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Orienteering in Tyumen. Competitions "Russian azimuth 2017"

Orienteering, perhaps, is one of the mostattractive sports in all respects. First, classes are always held outdoors. In this case, competitions can take place at any time of the year. Secondly, it is always interesting and diverse. Thirdly, you can practice at almost any age.

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So, what is a sport orienteering? What it is? And where to apply for sports orienteering in Tyumen? What is remarkable about this city?

Sport orienteering is an independent sport

So, more in detail.Orientation on the terrain with a special map and compass, taking into account the time spent and is sporty. Although this discipline, as is commonly believed, was born in Europe and used to train the military, we also have something to remember. In the recent Soviet past, Zarnitsy was held in schools. Everyone remembers that the conditions of this game also included elements of orientation on the terrain.

Well, if seriously, then in Russia this kind ofsports with pleasure and enthusiasm are engaged for a long time. In our country, the Federation for Orienteering has been established. And our professionals occupy a leading position in world championships. We also have our own championship - "Russian azimuth". In the spring of 2017, these orienteering competitions were held in Tyumen on the basis of the "Pearl of Siberia" Center.

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To start better at school

There are many kinds of orienteering.And anyone will find among them suitable for him. So, orientation on the terrain can be running, riding bicycles, skiing and even in wheelchairs, at any time of the year. It can be individual or group, and so on.

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It is desirable to start training from school.There are mugs for this sport in many Russian schools. Anyone can do it here. But sports orienteering themes and it's great that you can start after the graduation, and indeed at any age. Individual sections open for people.

Offers on orienteering in Tyumen

И напоследок.Tyumen is an intensively developing both industrial and social north city. The sports sphere also does not lag behind in perfection. There are many modern sports clubs. And they are ready to offer consumers services for every taste. Orienteering in Tyumen is in great demand. Especially after the All-Russian Championship.

The most famous community in Tyumen isorienteering club "Ermak". Knowledgeable people say that "everything revolves" around him. Everyone who would like to become a member can simply register on the website orienteer.ru. Here you can find the phones and addresses of the trainers you are interested in. And there are a lot of them around the city and the region. It is enough simply to choose a more convenient location for training bases.

In fact, it does not matter where to studysport orienteering - in Tyumen or any other city of Russia. Competitions, or rather say meetings like-minded, are held throughout the country.

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