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Genius is talent, giftedness or insanity?

The problem of genius to this day is one of the unsolved mysteries.

What is genius?

Genius - This is the highest stage of the individual's abilities and hercreative manifestations. A person gifted with genius is very important for the development of society, because he can create a new era or make important discoveries.

genius is

It is important to note that there is no specific set of properties that a genius must possess. A person can be genius in one area and completely stupid in another.

According to Coleridge, genius is the ability to grow. The question remains whether genius is a superpower of the mind or is a feature of the physical brain.

A real genius is distinguished by the fact that he neverdoes not copy anyone, all his thoughts are unique and original. However, this is possible only if there is really a genius in front of us, and not a person with deviations.

Genius is quite a rare phenomenon. According to the calculations of Lafater, one genius falls on one million people. However, psychologists consider genius to be only a kind of insanity.

What exceptional abilities are gifted people of genius?

It is important to note that the abilities thatare endowed with geniuses, are characteristic and insane. These are such abilities as increased sensitivity, unconscious creativity, quick mood change from euphoria to apathy, strong absent-mindedness, great vanity, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies.

Genius and insanity - are they equivalent concepts?

Do not forget that among the geniuses have always beenand there are crazy. Also, many crazy people displayed brilliant abilities. But do not make hasty conclusions that all geniuses are insane. After all, such brilliant personalities as Columbus, Galileo, Michelangelo, Napoleon, showed no signs of insanity.

talent and genius is

The crazy lack of suchqualities, as perseverance, concentration of attention, hardness of character, diligence, accuracy, memory. However, these qualities are inherent in all gifted geniuses.

In addition, the madness manifests itself usually after35 years, and a genius in a man noticed since childhood. Madness is usually inherited and with each generation increases, and genius dies along with its carrier. If geniuses are usually men, then insanity is equally common in both women and men.

Talent and genius. Are these two concepts equivalent?

Talent and genius are qualities of a person who can simultaneously meet in one person. However, this is a very rare phenomenon.

Talent is usually called the outstanding ability of a person, a high degree of his giftedness in a certain area.

And genius is the highest stage of developmenttalent. It implies the creation of new inventions, creations, discoveries. Genius is the absolute opposite of imitation, it is always something new and great.

Scientists claim that each person has a huge number of opportunities and abilities, but not all use them, and if used, it is usually 1% of all opportunities given from above.

ability to genius talent

Geniuses have always recognized those people whoare endowed with superhuman abilities and inclinations. And such a concept as "talented children", assumes only potential opportunities for the development of the individual. Lombroso wrote that genius differs from talent in that it always appears unconsciously and unexpectedly enough. Talent creates rationally, according to a thoughtful plan of action. Geniuses usually refer to creative people, and talented people to intellectuals.

Be that as it may, according to Rubinstein, allspecific abilities of a person are in fact different manifestations of his general ability to work and study. Talent and genius are two unequal concepts, although they largely overlap.

The ratio of the concepts of "giftedness", "talent", "genius"

A long enough "giftedness" was considereda synonym for the word "ability". However, domestic psychologists believe that giftedness is a certain number of abilities that ensure the success of any particular activity.

genius and insanity

What features are endowed with gifted individuals?

These are:

  • non-standard perception;
  • bright imagination along with attention to detail;
  • unconscious mind, intuition, ingenuity;
  • divergent thinking;
  • imagination;
  • courage and courage.

Some researchers consider giftednessOnly as a natural basis of abilities along with the ability to creativity. They identify this concept with the term "talent". Others view talent as a high stage of development of special abilities.

talent of genius

Teplov believes that talent is always multifaceted, that's why many poets and writers have painted well, and sometimes they have written music.

And genius is a high stage of developmentgiftedness, which manifests itself in the final result, which carries a cultural, social, scientific and historical value. Genius breaks all norms and orders and thus opens a new era in the sphere of its activity.

Summing up, brief conclusions

Для того чтобы одаренность (талант, гениальность) able to find manifestation and begin to develop; individuals need to have high performance, motivation, commitment, knowledge and skills in a particular area of ​​activity. Given these factors, scientists are trying to distinguish between these three concepts. Abilities, genius, talent are in every person, they just need to be discovered and developed.

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