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Slimming bath with soda: reviews and recommendations

A product like soda for sure is almostevery house. Our housewives find it difficult to do without it when they bake something. And soda - this is the best tool for cleaning various surfaces, such as dishes, gas stove, refrigerator. Yes, there to say, this substance excellently removes stains from clothes, eliminates unpleasant smells and so on. But it turns out that this is not a complete list of his "merits". With the help of this indispensable product in the household, you can also lose weight well. It's about a procedure like a slimming bath with soda. Reviews of people who have experienced this method, say about its high effectiveness in the fight against extra pounds. So let's understand what is based on this property of the product and how to prepare and take such baths.

How does soda work?

slimming bath with soda reviews

Soda is sodium bicarbonate.Due to its chemical composition, it splits fats perfectly, and also removes radionuclides and toxins from the body. Thus, the slimming bath with soda (testimonials confirm this) acts immediately in several directions: it breaks down fat cells and, like any water procedure, improves lymph and blood circulation, contributing to the removal of excess fluid from the body. In addition, it's just a very pleasant relaxing procedure. If you suffer from insomnia or nervous breakdowns, then use it boldly.

The essence of the procedure

how to take a bath with soda

And here I will talk about how to cook and howtake a bath with soda. So, to make it, you need to take ½ pack of ordinary baking soda and dilute it in a bath with warm water. Now you can take the procedure. Do not forget that the water should not be either too hot or too cool. The optimum temperature is 38 degrees. If you do this for the first time, then the time spent in the bath should be no more than 10 minutes. Then it can be increased to 15-20 minutes. The full course of procedures is 10. You need to do them every other day.

Rest after bath

After this water "ceremony" is recommendedcool slightly and rest. After all, a bath for losing weight with soda (testify to this confirmation) steam the skin, activate blood circulation. Therefore, after its adoption, wrap yourself in a warm terry robe and lie for 40 minutes on the sofa under the blanket.

Feedback on the method

bath with soda from cellulite

Feedback about this procedure, basically,positive. Many women reported good weight loss after several sessions. Some of them assure that after taking the first bath they lost up to 2 kilograms. This seems unrealistic. Although, given that the procedure contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body, it can be assumed that this circumstance has a place to be. Also, many women claim that a bath with soda from cellulite helps to get rid of. The skin becomes smoother and denser.

Thus, we found out that it is not worth itto be skeptical about such procedures. In addition to the fact that the slimming bath with soda, which is reviewed in this article, has a good anti-cellulite effect, it is also an excellent fortifying agent.

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