/ / Mare Nostrum Mediterranean Palace 5 * (Spain / Canary Islands, Tenerife) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

Mare Nostrum Mediterranean Palace 5 * (Spain / Canary Islands, Tenerife) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

If you really want an exclusive holidayand you want to really learn what heavenly pleasure is, become a guest of the Mediterranean Palace 5 hotel in the Canary Islands. This is one of the most luxurious holiday complexes, built recently by the network "Mare Nostrum". This includes only five-star hotels, each of which has its own concept in design and services. For example, the creators of this hotel in Tenerife decided to immerse tourists and guests in an atmosphere of magnificence and luxury of the Roman emperors. Because this hotel looks like the summer residence of some Caesar or Augustus. The one who gets here for the first time, is lost among gardens with tropical flowers, marble colonnades and fountains, statues of gods and heroes, admires amazing and strange dishes, is cooled in sea water or in pools - in general, feels like somewhere in ancient Rome era of decline.

Mediterranean palace 5

Similar hotels are not only in Spain.Another Mediterranean Palace 5 (Greece) is an excellent hotel in Thessaloniki, with a variety of services and fine cuisine. It is very close to the sights and business districts of the city, and its beautiful rooms offer a unique view of the Gulf of Termaikos. Therefore, this hotel is very popular with those who go to Greece for business or pleasure, and reviews about it are very good. But still far from his colleague from the Canary Islands.

What's nearby

Mediterranean Palace 5, which is in question inthis article is located in Tenerife, and in one of the most fashionable resort areas in the south of the island. It is located within the city of Los Cristianos, in the resort of Playa de Las Américas. This is the so-called "first-line hotel". The area is very quiet, designed specifically for recreation. Next to it - an excellent water park "Aqualand Oktopus", several nightclubs, green areas and walking boulevards. On the nearest beach there is a chic concert hall "Pyramid of Arona". There are performances that collect hundreds of people. The hotel has a contract with the hall, so once here every guest can come to the show for free. The hotel is close to the airport, where the main international flights to the Canary Islands arrive - seventeen kilometers away. A stone's throw from the hotel there are numerous shops and the best shopping malls, as well as cafes and restaurants. In short, the hotel is located between the ocean and the so-called "golden mile" of various shopping streets and entertainment length of two kilometers. By the way, since the hotel is located in the offshore area, then all the purchases here are cheaper than what you can get a duty-free or mainland Spain. Mediterranean Palace 5 *, thus, has all the advantages. But the main one is his whereabouts.

Mediterranean palace 5 Tenerife reviews

How to get here

In order to reach this hotel,first you need to come to Tenerife. The Mediterranean Palace 5 * is a fifteen minute drive from Suk Airport. It is here that most often come planes from our country. The flight from Russia, if you count, for example, from Moscow, takes seven and a half to eight hours. There are flights with transfers, for example, in Malta. Then the journey will last about ten hours. If you are coming here from mainland Spain, then, as a rule, planes land from there at the second airport of the island - the northern one. If you do not have a transfer to the hotel, you can use the local bus transport. He here, according to the reviews, is excellent and walks well, and the infrastructure of the island is very developed. As a rule, all routes run along the perimeter of Tenerife, and cover all major cities and resorts. For example, from Playa de Las Americas to the capital of Santa Cruz, you can take a direct flight without a transfer.

Tenerife Resort

Mediterranean Palace 5 * is located on one of thethe most popular for recreation of the European islands. Administratively belonging to Spain, it is actually located on the African latitudes. Therefore, you can sunbathe and swim here in winter and summer, taking into account the fact that this is an ocean where the water is cooler than in the sea, and there are often winds. But "eternal spring" always prevails here. It is the largest island in the whole archipelago, and it is divided into several regions. The north is greener, but it's colder and rains more often.

Mediterranean palace 5 reviews

As the area of ​​Playa de Las Americas - LosCristianos, where the hotel is located, refers to the southern resorts of the island, it is usually warmer here, the colors are brighter, less rain falls. This is a very "densely populated" area, where young people gather, there are plenty of entertainment, night clubs, discos and shopping streets. This is one of the most favorite resorts for surfers, and many of our compatriots, if they are cold or windy to swim, like to watch from the surrounding rocks for the way they plow the ocean waters. Rest on the local resort is preferred mainly by the British and Germans.

