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Exalted is a sensitive and kind person

Emotions are a kind of energy of the human soul.They are the basis of the so-called reward system - a special mechanism in the psyche that provides motivation as a desire to achieve. But not always emotional persons become successful people and achieve great results. There is a category among them, called in a special way. What is exalted? It is such a person's warehouse, in which the external manifestations of emotions are especially bright.

exalted is

They are different

Do not confuse this type of personality with the outward appearancelike him hysteroid. Yes, both the first and second person will show many feelings. But the exalted personality of emotion shows sincere and often altruistic. But the hysteroid will only show sympathy. That is, if for a good cause you need resources or effort, affectively-exalted will help, even if it is not appreciated. But the hysteroid personality does everything just for show. Therefore, the biblical commandment about charity, created in secret, will rather observe an exalted type of personality.

exalted personality

No change in speed

Sometimes people of this type are confused withcycloid. Both are characterized by a strong reaction to external stimuli. The difference is that in cycloid, not only emotions, but also the speed of thinking and other mental processes change, if external circumstances have changed. Exalted is a person whose general condition does not change under the influence of favorable or unfavorable factors. And even more so because of the internal "emotional cycles".

Who to work with

If we talk about professions, then the exalted -it is often an artist, artist or writer. However, a fairly large percentage of them work with young children. They become sympathetic, kind and beloved caretakers, from whom children do not want to go home from a nursery or a garden. Of course, some people can not find themselves in life if they have not developed the capacity for creative activities. Still, it is the most comfortable for such personalities where they can give their emotions to people. From modern professions an alternative can be event-management, that is organization of holidays and other events.

Impression of communication

Exalted person is always thinfeeling nature, which expresses its emotions beautifully, without self-abuse and tearing, than the sin of the hysteria. Exalted personalities are perceived by others as warm, kind, though overly emotional people. They are quite comfortable with them, but they can not become experts of the highest class, if the work does not imply creativity.

Originally from childhood

How to be if a person close to you refers todescribed type? Try to protect his material interests, create him an atmosphere of protection and love. All people need this, but exalted personalities - especially. This will make your loved one happy and confident in the future. Care should be taken with such children - they are very vulnerable, and it depends on a good attitude towards them whether the possessor of the sensitive psyche can safely adapt in society.

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