In both cases, the interior of the hotel complexes has a pronounced open architecture, and the outer one - closed. Another principle of the overall architecture from the network Larissa Sultan Hotel is its low-rise.

Architecture of the hotel in Camyuva (Turkey)

sultan beach hotel bodrum

In our opinion, it seems more interestingTurkish hotel design. Here prevails the modern interpretation of the Ottoman style. The outer facade of the main building, looking towards the village of Camyuva, looks characteristic. Designers modeled classical Ottoman forms: a dome in the middle and two imitations of minarets on the sides. Close to the main building, limiting the planes of its facades to the inner courtyard of the hotel, there are two residential buildings. The design of the internal facades of all three buildings of the Sultan Beach Hotel 4 * is original. Guest reviews indicate that they really like the elegant combination of arches, columns and flowering trees.

Design of a hotel in Hurghada

The architecture of the Sultan Beach Hotel 4 * (Hurghada, Egypt) recalls the above discussed low-rise and "horseshoe-shaped" layout of the main hotel buildings.

The main building of the hotel is four-storey.In addition to it, the hotel complex includes two three-story buildings, as well as 13 two-storey cottages built in a small distance. In the center is the main building, on the sides - residential. They horseshoe cover a fairly spacious main pool.

It is no accident that such architecture with its own circuits andthe location of the planes of the facades resembles the above-mentioned hotel complex of the Turkish village of Camyuva. One can feel the uniform design from the Larissa Sultan S Beach Hotel.

However, in Egypt there are no architecturaldetails giving buildings Ottoman style: arches, domes, etc. You can not see the modeled contour of minarets. More and more standard, in architecture, the modernist style prevails. But some simplification of the architecture is compensated by the abundance of panoramic windows.

On the back side, close to the administrative building, bordering the inner territory of the hotel, adjoin their ends with two four-story residential buildings. Quantity of rooms in hotel - 328.

Traditional architecture of hotel complexesLarissa Sultan S Beach Hotel (common for Asia Minor and Egypt) is somewhat like a canyon: stone buildings with comfortable terraces are surrounded by a very aesthetically designed man-made reservoir with fountains. Here there are cute little islands, and exotic, majestic royal palms.

Residential buildings of the Egyptian hotel, in contrast toTurkish, painted in pastel yellow, and not in beige. On its background, the snow-white balconies and the rich landscaping of the Sultan Beach Hotel 4 * look harmonious.

Guest section of hotels

The signature element of both hotel complexes is the exquisite landscape design of their territory. At the same time, a large but shallow pool of surprising beauty is positioned along its center.

larissa sultan s beach hotel

We are happy to attach to this article photoboth main hotel pools. Thanks to the skilful landscaping, resting here is comfortable. Pleasing the eyes are chic palms, flowering trees, many professionally decorated flower lawns.

At the pools from the side of the main buildings there are the main restaurants that provide basic meals for resort visitors using the buffet method.

There are two restaurants in both hotels.One of them (the main one) works on the system all inclusive, and the second one is paid and serves guests by appointment. The open part of the main restaurants is a comfortable zone where you can eat and socialize.

Also, in each of the hotels there are three bars. Hour open in the lobby area of ​​the main building and in the daytime there are bars on the beach and around the pool.

However, we will stop at the pool area.And in Turkish, and in the Egyptian hotel, it is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Judge for yourself: in such a reservoir, you can swim and play water polo. On comfortable ergonomic treadmills color electrician nice to get a sunbath. The surrounding area is landscaped in such a way that there is enough space for a lounge for all hotel guests.

Безусловно, фактором, улучшающих качество отдыха, The Sultans Beach Hotel’s unique know-how is free spa services such as a hammam and sauna. A spa resort with a bracelet (a kind of pass) of this hotel can visit the bath every day and for free (using the all inclusive system).

The work of the personnel who createdsuch a floral landscape design. Especially in Egyptian Hurghada, where the climate is hot and desert. However, striking order and cleanliness in the Sultan Beach Hotel 4 *. Management has a great teamwork.

