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Application of a logo on clothes: embroidery, thermo-printing, silk-screen printing

Many companies, in order to emphasize theirindividuality, introduce a mandatory dress code. Somewhere under this concept is meant exclusively a business style of clothes made in a certain color range, somewhere wearing some special attributes, such as ties, badges, etc., and somewhere go on and give out employees branded T-shirts and hoodies. In this situation, putting a logo on clothes is a direct necessity, but a good leader should think not only about how to create an image of the company, but also about how not to spend a lot of money on it. Let's try to understand the methods of printing on fabric to find the most suitable.

A little about the ways

Of course, putting a logo on clothes is a process,long put on the flow. Someone draws them by hand using special colors - a rather laborious method, but it still has a place to be. Others choose embroidery, both manual and machine. Still others use special printers that will put the logo you need not only on the fabric, but also on a ceramic cup and mouse pad. So everything depends on your budget and, of course, creativity. With a simple logo, it may be possible to save the money that would have gone to a large-scale color drawing.

logo on clothes

Method one - print the tampon

Printing on clothing is one of the mostknown and affordable ways of personalizing things. There are two types: tampon and thermal printing. The algorithm of the action is, in principle, the same, but the invoice at the output will be slightly different. About everything in order.

logo embroidery

Tampon printing involves creatinga certain stencil, which is then transferred to a cliche. To apply directly to the image, a silicone tampon is used, which, wetted alternately in various colors, draws an image from a cliche. This method is not very fast, it requires the production of a cliché, etching it with alkali, and the subsequent assembly of simple mechanisms, thanks to which the system will still work. In addition, this technology introduces a restriction on the size of the image. But one of the advantages is that it is possible not only to put logos on overalls, but also to print on different subjects.

Method two - printing film

Next, consider the thermo-, or film, print onclothes. It's still simpler here. A stencil is created again, which is then transferred to a special film of a certain color or, if the client wants, to another material, such as velvet. This will create a convex and pleasant to the touch image. Here, however, there may be problems with the choice of colors, but usually such problems are resolved very quickly.

And then, under the influence of temperature, the pattern withcarrier, let it be called so, literally imprinted in the fabric. Any colors and any sizes - in this situation there are no restrictions. In addition, this method is one of the most accessible. There are also disadvantages. It is not a fact that the image will last a long time and will not be erased by external influences, although, in theory, such a risk is minimal.

application of logos on overalls

The third way is silk-screen printing

The word "silk-screen printing" is associated with us with somethingin the eastern subtle, beautiful. And rarely people think that it can be used to designate another way of printing on clothes. In general, the silkscreen logo makes it vivid, noticeable, catchy and very affordable.

The advantages include the possibility of creatingimages on almost any surface while maintaining all the original brightness. Forget all your associations with the foggy Chinese mountains and green tea, this method involves a banal application of the logo on clothes with paint. A number of stencils are produced (one for each ink), then the image itself is applied through them.

printing on clothes

The fourth way is embroidery

Go to the last method - embroidery logo.Yes, it will be the most expensive, but the image will never fade, it will not be erased, and in general it will be preserved in its original form all the time that the thing will be worn. Of course, ordinary household threads are not used here, only special resistant materials are used that will ensure the perfect performance of the drawing. Everything is done, of course, on special equipment, but it's really worth it.

What affects the price?

The price for drawing a logo on clothes depends onmany different factors. The role of the image transfer method itself plays directly: it is clear that the ink for printing will be cheaper than special threads. Moreover, the printing process itself is much less time consuming than embroidery, so it is logical that it will cost less. Depends much on the size and color of the image: the picture is brighter and larger, the more the number of stencils will have to be made, that is, the cost of production is already increasing. And, of course, the circulation. Nashtampovat the same image many times much easier than making a series of stencils, that is, the cost of one copy is reduced, while the total price of the order is increased because of the increase in the number of copies. And, of course, as in any case, you will have to pay extra for urgency.

silkscreen logo


It does not matter, you stop on screen printingor on one of the types of printing, maybe you will be attracted by a long service life embroidery of the logo on clothes, in any case the creation of the image of the company without special attributes is impossible. We must not forget that your employees are your face, and if with symbols like branded pens, cups and business cards everything is not so difficult, because there are not so many options for drawing a picture, then you will have to tinker with clothes.

Hardly an employee in a T-shirt, where halfthe logo crumbled, and the other has rubbed off noticeably, will make a favorable impression. Therefore, it is better not to spare money for what could subsequently significantly affect your profits. The image consists of many small details, each of which must work perfectly in combination with others. Who will believe in the high quality of the services provided with improper appearance of the staff? The choice is yours.

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