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Baku is a city of contrasts

On the Apsheron peninsula in the coastal partThe Caspian is the legendary old Baku - a city built by many peoples. The capital of Azerbaijan is a large cultural, industrial and economic center in Transcaucasia. The history of the city keeps a lot of interesting events, which are largely reflected in historical monuments. As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan was going through a difficult time, which led to a difficult economic situation. Recently, the population of Baku has increased significantly due to the improvement of the state of the city as a whole. Today it is considered a powerful industrial and business center.

baku city
At present Baku is a city that is trulycan be proud of Azerbaijanis. The most interesting monuments of architecture are concentrated in Icherisheher (Inner City). Tourists will be interested in traveling around the area, visiting the minaret of Sinyk-Kala, the palace of the Shirvanshahs, an octagonal mausoleum. Of considerable interest are architectural works such as the Maiden's Tower, the Eastern Gate. Under the water column in the city bay is the castle of Bailovsky Stones. In the outer city (Baiirshehera), the best conditions of modern civilization were created. There are a lot of skyscrapers, museums, shops, boutiques, entertainment centers, shopping centers. There are also theaters and other cultural institutions.

Modern Baku is a city famous for itswonderful resorts with mud baths, popular with tourists and local residents. Absheron peninsula is famous for a large number of ancient fortresses, all kinds of towers, the historical past of which carries away in the distant times of the ninth - the thirteenth century of our era. For travelers, mini-tours to ancient places, provided by the tour desk, are available. The majestic Icheri Sheher, called the fortress, is located in the heart of the city, on the beach. This architectural complex in its structure is similar to the city, built in medieval times: it is surrounded by powerful walls of the fortress. Of particular interest to tourists are the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums.

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The ancient city of Baku (photo) - a city of romance,having a good rest. Its embankment is of special interest for tourists. Here the best conditions for tourists are created. Excellent service, picturesque nature attract travelers to Baku - an interesting and unique city. On the coast there are many arbours, fountains, which against the background of dense crowns of trees and bushes make an indelible vivid impression.
baka beautiful city
From the point of view of tourism, Baku is a beautiful city,climatic conditions of which allow you to receive health procedures. Excellent ecology, a large amount of vegetation, comfortable seaside beaches, sunbathing - these factors allow us to consider the city one of the best resorts. The waters of the Caspian Sea are useful both in terms of recreation, recreation, and because of the ability to provide the city and country with fish. In summer, the temperature of the air is from +30 degrees, in winter the temperature column does not fall below the mark of +5 degrees. The favorable temperature makes it possible to feel especially comfortable here.

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