/ What to do on Friday 13?

What to do on Friday 13?

Friday thirteenth excites the minds of many residentsEarth, but why this day is so worried, with which the prejudices of the bad influence of the number 13 are connected. Today few people will be able to explain intelligently, why Friday 13 causes fear. Some refer to the fact that it has historically been, and it was Friday the thirteenth of Eve ate the forbidden fruit, while others argue that it is the day when all the witches gather on the Sabbath. Whatever pictures the imagination built, Friday the thirteenth does not differ from Friday the fifteenth. All picturesque pictures are drawn only in the imagination, the day itself carries no danger.

It is for this reason that you should not think aboutwhat to do on Friday 13. The answer is obvious: do not break your habits. What to do with Friday became a tradition? So do your favorite thing! You should not lock yourself at home and draw circles, looking around in prayer - the evil spirits will not gather around, because the number 13 has no effect on this.

What to do on Friday 13, if fear causestremble and be careful? First, you need to relax and try to figure out the cause of the excitement. What terrible happened in the past on such days that they now cause such horror? If nothing happened, then why should it happen this time ... And if there were any troubles, then do not write them off on the magic of the number 13, because it could just be a hard day, when the failure was temporarily pursued in everything.

Of course, it is worth saying that sometimes the number 13 canto bring serious losses, but this is largely due to the fact that a person is ready to suffer damage, knowing that it can be written off all this to a magic number. There are times when on this day a person is forced to go on a business trip in the thirteenth car in the thirteenth place. The magic of numbers literally pursues everything. A person is ready to suffer damage, becomes more preoccupied with this confluence of circumstances and does not notice by his oversight how money is pulled out of his pocket. But if you understand, and without the magic of the thirteen, the same thing could happen, because at any station vigilance is above all.

What to do with Friday 13, to forever dispelfear? It is worth forgetting about this number and adjusting yourself to what to do on Friday evening has become familiar. You can just go to the cinema or visit a cafe, take a walk in the park or work out in the gym. The day should turn into an ordinary and nothing. When a person comprehends that this Friday does not differ from the previous one, subsequent similar days will not cause fear.

What to do on Friday 13, if the mystic numberonly adds adrenaline? Of course, advice to go to the cemetery will be unreasonable, but numerous clubs in honor of this day organize unique parties that resemble a horror film shot in honor of this awesome date. You can work on your way and go to a party, paying tribute to the tradition.

In addition, when the question arises, what to do inFriday 13, you can, hoping for the magic of the number, try your hand at extrasensory abilities. Just imagine yourself next to an electrified ball or with tarot cards. A very fascinating evening will be held, referring to the magic of a given number.

Friday the thirteenth is an ordinary day, but ifit causes fear and makes the blood freeze in the veins, then an excellent way to add coloring on such a day will be to watch a horrible horror film in which the actions take turns one by one and events frighten their tragedy. Especially if on Friday 13 will be assigned to the movie of the same name. Very interesting magic numbers.

Otherwise, do not just emphasize the number thirteen just because this day is no different from the twelfth or the fourteenth, therefore, and should not cause fear.

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