General features of hotel rooms

Numbers of hotels belonging to the Larissa chainSultan Hotel, are standard. Perhaps this is due to uniform corporate standards, but residential suites are the same in both Turkey and Egypt. They are compact enough, but well-equipped. We recommend to offer a tip when moving in to get a more comfortable room. It is better that your temporary stays were above the second floor, it is desirable that part of the sea landscape, as well as the pool landscape, be opened from the windows of the room. For guests of the upper floors of the windows and balconies of their rooms, the interior design is organically complemented by the landscape that opens from the windows. There are situations when this request for holidaymakers is satisfied a few days after it is expressed, as free suites appear at the Sultans Beach Hotel. However, it is worth asking, of course.

sultan beach hotel 4 hurghada

Each hotel suite has a balcony and a bathroom. The bathroom has a shower.

Номера меблированы добротной мебелью, сделанной from a natural tree. They are very clean, cleaning is done daily. We recommend to leave a dollar for the cleaner on the first day and later on in a day. In this case, the cleaning will be of higher quality, and you will see on your bed both swans, and fish, and rabbits, skillfully laid out from towels. At the request of guests, you can install another extra bed (this is normal: the rooms are designed for a maximum of four people.) There is also a fridge, a TV with a Russian channel. Air conditioning is good, working properly. Safe and mini bar are chargeable.

What makes the Egyptian suites more perfect

Впрочем, в египетском отеле реализованы элементы technology "smart home". You yourself will notice it. Going into the room Sultan Beach Hotel 4 * (Hurghada) and putting the keys in a special pocket at the front door, you can freely turn on the light. However, leaving our temporary housing and, of course, taking the keys from our pocket, we automatically turn off the light, the TV.

When you open the balcony door air conditioner is automatically turned off. Also in the room provides additional convenience: you can, without getting out of bed, turn on the lights in the room and in the hallway.

All the same hotel kitchen in Hurghada better

Hurghada Sultan Beach Hotel

Immediately, we note that with a good overall baseThe Egyptian hotel catering confidently leads. It's not even the organization of food. In both Hurghada and Camyuva, it is subject to uniform corporate standards (see photo), ensuring rhythmic work and assortment. However, the Egyptian hotel "Sultan's Beach" does not save money, providing a daily menu with more expensive meat products and a large assortment of fruit. Real gastronomic abundance is offered to tourists by this best-selling Egyptian four-star hotel. Unlike the Turkish four-star Sultan Beach Hotel (Bodrum) from the same network, here the daily diet of meat dishes is not limited to dishes made from chicken and turkey. It also includes dishes from beef, lamb, and seafood. From the fish in the menu there are local mokrel (waha), tuna, sardines, sea bass. Squids are also cooked periodically.

Vegetables are served in an assortment, a lot of salads.Especially tasty baked vegetables. Nice potato and rice side dishes. In the buffet, fruits are abundant: guava, watermelon, peaches, grapes, oranges, grapefruits, melons, dates. The cooks of the Sultan Beach Hotel 4 * (Hurghada) work cohesively, like bees.

The first dishes are tasty, but a little unusual: soups, mashed potatoes and broths.

Have a rest at the hotel with 700 to 1000having lunch with 1200 up to 1500and dinner with 1800 up to 2200. If desired, holidaymakers on the beach can have a tasty snack with flat cakes, which are prepared here, on the shore, by a buffet employee. True, it is necessary to defend the queue.

The breakfast menu is dominated by light and nutritious food: milk with several types of cereal, kefir. If desired, the cook will bake scrambled eggs with you right there.

The restaurant is always in order and cleanliness. We must pay tribute to the employees of the bar for their professionalism. Their ability to juggle bottles and mix the ingredients in a cocktail is impressive.

What is desirable to change the chefs of the hotel in Camyuva

hotel sultan beach egypt

Вообще ресторан турецкого отеля Sultans Beach Hotel and performs its function on a solid "four", providing both the range and taste of dishes. Many people do not even feel the difference in the quality of food, but not gourmets ...

Итак, каково же мнение о питании бывших lodgers Sultan Beach Hotel? Guest reviews often coincide: many recommend that the hotel in Chamyuva more carefully optimize their work and not save on beef, lamb, do not narrow the range of fish dishes.

If you analyze the organization of publiccatering, the conclusion about the priority following Hotel Sultan Beach to Egyptian hotel management arises, the essence of which is to expand the menu and constantly improve the work of a team of professionals. We must pay tribute: to the five-star level, the Egyptian hotel has only half a step to do.

We recommend before a beach holiday

Of course, holidaymakers seeking to Turkey andEgypt, not least attracts beach holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It is highly recommended that vacationers immediately upon arrival visit the Turkish bath Hammam, functioning at the Sultan Coast hotels, as well as produce skin peeling. This will prepare the body for better perception of water and sun baths.