What is a hotel

As mentioned above, the Mediterranean Palace 5 *architects erected as a summer imperial residence, and this palace is really decorated in a style reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea - this is reflected both in the color scheme and in the appearance of residential buildings. The halls of the first floors are a real work of art. A conceptual garden in the style of the late Roman Empire with colonnades, statues, fountains and mosaics is very popular with the guests. Each building of the hotel has its own name and a specially decorated territory. For example, "Cleopatra Palace" is very close to the ocean - up to it almost ten meters. Not far from it - the new building of "Sir Anthony". The main building has six floors and looks like an amphitheater. Overall - marble finish. A gallery of fashion boutiques right on the site will save you from having to do shopping in the city. You can put your own car in the hotel garage. The hotel has two entrances - a large central and a small one, from the side of the embankment. So it is better to go to the hotel from the beach. Mediterranean Palace 5, photo of which you can see in the article, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful hotels in this resort area. The one who lives here, feels as if he is always in some Italian museum.

Tenerife Mediterranian palace 5

Number of rooms

Holiday complex Mare Nostrum MediterraneanPalace 5 * has 535 rooms. Almost all of them offer a breathtaking view of the beach, the ocean or the Teide mountains, which Tenerife is famous for. If you got a number that looks at the ocean, then at night you can listen to the sound of the waves. These large and comfortable rooms, most of which have an area of ​​29 square meters, are painted in a white and blue range, typical of the Canary Islands. They are represented in a variety of forms. There are rooms for couples and interconnected rooms for friends and large companies, exclusive suites with private pool and two balconies (45 m square). In all of them works wi-fi - good, fast and free. It can also be caught on site. If among the guests there are newlyweds or a couple in love, for an additional fee they can order an amazing romantic dinner on the balcony of the room with candles and special service. Mediterranean Palace Tenerife 5 * is famous for the fact that the beds in the guest rooms are large and comfortable, cleaned quality and at a suitable time for the guests. A beautiful bathroom allows you to luxuriate in warm water, relaxing after a tiring day. Television offers five Russian channels. The room also has a fridge and safe, but using them is free of charge. However, if you come with a small child, then they will not take money from you for these services, but they will also give you special sets - cosmetics for childcare, a swimming circle, children's robes and towels.

Hotel Mediterranian palace 5

What is offered to the guests and tourists

Hotel Mediterranean Palace 5 * is aa resort complex, famous for its careful and attentive attitude towards children. On request with the baby will be engaged in a nanny. For children there is a special department in the pool, and in the restaurant - a special menu. There is a modern and safe playground. And from a children's club, as many tourists say, you can not just make small guests. They are entertained there in every possible way - games, labyrinths, dances, and you will not enumerate everything. The hotel is also popular with sports lovers. Two courts for tennis and the same number of squash courts, gym, fitness center ... You can not just relax here, but also relax and get better. Especially good is the spa, which offers unique treatments. You can take a steam bath in the hammam and have a massage. There is an excellent thalassotherapy center, where they offer wraps and various cosmetic programs. A large company of friends can watch TV with a huge screen in the lobby and cheer for their favorite team or share their impressions of the film they liked. There is a hairdresser on site. The hotel offers such a service as laundry and cleaning of clothes. There is an animation at the hotel. Guests are offered aqua aerobics classes, foam discos, pool shows ... In order to easily see the sights of Tenerife, you can rent a car. There is also a tour desk at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel 5 *. The special Shelly Ice Shelter invites you to ride the ocean around the island on different routes, admire the beauty of the sea and the inhabitants of the depths, and also observe the behavior of whales.

Mediterranean palace hotel 5

Kitchen Searches

Seven restaurants Mare Nostrum Mediterranean Palace5 * offer guests the best dishes of different cuisines of the world. This is not only Canarian, but also Argentine and Asian dishes. There are restaurants where a buffet is open, and there are those where the menu is chosen. Breakfast is most often served by the "buffet" system, and lunch and dinner are "a la carte". There are several power systems. You can choose only breakfast, "HB" or full board. In addition, the hotel has four bars. There order snacks and cocktails, and just relax. "Vitaminas" works at the pool, in the lobby there is a bar with live piano music, and in the "Cleopatra" hall - "piano". Good snacks in the "Marc Antonio". By the way, you can order breakfast in bed or dinner on the balcony.

