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Beautiful, but an impossible dream. The problem of a pipe dream

People tend to dream and make plans forfuture. All of us in some way or other sometimes dream of something pleasant, it is an integral part of human nature. A beautiful, but unrealizable dream is an element of the inner world of the individual, who wants to transform his life considerably. If we did not fantasize in our mind, then in our life there would be no place for romance and the expectation of a miracle. This is actually a blissful state, when the open space opens up for the flight of thought, a state of enthusiasm and incredible faith in oneself comes.

unrealizable dream

Unrealizable dream is different from the real one,that, despite a huge desire, it is never carried out. It also happens: the person is ready to dream, but does not believe in himself and does not take any active action, and then the desired does not become reality. Someone feels more comfortable living in illusion than building something for themselves.

What is an impossible dream?

Sometimes people deliberately dream about somethingunworkable. Then they are ready beforehand that their desire will not be fulfilled. This circumstance serves as an excuse for them, thanks to which they make no attempt to approach the cherished goal. In this case, you need to decide for yourself how important to you is the embodiment of a dream into life. If the quality of life does not change because of a loss of desire, then you can safely refuse it. A dream comes true only when you really want it and take active steps to implement it.

beautiful but impossible dream

Unrealizable dream can take a lot of timeand the strength of its owner. When we want something, but do not move in the direction of what we want, we have lost opportunities, the belief that this is real is lost. An unrealizable dream is a chance to be discovered and made a goal. Only then it will bring tangible benefits.

Great power

How would we live if we did not make any plansfor the future? Most likely, they would have floated with the current, they were afraid to approach the grandiose projects. It's amazing, but many people live this way: they wake up in the morning by inertia, hurry to work unloved, completely unhappy with the new day. A true dream makes us move, gives extra energy for the realization of our plans, gives inspiration, inspires us with completely unexpected feats and accomplishments.

unrealizable dream synonymous with

If, being in his usual state, a persondoes not always dare to take courageous actions, then when he is guided by a dream, he is ready to act quickly, without hesitation. Inside there is a huge source of energy. The great power of dreams leads us forward, makes us believe in ourselves and our unlimited possibilities. If we really knew that we are capable of much, the quality of life in society would have reached a completely different stage of development.

Ability to strive for greater

Only the highest goal truly reveals thehuman perspectives. Without the ability to dream about more, the personality would not move to the realization of its intention. If everyone was completely satisfied with their own lives, then there would not be a desire for greater goals. All great discoveries are made only because there are people in the world who believe in their dreams, and with its help they will transform the world.

what is called an unrealizable dream

Does a person change when he starts to followyour dream? Of course, there is no doubt about this. Many people say that only then they began to really live. To be yourself, to realize the available talents and abilities is a great joy and happiness in life. But this right must be earned, and then your opportunities will increase even more.

When does the dream become a problem?

Only when it turns into an obsessiveidea. If someone argues something like this: "I want to reach the goal right now, by any means and immediately," he will never get the expected result. In this case, the person is obsessed with the end result and does not get any pleasure from the process. The problem of an unrealizable dream is more or less familiar to each of us. When this situation arises, you need to understand very clearly where you made a mistake, why the goal seems unworkable. In principle, any dream has a chance to become a reality, unless you are dreaming about something completely fantastic. Building air locks on the sand means simply dreaming, not supporting your thoughts with concrete actions. Only pre-planned and considered steps can lead you to the result. Believe in yourself, what deserves all the best, and the world around you will answer you the same.

What is the name of an impossible dream?Everyone answers this question in their own way. Many give it such names: Utopia, illusion, fantasy. The main distinguishing feature of these concepts is that they do not lead a person to the desired, but are forced to stay in one place for a long time.

the problem of a pipe dream

How to learn to let go of fruitless fantasies?

If you suddenly realized that an extended periodlived in an illusory, invented world, it will take time to say goodbye to utopian moods. A person is a being who always needs to be convinced of the uselessness of his intentions before he leaves them definitively. When your own fantasies make you suffer and deprive your soul, it's time to think deeply. Realize what you really want, and move in the direction you want. It's hardest to part with illusions, but if you do not do this, then your path to the dream will become even longer. We are capable of leading to the collapse is an impossible dream. A synonym for it can be chosen such: the wishful thinking, self-deception, delusion.

Instead of concluding

It is very important to remain true to your dream, but forThis should clearly know what you want to achieve in reality. There is no point in wasting time on what does not bring any joy, causing negative emotions. Find an occupation to your liking, become a specialist in your field. Make every effort to solve a meaningful task, use the available opportunities, and you will definitely come to your goal.

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