Beach Egyptian hotel. Features of the Red Sea

It has its own sandy loose beach andwe are considering a hotel. Entry into the water is convenient. However, going into the water, you will find that you are in a fairly shallow lagoon. It is suitable for families with children. And what about young people who want to swim in the depths and enjoy the spectacle of corals and bright, beautiful fish? Does the hotel beach from the Sultan S Beach Hotel 4 * really have no opportunities for diving? Of course it does!

sultan s beach hotel 4

Original relief of the Red Sea in general and itscoast in particular. There are trends towards both shallow water and an abrupt increase in depth. On the beach of the hotel in question, to reach the swimmers, it’s enough to walk about thirty meters from the lagoon to the left. And without a special shoe, i.e. barefoot, this is not worth doing. Under water, you can cut your leg on sharp corals (note that the latter is a common feature of the bottom of the Red Sea, and not just the hotel area of ​​Larissa Sultans Beach Hotel 4 *). The most vivid impressions of resort visitors are connected with specially organized sea excursions.

Hotel beach in Chemyuva

The 50-meter sand and pebble beach is fenced and landscaped. Sun beds, umbrellas and towels are free. Lunch: from 1100 up to 1500 - here you can have a snack at the bar for free (all inclusive system for owners of hotel bracelets).

The sea in the water area of ​​the beach is warm as milk andcrystal clear with turquoise sheen. The phenomenon of the Mediterranean is its attracting force: if you swim in its waters once, a holiday-maker will want to again and again experience contact with the waters of this ancient and young sea, once the cradle of ancient civilization.

How to buy a tour

Buying excursions vacationers in Turkey and Egypt has common features. The pricing strategy of agents from the hotel is expressed in one of the well-known types of financial transactions - speculation.

Let's say you in an Egyptian hotel decide to takesightseeing tour on the island of Tobia (it is also called Paradise Island). You can save. For example, right in the hotel, his guest can purchase a ticket for this tour for $ 20-25. And having shown ingenuity, he can find outside the hotel a travel agency offering the same ticket for $ 14. This option is preferred. At the same time, we do not recommend using the services of openly dumping handicraft entrepreneurs offering the price of $ 10. In order not to return to this financial aspect further, we generalize it: we still recommend, before buying any excursions at the Sultan Beach Hotel (Hurghada), to compare their cost with market prices from several excursion bureaus. Save money, do not overpay one and a half to two times.

Recommended excursions from the hotel "Sultan's Beach" (Turkey)

What excursions are most in demandvacationers, vacationers in the village Chemyuva (Turkey)? In the "stone city" - Cappadocia; to the famous cascade of travertine baths, including Cleopatra's pool - Pamukkale; to the ancient Byzantine fortress Ich-Kale; to the magnificent underground stalactite grotto Dalmatash, the secret ancient base of corsairs. It is also worth visiting some of the objects of modern infrastructure of Antalya: water park, Discovery Park, the eastern market of Alanya.

However, if you are a fan of observing the underwater world, then all the same it is better for you to choose a tour to Egypt on the Red Sea coast.

larissa sultans beach hotel 4

"Land" tours of Egypt

Where else can go on excursionsholidaymakers living in one of the hotels with which Hurghada is so rich. Sultan Beach Hotel, generally speaking, can be a starting point for many excursions. First, to the Pyramids Valley, the calling card of the Country of the Pharaohs. A good and popular option is to make an excursion trip to Jerusalem (Israel) with a visit to Christian shrines. Often, tourists choose excursions to Luxor (the ruins of the ancient capital of Egypt), diving and snorkeling lovers prefer to visit the National Park Ras Mohamed.


Подведем итог вышесказанному.Where to go to the tourist, who did not plan to specifically see the beauty of one of the countries: Turkey or Egypt? Can he buy a tour at one or another Sultan Beach Hotel? Both options are good! The reviews of the health resort visitors testify to the high level of service in both hotels. However, one should not forget that these are four-star hotel complexes. Accordingly, with the existing basic service, the excursion program and leisure activities of hotel guests are planning on their own. By and large, you choose an alternative: the Mediterranean or the Red Sea.

The Mediterranean is convenient to enter the water, ideal forbathing, swimming. Red has its limitations: shallow at the shore with a steep difference in depth. However, it has a rich coral underwater world, the beauty of which is opened to divers and just bathers.

In any case, the choice of the country and the hotel is yours.

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