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Stubborn - this is what?

We are used to the fact that the obstinate is such aa person who has some kind of negative quality. But in fact it's not so bad. A holder of this nature can always stand up for himself and does not allow anyone to control himself. After all, how often can not we just refuse a person. And others quickly notice this and start using it for their own purposes. And after they shift the whole burden of problems onto us, and we silently drag them along.

obstinate it

Is the obstinate man a man or not?

A holder of this quality never from anyonedoes not depend and does not owe anything to anyone. He has his own opinion about everything, and he always defends him. Stubborn is a person who can easily refuse someone. He will not be called by his colleagues and asked to help with something on the job. Yes, he himself will not stay there until late to help his employee. "What about kindness and mutual assistance?" You ask. There must be a limit to everything. It's not worth running after a simple phone call. And with a stranger you do not need to tie a friendly conversation. You have to learn to say no. If you do something, do not expect that you will receive something in return. Give it back only when you really want it. After all, a person who has such qualities is much easier to live. Do not think about how to tame the obstinate colleague. It's better to take an example from him and be a bit tougher.

Stubborn girl: taming

obstinate girl

There are many ways of doing thismanipulations. One of them is physical. Practice proves that it is completely ineffective. Moral and intellectual too are unlikely to be effective. If you use financial, then the woman, most likely, you will submit, but will consider that you are very greedy. But think about the opposite. After all, all of the above actions - just a simple manipulation, which no one likes. Every woman from childhood teaches how to live in a family and treat her husband. Men do not receive such training. As a result, we see that many young families are run by a mother.

to tame the shrew
We are reprehensible to my mother's son,but perfectly normal - to my mother's daughter. Men are humiliated, because they want them to be masters in the house, and their opinion was paramount. And these ladies do not even try to keep the family together. After all, the status of "married" they already in your pocket, and the rest is not so important. So they get divorced quite easily, and try to do it so that everyone will know about it. And then they begin to tell that she did not manage to create a normal family because her husband turned out to be a goat and a rascal. So she will have to bring up the children alone. Yes, and those men who have always been under strict control of my mother, too, is quite difficult. After all, they are used to the fact that she is the master of the house, and only she knows how everything should be. Here he creates a family and clearly follows all the instructions of his wife. He is inferior to everything in her, demonstrating her behavior to her own children. And those in turn adopt this model of the family and carry it into their adult life. It turns out that the obstinate is, above all, an independent and self-assured person. Is it worth it to tame, it's up to you. One thing is certain: women's independence can seriously affect family life.

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