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Pool "Laguna" in Vologda: prices, reviews

Hiking in the pool can not only helpman to relax, but also to have a therapeutic effect for the formation of correct posture and correction of the consequences of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, regular visits to the pool will help to bring the body into tonus, relieve chronic fatigue and even help in the fight against insomnia.

Swimming pool "Laguna"

A total of eight such complexes arebeautiful city of Vologda. The "Laguna" swimming pool is one of the most popular establishments of this kind. On the personal website of the organization you can find all the information you need. The interface of the electronic resource is convenient and pretty enough, immediately attracts the attention of the visitor. It is worth noting that due to democratic prices and constant discounts and promotions, a visit to this institution is available to any resident of Vologda.

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The swimming pool "Laguna" offers a group visit andindividual classes. In addition, classes are held on aqua aerobics. Also in Vologda, in the "Laguna" swimming pool there is a water park, which is accessible to anyone who wants to visit. For pensioners, the price is only 190 rubles per hour. The institution is very popular among the population. This is due not only to the good location of the Lagoon Basin in Vologda, but also to the high professionalism of the coaching staff.

Cost of visits

On the official site of the "Laguna" basin of Vologdareviews are located in a separate item. Before visiting the institution you can get acquainted with the opinion of other visitors and in absentia evaluate the work of employees and the quality of service. Customers, as a rule, leave good comments about this complex. Many are pleased with the possibility of individual visits at an affordable price. Real professionals work here, who can competently consult and make an individual program of classes. The pool is warm, pleasant atmosphere reigns, and the instructor who is always nearby is always ready to help.

In addition, you can see the costservices. The price of a group lesson for an adult person of 45 minutes is 260 rubles. The cost of an individual visit is somewhat higher - 500 rubles. For pensioners, the visit price is lower and ranges from 150 to 190 rubles, depending on the availability of benefits.

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Children's classes in the "Laguna" pool cost 200rubles. The price of one visit for children with disabilities is 110 rubles. There is also an opportunity to purchase a subscription, the cost of which ranges from 1000 to 2300 rubles for the adult population (depending on the number of visits) and from 1450 to 2160 for children. Classes in groups are more expensive: 2200 rubles for adults and 1800 for children. In addition, there is an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate for visiting the Laguna pool, the cost of which also depends on the number of classes.

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