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Xenophobia: what is it, its causes and treatment

Irrational inexplicable fear ofrepresentatives of one or another nationality or simply strangers sometimes turns into a constant panic, stimulated by their own state. You ask, what am I talking about? About one very bad phobia! Friends, within the framework of this article we will consider a phenomenon such as xenophobia: what is it, what are the reasons for its appearance and methods of combating it. The fact is that this is one of the most common problems in Russia today. But first things first.

Xenophobia - what is it?

The origin of this term goes back to the Greek language: "xenos" - unfamiliar, foreign - and "phobia" - fear, fear.In simple terms, xenophobia is dislike (or intolerance) towards something or someone foreign, unusual, unfamiliar. People who suffer from this mental disorder perceive everything else as something incomprehensible and incomprehensible, seeing in it danger and hostility.

xenophobia what is it
Is it a breakdown?

Interestingly, for some time now, for the majoritypeople (mainly for Russians), this phobia became not a mental deviation, but a whole world outlook and gave rise to enmity on the basis of religious, social and, most importantly, national division. And all this is only xenophobia!

What is racism? Nationalism? Not exactly, friends. The fact is that xenophobia is often confused with nationalism, but there is a very significant difference between these two definitions:

  • people with nationalistic views can not always feel negative about other nations, religions and whole ethnic groups;
  • xenophobes are able to call their views "nationalistic views", in addition, xenophobia in some of its manifestations intersects with chauvinism.
    causes of xenophobia

Causes of xenophobia

General view

This phobia has a more confused origin thanother. This is a number of mechanisms and factors that can awaken the fear of strangers in an ordinary person. It is interesting that the cause of xenophobia is not in the biological (like all other phobias), but in the social component of the personality! And all the blame - modern capitalism, which obscures in the human mind a fundamental idea of ​​the equality of all people. This is a common reason for everyone.

Special case

If we talk about an individual person, thenThe prerequisites for the origin of this mental disorder will each have its own. If you draw a parallel with other phobias, it is not difficult to guess that sometimes the cause of this disorder lies in children's impressions that have been preserved for life and influenced the child's outlook, and this is teenage xenophobia. It is known that a kid is a "sponge" absorbing the behavior of his parents and close people. And if, for example, the Pope negatively treats foreigners, then the child, as a teenager, adopts it!

adolescent xenophobia
Is xenophobia treated?

What is this mental disorder that is notcan be cured? Remember, nothing is impossible! This phobia is perfectly treated, but on condition that the patient showed an independent desire for it. If he realized that such irrational fears very seriously poison his life, turn into constant conflicts with the surrounding people, then, on time turning to the doctor, he will get rid of them.

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