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How to wake up at work, if your eyes are closed: tips and exercises

There are a lot of answers to the question:how to wake up at work, if your eyes are closed? Each of us at least once felt this sluggish, not at all cheerful state and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible. So, we should talk about several of the most effective ways that will help to come to life and start a fruitful work.

how to wake up at work if eyes close

Universal methods

There is a huge number of different generaactivities. And posts - respectively. Someone has more freedom at work, for example, from office programmers. They can stand up, warm up, pour their coffee - in general, disperse blood. And there are teachers who, due to the specifics of their activities, should conduct a lecture for one and a half hours. The opportunity to cheer up with them appears only in a short break. What then to do, how to wake up at work, if the eyes are closed?

Good is a universal way.You can make a self-massage of the palms. The fact is that on their inner sides there is a mass of active points. Quick and confident pressure of the thumbs should be influenced by them, so that a person will feel a surge of energy. Many more active points are on the ears - on the lobes and shells. 1-2 minutes of toning massage will help to cheer up.

Also do not advise to be stationary. Movement helps to stay in tonus. Gesticulation, walking around the room, stepping from foot to foot - all this prevents the body from falling asleep.

how to wake up at work

Advance Actions

Many people start to think about how to wake upat work, if the eyes are closed, still at home. It happens - the person just got up, but already realized that the day will be sluggish. This is even better, because there is time to fix everything.

Naturally, you need to drink a cup of coffee.Not soluble, but ground, strong. It is desirable without sugar and certainly without cream. Strong green or black tea with a high content of tannin can also have a proper effect. By the way, even better citric juice. Also it is necessary to eat a black chocolate. The main thing is not to eat breakfast, because the feeling of satiety leads, as a rule, to the desire to sleep.

And, of course, one must definitely take a contrastshower. Unfortunately, rarely any workplace is equipped with a shower room, so it would be possible and at lunch to pamper yourself with this tonic procedure. But washing with cold water has not been canceled.

It is advisable, if there is time, before going to the showerdo exercises. Squats, push-ups, press - all in the approach. It will help to warm up and warm up the body. After such a complex of procedures a person will come to work in a cheerful spirit.

how quickly to wake up at work

How to maintain tone

When you come to work, you should immediately open the window. Fresh air will enter the room, and a person will avoid oxygen starvation, which is often the cause of drowsiness.

Also it is worth remembering that a calm atmospherehas to rest. How to wake up at work, if your eyes are closed, and still there is silence and peace? In this case, you should turn the music on in the headphones. Or, if there is time and opportunity, make a conversation with colleagues. An interesting conversation automatically drives away the desire to sleep, because boredom immediately disappears.

It is also very important that the room is light. And preferably - cool. When there is no good lighting and it's hot, there is not only drowsiness, but also a feeling of fatigue and relaxation.

what to do to wake up at work


The work tires. Any, whatever it was.In addition, if you constantly sit and work, the quality of the work you perform will rapidly fall. Once a hour you need to take a short break. During it you can go to wash, poprised, make a massage neck, palms, drink a cup of coffee, finally, or breathe fresh air on the street. A brief break will help the brain to unload. The change in the type of activity helps to look at your work in a new way.

Another thing worth mentioning about someauxiliary exercises. To wake up at work, you need to ... breathe. But not as usual. Diaphragmatic breathing - that's what will help to cheer up. The person should sit flat and put one hand on the stomach, just below the ribs. The second hand should be placed on the chest. After - take a deep breath in your nose. After that, the person will feel how the stomach "pushes" the palm. And the thorax, in turn, should remain motionless. It is necessary to exhale through the mouth. But not abruptly. You need to do this slowly, folding your lips with a tube, like for a whistle. It is worth to allocate a minute per hour for such an exercise, and you yourself will feel that the dream seemed to take off with a hand.

how to wake up at work if you fall asleep

Thoughts are the main assistant

Many people in not the most vigorous moments of their livesjust think about how to wake up at work. If you load your head with such thoughts, then the matter will only worsen. After all, as usually happens: the student looks at the clock every minute, dreaming that the lecture will soon end. And time only lasts longer. In the same way with thoughts. A person will try to convince himself that he does not want to sleep, but in fact sleepiness will only increase.

It is better to think about something else.You need to motivate yourself. And dream. For example, that sooner or later this day will end and you can go home, forgetting about work, your duties, colleagues, and just enjoy your free time. It's better to think about a delicious dinner, a soft bed, a loved one. Or that in the evening you can rest a bit, and then go to the cinema or to the park. In general, you need to think not about how quickly to wake up at work, but about something pleasant and inspiring. Time will go faster, and good thoughts will help to cheer up.

Other Tricks

What to do to wake up at work, if everythingthe above is already tried and you need another, a new way? So, we must wait for dinner and have a good meal. It is desirable to recharge energy from fresh vegetables, citrus, juice, nuts, fermented milk products and meat. Carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and vitamins really add courage and will give the body the necessary recharge.

By the way, in the course of the day you should chew mint gum.First, the menthol is refreshing. Secondly, during the chewing will be allocated gastric juice. Accordingly, the body will continue to work, which will not allow a person to fall asleep. Plus the movement of the jaws is a physical activity, albeit insubstantial, at first glance.

Exercises to wake up at work

Brain Activity

And the last advice that can help, ifpeople think about how to wake up at work if you fall asleep. It's very simple. You just ... work. Of course, not every person does what he would like. But it is necessary to be imbued with interest. If you get carried away, then sleep will take off your hand, and time will fly faster. We do not sleep at night at a party, when fun and interesting. Here the same principle.

And self-hypnosis will help. In the end, there is no other way out! Once a person is at work - he must work and fulfill his duties. Everything is simple and logical. And you can overcome yourself.

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