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Loud brand names: rating. Popular brands and their logos

To date, well-known brand namesare at everyone's ears. We get used to them and do not think that somebody once invented these names, that behind them there are stories. And, meanwhile, the "life" of brands is very interesting, they are constantly fighting for places in kind of "hit parades", ratings on popularity and cost. Let's talk about the most famous brands in different spheres.

Ways to choose a name

The process of developing a brand name is callednaming. There are several ways to create a successful name for a product or company. The first is the simplest, when the brand is simply called the surname or the name of the creator. So famed for their names Ford, Prada, Bosch, Dell and many others.

brand names

Another popular way of creating names -this is an abbreviation. Most often, parts or letters of the names and surnames of the creators are taken, and the letters of word combinations can also be connected. So there were names of MTS, Lenovo, IBM, HP. Brand names can appear as a result of using existing or fictional words. So there were brands of Apple, Volkswagen, BlackBerry. Usually in the course of promotion, the name and logo are associated with a certain story, a legend, real or fictitious. In marketing, this is called brand mythology.

Unusual brand names

Everyone knows the name "Nokia", but very few peopleknows what it means. Initially, the firm owned a paper mill, one of the factories was built on the river Nokianvirta, a shortened version and became a nem for the new company. Often, brand names are associated with mythological characters. The most unusual way to use the name of a mythical creature is the company "Asus". Creating the concept of the future firm, the owners wrote a list of inherent qualities: strength, adventurous spirit, quickness. All these properties were inherent in the legendary horse from the ancient Greek myths, Pegasus (in the original writing - Pegasus). But the owners of the company wanted the name to allow the company to occupy the top lines in the telephone directory. So the first syllable from the name of the horse disappeared and "Asus" appeared.

American brands

The car "Volvo" was named afterLatin saying "I roll" in honor of ball bearings, which was originally produced by the organization. By the same principle went and the company Volkswagen, whose name is the German word combination "people's car". But the most legendary, probably, is the Apple brand. Steve Jobs, the creator of the brand and an outstanding marketer, told at least three versions of the history of the appearance of this name.

The most expensive brands

Creating a brand requires a lot of investment, andcompanies are going to these costs consciously. After all, a memorable, attractive name helps to increase sales. For today there is a struggle of marks for capitalization which allows to receive the additional income only for a name. The brand rating changes yearly, so the only correct order and list of the most expensive brands in the world can not be made.

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But the group of leaders in recent years consistently includes such brands as:

  • Apple. The already mentioned brand exists since 1976.Its capitalization is several hundred billion dollars. The logo for the brand was created by designer Rob Janov. At first it was a black and white drawing, then a familiar multi-colored version was created. For 22 years he "lived" in a rainbow, but then returned to the original image.
  • Coca-Cola. A well-known brand that produces carbonateddrink, appeared in 1892. The annual profit is several tens of billions of dollars. The brand logo appeared almost 130 years ago, during this time it underwent some changes, but the colors remained the same.
  • Microsoft. The brand of the computer company appeared in 1975.Today, it is consistently among the five most expensive brands in the world. For a long life, the firm has changed several logos, today's version exists since 2012.
    German brands
  • Google. The digital company appeared in 1998 andtoday is confidently among the most profitable brands. The spelling of the name over the years of "life" has undergone 5 modernizations, today's version is used since 2015. The market value of the brand is more than 360 billion dollars.
  • IBM. Another IT company was established in 1911, when it specialized in the production of various electrical equipment. The firm's assets are valued at more than $ 100 billion.

American History

The USA is the birthplace of marketing, and it is here that the first brands are born. In addition to the already named Apple, Coca-Cola, Google and others, there are other famous American brands. Among them we can name:

  • Disney. The famous film studio today is a real corporation. Under the brand "Disney" go toys, clothing sweets.
  • Nintendo. The company, which produces game consoles and computer games, is well known to young people all over the world.
  • Starbucks. The network of famous coffee houses is now widespread all over the world. And she appeared in the USA in 1971. Today the value of the firm is estimated at several billion dollars.
  • Whole Foods Market. The chain of high-quality products stores is conquering the whole world today, and it was established in the USA.

fashion brands

Many American clothing brands have wonworld fame. For example, it is worth remembering DC Shoes, Diesel, Levi's, Converce, Amazon. Today, US brands are an example of the formation of a brand that generates profit.

Famous German brands

The second country - the home of the world-famousbrands can be called Germany. This state in consumers is associated with reliability and quality. Not surprisingly, many German brands are car brands.

brand rating

BMW, "Mercedes", "Volkswagen", "Audi" make up the real glory of the country and bring their owners a fair profit. Also in Germany were born such famous brands as "Adidas", " "Puma", "Bogner", "Hugo Boss".This country is the birthplace of many high-tech brands, for example, Siemens, Bosch, Grundik. In addition, large cosmetic brands such as "Fa", "Niveja", "Henkel" were born in Germany.

Names of sports brands

Today, many do not remember the times whenSportswear was an attribute of only stadiums and gyms. We are used to seeing sports emblems on everyday clothes, in which you can go to work, walk or a date. Such changes are associated with the promotion of sportswear brands. Fashion for such equipment in the usual wardrobe appeared thanks to brand managers who formed love and commitment to their brands from ordinary people.

brands of russia

Today the most famous sports emblems andbrands bring enormous profits to their owners. The most famous sports brands are: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Umbro, New Balance, Reebok.

Domestic brands

Russia started to brand its productsonly 25 years ago. But some famous domestic brands appeared much earlier. Today, Russia's brands are the glory and pride of the country. The most famous brands of the Soviet era include Lada, Aeroflot, Kalashnikov, and Kamaz.

But in the new time in Russia there are stamps,world-famous, among them: the company for the production of software products ABBYY, the company that produces anti-virus programs, Kaspersky Internet Security, the clock "Rocket", the raw materials company "Gazprom".

Popular brands of clothes

After food, clothing is one of themost often bought goods. The last 40 years in the world formed a culture of consumption of brands, which was created by clothing manufacturers. Fashion brands have become an element of lifestyle, part of mass culture. There are luxury brands and mass markets, each segment has its own leaders.

popular brands

And the overall popularity rating looks something like this:

  • Versace. The Italian luxury brand was created in 1978.
  • Gucci. One of the oldest Italian brands of elite clothing was created in 1922.
  • Hermes. A popular French brand of clothing, is an authoritative fashion trendsetter in the world, was established in 1837.
  • Prada. The most famous brand that produces luxury clothing, shoes and accessories, was born in Italy in 1913.
  • Louis Vuitton. The company was established in 1854 in Paris and originally specialized in the production of luxury suitcases and travel bags. Today under this brand clothes, footwear, accessories are on sale.
  • Dolce & Gabbana. Italian tailors blowing opened his fashion house in 1982. The brand has a bold and unique style.
  • Mango The Spanish clothing brand appeared in 1984, represents the top segment of the mass market.
  • Benetton. The Italian clothing brand was created in 1965 and at first specialized in the production of knitwear, today it produces clothing for men, women and children.

popular brands

Fashion brands are born often, unlike, for example, from automobile. The specialization of brands in their audience and features is increasingly taking place.

Famous Brand Products

The most popular in the world are popularfood brands. Advertising since childhood has taught people the names of brands that are becoming the norm of consumption and sometimes even their own names. Today, brand names are known worldwide: Danone, Nestlé, Mars, Unilever, Kraft Foods. They combine several brands and different products. Every year the struggle between the outstanding brands only intensifies. They are increasingly advertising their products, struggling to push the smaller, in particular, national producers away from the buyer.

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