Mediterranean palace 5 photos

В ресторанах Mediterranean Palace Tenerife 5* вам lucky to try the most exquisite and exclusive dishes. Particularly famous for meat - chicken, marbled beef, turkey, quail, lamb, pork. Whatever you order, everything will melt in your mouth, and the taste will be just divine. And everything is prepared in the most diverse ways, many of which you even do not guess. Mediterranean Palace 5 reviews of Russian tourists are also praised for fish and seafood on the grill, and even for the option for half board choose lunch or dinner. Ice cream and fruit are also good. Well, as in many Spanish resort hotels, breakfast is offered "kava" (local champagne). For toddlers there is not only a special menu, but there is free full board. If you book a room for New Year or Christmas, it includes a fee for a gala dinner.

Where to swim and sunbathe

On the territory of the Mediterranean Palace 5 * largethe amount of space given for pools. There are three of them. Near them there are several sun terraces for sunbathing, one of which is of impressive size. There are sun loungers with mattresses, umbrellas. A special waiter serves bathing guests, and the staff at your request can book you a place by the pool on a sunbed. A large terrace is available for viewing on a webcam in real time. Since these places for sunbathing are closed on all sides by buildings of other hotels, it is convenient to relax and sunbathe in windy times - in winter and autumn. And very close to the hotel is one of the best beaches on Tenerife - Playa de Las Americas. It is almost completely closed bay, where the waves are not very strong. This is one of the few places where children can swim quite comfortably. This location is an added bonus to the Mediterranean Palace Hotel 5. Playa de Las Americas is famous for a place like El Camis Beach, one of the most popular in Spain. It is artificial, and therefore its sand has a golden color. It is also one of the safest in Tenerife. There is a lot of water entertainment here and the atmosphere is pleasant. There is a luggage room, shower and toilets.

What is how much at the resort and in the Mediterranean Palace 5 *

Tenerife, reviews of which are often fullAdmiration, above all, is famous for its good municipal beaches. Sun beds here are paid, and cost about five euros per day. Various water activities and entertainment have different prices. You can ride a banana and go surfing and paragliding. The range of payment for all these pleasures is from 3 to 50. The cost of hotel accommodation starts from one hundred euros per night per room, although there may be discounts upon arrival of groups. There are also various lucrative offers to keep an eye on. If you book a tour, a week in this hotel (without a flight) will cost at least nine hundred and seventy euros for six nights. With regard to food prices, then this is also written by guests. If you ordered breakfasts, and you want to get an HB or a guesthouse, you can pay extra for meals of twenty-two or twenty-seven euros per day, respectively. For lunch and dinner drinks are also for money. Water costs two euros, beer and wine - three. If you are traveling around the island by bus, then the minimum cost of a trip is 1 а, and a trip to the capital will cost six. A taxi will cost about seventy euros. The island is very cheap alcohol - it is more profitable to buy it here than in duty-free. But for various European brands, prices in boutiques are clearly overstated - at least, this follows from the reviews of tourists.

Mediterranean Palace 5 (Tenerife): reviews

Most tourists believe this chicThe hotel is suitable for so many categories of guests - young people, married couples with children, honeymooners, as well as travel lovers. Many admire the trips to the Teide volcano (and experienced tourists recommend visiting it not during the day, but at night, because you can walk around the crater, meet a delightful dawn and try Canarian dishes at a special buffet) and there good shopping). In addition, an island tour is very popular. It includes, among other things, a visit to Candelaria with the largest temple in Tenerife and the quay of black sand. People like the exclusivity and conceptuality of the Mediterranean Palace 5. Reviews make it clear that the hotel is designed for lovers of comfort and beautiful life. It is so striking in its grandeur and luxury that tourists often want to capture and put into the net every corner of it. The hotel staff is extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to. Especially high-level children's animators work. The ideal location of the hotel noted almost all the residents. Even the most fastidious tourists talked about what exactly it is captivating and causing the desire to return here again. There is always the atmosphere of an endless holiday.

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