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Caroline Leaf: Turn your brain and change your life

Many researchers believe that any events,occurring in life, directly related to our thoughts. There is so much anger and cruelty in the modern world. Chaotic and disorderly streams of thoughts captured the minds of people. Caroline Leaf has become one of those who want to change this world. Her work is designed to help people understand their lives, heal and realize themselves.

Who is Caroline Leaf?

She was born in 1963 in Zimbabwe.She studied in Cape Town (South Africa). Since 1985 she works in the field of otolaryngology. The doctor devoted a lot of time to craniocerebral injuries and the specifics of the education of disabled people. Caroline Leaf spent a lot of effort in studying the activity of the human brain. She believes that science is created by God, in its speeches, tries to explain as much as possible all the stages of cognitive activity and the processes accompanying it. In addition, she describes in every detail the differences in a woman's thinking from a similar process of a man.

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All her recommendations are based on years of experiencestudying the human brain and thinking processes. In her works, Caroline shows how to think properly to make herself and her loved ones happier, to enrich her life with joyful emotions. It is simple and accessible to each language, explains how brain activity is related to different aspects of human life, how it affects the worldview and the ability of a person.

"Turn on your brain"

One of the best works was the book Caroline Leaf"Turn on your brain." In it, Dr. Leaf gives a 21-day plan to work on themselves, managing their thoughts. With the help of this plan, you can learn to replace destructive thoughts in your head with lighter and more beneficial, healing the body from within. This is some kind of practical experience, because any decisions that a person makes are scientifically grounded. This is proved by Dr. Leaf, combining science and religion in his works.

"How to update thinking"

In this book, Caroline Leaf talks about howcoping with stress and making it work for you. How to control your thinking? No wonder they say that thoughts are material, therefore, with the right mindset, you can change your life in a fundamental way. Negative thoughts do not allow people to live fully and develop harmoniously.

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Caroline Leaf's book How to Refresh Thinkingwill help to identify the unique gift of everyone, to unlock the potential and make it work at full capacity. Another important aspect that the doctor discovers in his work is the study of himself. She tells how to properly listen to yourself and your desires. This is a simple scheme that works for their implementation. This is a kind of restart of the brain, its renewal, as a result of which a person opens up great opportunities for understanding the world and the foundations of science.


Increasingly, on huge advertising stands around the worldthe world can be seen the name of Caroline Leaf. Dr. Leaf's books are sold in huge editions. In her works she managed to unite science and religion. Appearing for the first time on television in 2007, she immediately won the attention and love of the public. Now Caroline Leaf has her own program called "Turn on your brain."

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Hundreds of lectures and seminars in the hallsdifferent countries allowed thousands of fans, grateful to Caroline for her works, to open so many opportunities and abilities, about the existence of which many did not even suspect. The doctor tries to help everyone who wants to see the connection between science and God, to develop not only his brain, but also the strength of the spirit, because the instructions that Caroline Leaf gives in his works are aimed at first of all knowing himself and his inner world.

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