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Jumper is the embodiment of the dream of flying

Jumper is an amazing device,allowing the athlete to feel like a predator and experience a colossal adrenaline rush. This is a projectile that makes it possible to perform unimaginable jumps and acrobatic tricks, which turns a walk or training into an interesting adventure.

jumping it

Funny Boots

Джампер – это спортивный тренажер, новшество в fitness and aerobic training. It is a spring of fiberglass on a special frame, tightly fixed on the legs of the athlete, with a fixation from the knee to the foot. At the heart of the principle of its work lies the biological prototype - the kangaroo's knees. But not a single kangaroo can compare with a skilful jumper player, capable of speeding up to 40 km / h or flying up to two meters high.

what is jumper

History of the patent

What is the jumper (jumper), the world learned in 1999year, when his "special trainer for running and jumping" was patented by Australian Alexander Bock. Other names of the simulator are "sides" (English bok - on behalf of A. Bock) or "jolly jumper" (English Jolle - jolly, jump-jumps).

Хотя и до этого прототипы похожих устройств были.It is doubtful, but it is believed that the first inventors of high-speed boots were the thieves of St. Petersburg from the band "Poprygunchiki" (1918-1920). Using springs, they moved by leaps, overcame high obstacles and for a time were elusive for the police.

what is jumper

Pogo-Stilts - stilt-grasshoppers acrobats BillGafni and Tom Weaver from the USA (1954) - became the second prototype. They were professional heavy attachments, and they did not receive any propagation, although they were allowed to jump 3 meters in height.

In 1973, a team of scientists from Ufa picked up the baton - they designed the Saigak model with an internal combustion engine. The project is being developed to this day.

Jumper is an advertisement of positive emotions

At first, Boca's invention onlybewilderment. What is jumper, the world learned after the incendiary commercial posted on the Internet. Further advertising agents were appeared on the streets jumperists, who continue to successfully advertise and promote jolly jumper.

Purpose and functions

It's really a sports simulator.Studies have proven that engaging with jumper for more than an hour effectively improves the strength and endurance of all muscle groups because of the need to maintain balance. It is impossible to relax and it will not work. Back, press, buttocks, leg muscles and hip ligaments - everything is included in aerobic exercise. In this case, there is a useful bonus: thanks to the springs, the load on the knee joints and spine is reduced. Important and training vestibular apparatus. On the normalization of the vascular system, weight loss and better posture should not be said - everything is clear.

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But the most important advantage of training is high emotionality, additional release of endorphins and adrenaline, self-confidence, positive emotions and a sense of flight!

Manufacturers and models

Mass production of products began in the SouthKorea, then China joined, and then Austria and Germany. Today the products are represented by the trademarks Poweriser and FlyingLocust, FlyJumper and Jolly Jumpe, Pro-Jump and PoweriZer. Everyone chooses for themselves and their preferences.


  • A jumper is a device created for differentweight categories. Experienced jumpers advise beginners to clearly choose a model for their weight, but for more advanced jumpers fit into one category more - jumps will be particularly high.
  • Obligatory acquisition of all types of protection. The helmet is mandatory!
  • Before appearing on people, do not be lazybe trained with an instructor. It will take half an hour, but will give confidence and reduce the level of injuries. At least some skill is necessary. Remember, you are advertising! Be on top!

How to start?

What is jumper?It's extreme, adrenaline, the desire to stand out and fly! If you have woken up such feelings, take from 400 to 500 dollars and go ahead for purchase on the Internet. In many cities there are already rolling sides - it is possible and so. As already mentioned, do not overestimate your strength and capabilities. First walking with an instructor, then walking without an instructor, then running - not fast!

what is jumper jumper
Overcome obstacles by starting with trainingoccupations - pull the toilet paper between the supports at the required height and try. Do not start with the jumping of benches, fences and cars. It's painful and expensive. With the growth of skill will be subject to more advanced tricks and various flips.

Entertainment or Sports

Walking, running, jumping and even fitness dancing on jumpers is, of course, not a sport. But today the enthusiasm for stunts on these simulators has acquired such a scope that it can be considered jumper athletes.

Sport is named in honor of the inventor - a bokeh orPowerbocking, athletes are bokers. Among the adherents of such a unique adaptation there are acrobats, stuntmen and stunts. Their jumps are impressive! Some, like Matthias and his brother Mikael Lindstrom (nicks Swebounce and Hemoves), made boking their profession. They are known for unforgettable and enchanting performances in the area extreme festivals. The smallest jumper player is 4 years old, and the most adult boxing fan celebrated his 50th birthday on stilts!

Britain became the first country to love this sport, and continues to lead the world championship in terms of the number of athletes, bokers.

jumpers purpose and function

Rapidly gaining momentum sports andextreme entertainment in one bottle, power aerobic training and outdoor activities, a visual demonstration of the victory of the will and the embodiment of the childhood dream of a fairy tale and flights - that's what jumper and jumping! Want to feel like a superman or a fast-moving trophy hunter - wear jolly jumper!

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