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Reaction training: several useful exercises

Developed response is necessary for a person as ineveryday life, and in extreme cases. The ability to respond quickly to changing external conditions can save lives. Or let him catch the falling cup. However, in order to become a "superman", it is necessary to train the reaction. First, you need to understand what is meant by this word.

reaction training

What is a reaction?

This word has Latin roots.It occurs from the combination of two parts: re + actio. The first means "against", the second - "action". In other words: the answer to something. That is literally "counteraction". In biology is considered as the response of the organism to a change in external conditions or the effect of an external stimulus.

During training, the reaction speed increases.That is, the time interval between the influence of the stimulus and the response to it is shortened. The speed of reaction is especially necessary for sportsmen: boxers, hockey players, football players, tennis players, etc. For them, the minimum time between the movement of the enemy and the response is of fundamental importance.

how to train a reaction

How to train the reaction? It is necessary to perform various exercises on a regular basis, in which the exerciser, following the action of the stimulus, must perform certain movements or their sequence.

Exercise by ear

Ability to respond quickly to a sound signalit is especially important for sprinters who run after the shot pistol shot. It is also important in everyday life: at any risk people shout, cars are signaling, etc. That is, sound acts as an irritant.

Training the reaction is practically impossible without an assistant partner. Therefore, before the start of classes you will need to find a partner.

games for training reactions

  1. The assistant stands up so that he can not be seen(for example, behind a screen or behind the back of an exercise) and strikes with a ruler on the table. Trained, hearing, should repeat the action with a minimum gap in time.
  2. Exercise lies. The assistant claps his hands and the trainee must stand up and run 20-30 meters.
  3. With a certain signal, the practitioner must move the object to the specified location. You can complicate the exercise by increasing the number of sounds and things. Each item must have its own designation.

Touch Training

It is important to work out that there is no visual contact. Therefore, before training the reaction, you will have to blindfold.

  1. The assistant stands behind the trainee.The first should touch the shoulder or the arm of the exerciser. He must jump aside or forward. For those engaged in fighting sports, you can make an addition: take a stand.
  2. The examiner is blindfolded, then he sits down on a chair. Hands are placed on the table. The assistant touches the arm of the trainee, the latter must stamp his foot or clap his hands.

reaction rate training

Exercise for eyesight

80% of the information a person receives is through a visual channel. That is why training a reaction to a visual stimulus is simply necessary.

  1. The assistant presses the ruler against the wall.The trained person puts a thumb or forefinger at a distance of about 1 cm from it. The assistant releases the ruler, and she falls. The practitioner should press her back to the wall as soon as possible.
  2. "Even-odd."The assistant shows the numbers from 1 to 5 with fingers. The trained person must show the opposite. That is, an even answer will be an odd one. For example, the assistant shows 1. The trainee must roll 2 or 4.
  3. The trainer is shown various objects, he must react to them in a certain way. The change of things is gradually accelerating.

Computer games for training reactions

games for training reactions

In some cases, technological innovations are veryare useful. Ironically, modern entertainment can be a true help in the development of reaction. Here, as nowhere else, one must be able to respond quickly to stimuli. Especially visual: I saw the enemy, you need to immediately aim and shoot. And for all actions a minimum of time is assigned, otherwise the bullet will fall into the player.

With the help of which games is it possible to train the reaction?It can be the simplest flash toys in which you need to shovel balls, light races like the Soviet Tetris, various shooters, where you need to kill as many monsters as you can from the most unexpected places, etc. You can shoot from virtual guns by ducks or hats, flying from different points of the screen in the most unexpected directions or doing something else. There are games where all actions are accompanied by different sounds.

Training the speed of reaction is a fascinating affair,often in people awakens the excitement, which allows you to develop the necessary qualities in a short time. In fact, you can come up with any of your methods and games. The most important thing is that the basic principle is observed: there should be a minimum time interval between the stimulus and the response to the stimulus.

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