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Self-expression is what? Form of self-expression

In this article we will talk about self-expression.This is a very interesting topic, touching on a whole range of issues. In fact, why is it important for people to have an opportunity to express themselves? Why is this done, for whom, in what ways, why do many individuals hesitate to demonstrate their individuality to the world and suffer from this quite tangible suffering? In the end, what exactly should we mean by the term "self-expression"? Let's try to deal with the emerging issues.

self-expression is

Self-expression is what?

I would like to define one phrase, but, apparently, it will not work, because even laconic and usually laconic dictionaries, when confronted with this concept, become talkative.

We can say that a person's self-expression ishis attempts to express his inner world in some external manifestations. When through actions, words, deeds, etc., the external actualization of the invisible inner content (of one's own individual beliefs, feelings, attitudes, etc.) takes place. And often this may have the nature of a challenge or a protest (most often this happens in adolescents). Self-expression of the person is an act of freedom, its important quality is not rational awareness, but spontaneity.

Why is there a need for self-expression?

We live in a very difficult world.Life imposes a lot of restrictions on a person: moral, religious, social, etc. If this were not, humanity, most likely, would have long since ceased to exist. But people can not turn into an inert gray mass, concerned only with the problems of their own survival. Fortunately, we are endowed with an individuality that makes everyone unique, one of a kind. Is it any wonder that many people want to show their non-standard to others.

self-expression of a person

There is a point of view that self-expression isone of the most accessible and powerful ways to feel happy and free, to tell the world of your existence, somehow stand out from a huge crowd of your own kind, to discover the inherent creative potential. Self-expression can provide relaxation from fatigue and negative emotions, raise self-esteem, strengthen faith in one's own strength, temper nature and develop independence from someone else's opinion.

Different ways and forms of self-expression

Probably, it would be impossible to list allThe ways and means by which people can show their own originality. We will try to identify the most common, typical forms of expression that exist in our time:

1. Self-expression in creativity. There are many types of creativity, where you can show your inner self:

  • Fine art (painting, modeling, drawing, mosaic, etc.);
  • musical form of self-expression (vocal, ballet, contemporary dances, composing music or performing it);
  • literary activity (prose and poetry, maintaining personal diaries and blogs on the Internet);
  • other directions (pantomime, theater, etc.)

2. Self-expression in any activity:

  • in sports achievements;
  • study;
  • professional activity;
  • implementation of any of their own projects (business ideas).

3. External means of self-expression (the form most common to people young and adolescents):

  • eccentric clothes;
  • tattoos;
  • staining hair in unusual colors, creative hairstyles;
  • piercing;
  • Scarification;
  • unusual, provocative make-up;
  • change in appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

ways of self-expression

Self-expression in adolescence

Entering adolescence, many childrenbecome uncontrollable rebels. Parents simply stop recognizing their children. Often teenagers begin to wear completely ridiculous outfits, impose on themselves an unthinkable amount of cosmetics, behave too boldly and aggressively.


Another characteristic form of self-expressionadolescents - belonging to any subculture (punks, goths, emo, role-players, Tolkienists, etc.). Young people, having entered the thematic community, devote themselves, with all their soul and body, to the philosophy of this movement and try on all of its external attributes. Surrounding these ways of self-expression seem ridiculous, ridiculous, awkward, but the teenagers themselves feel quite comfortable in their roles.

As a rule, these passions pass by themselves in a couple of years, as a young man grows up, but sometimes the desire for originality can take an undesirable turn.

Dangerous Expression

At the very beginning of the article, we wrote thatself-expression is something that should bring joy, emotional fullness. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A person can choose for himself a form of self-expression that is dangerous both for his life and for the life of others.

For example, it can be demonstrativeenthusiasm for extreme sports. Young people, not realizing the value of life, can perform dangerous tricks, while shooting each other on the mobile phone camera and posting photos and video on the Internet, wishing to gain popularity in the virtual community.


Drugs and alcohol - for some it's alsoform of self-expression. Perhaps this choice, aimed at self-destruction, may indicate excessive vulnerability or weakness of a person, inability or unwillingness to engage in any creative activity.

Problems with self-expression

There are a lot of people in the world who are diligentavoid self-expression. Their individuality is erased and vague. With a superior such a person is polite and competent, with colleagues at work - nice and affable, in the company - imperceptible and quiet. She dresses neatly and discreetly, speaks correctly. In principle, not a man, but an angel ... But is he really inside? Probably not. The inner world of such a person can be restless and filled with different feelings and desires.

form of self-expression

But he carefully hides them from others.He can feel himself to be a great philosopher or musician in his heart, but various fears prevent him from showing it: to hear a negative assessment, not to justify expectations, the fear of being misunderstood. This indicates the absence of inner freedom, emotional squeezing and the presence of complexes. Most likely, such a state originates in childhood, when parents too much criticized the child, did not notice his small victories, did not praise him for his achievements. The man grew up and became "buttoned all the buttons." As a result, his life is deprived of many colors and emotions, which gives people the opportunity to express themselves.

Concluding remarks

Our self-expression should be beneficial to us, andthose who are with us, only so we can be truly happy and bring joy to the world around us. External manifestations of individuality always indicate what our soul is filled with. May your inner world be beautiful!

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