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The most popular weight loss wraps: reviews and recipes

If you have already experienced all the waysachieve an ideal figure, but still can not throw off a couple of extra pounds, it is worth trying wraps for weight loss. Reviews often note their magical effect not only on your weight, but also on the condition of the skin as a whole. Since ancient times, people have used a wrap from algae, honey or clay. This technique allows you to improve metabolism and blood circulation, deeply cleanses the skin, saturates it with minerals and vitamins, accelerates regeneration, removes toxins and toxins, actively combats cellulite and also perfectly relaxes and tones. The result will not take long to wait if you choose wraps for weight loss. Reviews of this procedure note that it can be carried out at home, so it is not necessary to constantly spend money on visiting the salons. Certainly, some types of wrapping at home can not be repeated, but there are recipes that will be effective even if used alone.

Popular recipes of this procedure

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There are hot and cold wraps forlosing weight. Reviews for each of the types of this procedure can be found different, it all depends on your own preferences. Sometimes both of these species are used in combination, thus making a contrast procedure. There are a lot of different wrapping recipes, but there are enough to understand which one suits you best.

1. Wrapping blue clay for weight loss.As a rule, this recipe also includes cinnamon. Its number is selected depending on the individual characteristics of the person. This mixture is diluted with water to a creamy consistency. Clay paste is applied to problem areas of the skin and lasts 20-30 minutes. It is believed that if the wrap is actively moving, the effect of the procedure will be more noticeable.

2. Wraps with pepper for weight loss.

wrapping blue clay for weight loss
For this recipe, you will need 50 grams of ground coffee beans, two tablespoons of honey and a small spoonful of red pepper. This formulation is applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes and washed off with cold water.

3. Algal wraps for weight loss.Feedback about this procedure, as a rule, there are positive. It can be carried out both hot and cold. The only thing that is important to know: wraps with algae can not be done if you have a thyroid disease. To prepare the mixture, soak laminaria leaves in water. Add thyme, coriander and ginger to them. In the hot procedure, the mixture is soaked in 38-degree water for 15 minutes. At a cold temperature, the temperature should not exceed 25, and the soaking time is 45 minutes. After soaking, the mixture is applied to the body and wrapped with a food film. The time of this procedure is half an hour.

4. Mud wraps for weight loss.

wraps with pepper for weight loss
Reviews about this procedure are ambiguous, becauseThis mixture can cause some negative or disgust. The basis is a dry cosmetic mud mixture. It is diluted with warm water and applied to the body. Keep the mud mixture for half an hour.

Before you choose the most suitable foryou way, most likely, you will try a variety of wraps for weight loss. Reviews of doctors recommend that before any procedure to conduct a test for an allergic skin reaction. Few people know how your body will react to this or that wrapping composition.

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