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Interior partitions - varieties and applications

In the design process or in re-planningin an office, home or apartment, it is often necessary to divide the space so that it meets all the anticipated requirements for comfort, safety and ergonomics. Interior partitions allow you to do this quickly and fairly inexpensively.

Interior partitions
This element can be made ofarbitrary materials: glass, foam blocks, gypsum board. By types, interior partitions can be foldable, sliding and stationary. You can consider each of them. Sliding allows you to vary the layout, if necessary. Folding allows you to achieve the most efficient delimitation of space, as well as flexible division of the room into certain zones. In a similar partitioning device, all parts move on rollers, which eliminates unnecessary noise when folding. Stationary interior partitions allow you to quickly and efficiently divide the office, apartment or house under such a layout, which corresponds to the wishes of the owner.

Interior partitions of glass
Important features of the partitions is the firesafety, increased visibility and increased sound insulation, it is these qualities and should have any modern designs. This is achieved through the use of different types of materials. For example, interior partitions made of glass allow you to achieve a good overview, which is especially true if they are used in offices.

Manufacture of all types of structuresis made of wear-resistant and durable materials, and their installation is made from floor to ceiling. At the moment in fashion combined interior partitions or structures, completely made of glass. Such models are traditionally produced from hardened impact resistant glass, which, if necessary, can also be covered with a special film, which guarantees its complete safety during operation.

Technologically, the sliding partitions can be fixed with guides to the ceiling or the floor, it all depends on the preferences of the one in whose room they are mounted.

Stationary interior partitions

This type of structure allows you to blockspace in the way that the owner wants, which opens up to him truly limitless possibilities in terms of design of his home or office. Interior partitions are convenient because when you change the concept of the premises they can be easily dismantled, then installed in another place. Modern design solutions allow you to choose an option that will be suitable for a particular case.

This type of structure is actively used inmodern houses and apartments to separate the living room from the kitchen, a recreation area from the dining area, a bedroom from the dressing room or a bedroom from the bathroom. Naturally, the interior partitions can not be called full-fledged walls, it is more simply a decorative detail of the interior, which is not oriented to cap out some area from the rest of the space, but for its visual indication.

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