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Gun "Gyurza" - reliability without flaw

The history of "Gyurzy" originates in 1991,when the Soviet arms designer Peter Serdyukov presented to the public two prototypes of pistols. Their distinguishing feature was the use of high efficiency cartridges (9 * 21 mm.) With a high penetrating ability of bullets.

Pistol Gyurza
As for the name, it was not by chance that a comparison was made with a snake called a gurza. This gun inflicts a lightning-fast powerful impact on the opponent of high penetration ability.

The need for such weaponswas dictated by the fact that in the late 80's in the armament of many countries began to actively introduce personal protective equipment in the form of flak jackets, capable of stopping a bullet fired from the short arms used at that time. The gun "Gyurza" due to its technical characteristics made it possible to carry out targeted fire from a distance of 100 meters, at a distance of up to 50 m to pierce a 2.5-mm titanium sheet, disable unarmored vehicles and vehicles.

The patent for the construction of "Gyurzy" was obtained in 1995, and the following year, after the demonstration at the exhibition on armament of the ground forces, held in Omsk, the tests were completed, and mass production began. The gun "Gyurza" was used by the special forces of the FSO and the FSB, and since 2003 it was adopted by the army units with the name of the ATP.

Gyurza gun
Features of the design of the gun "Gyurza"

The ATP design has a number of distinctivefeatures. First of all, we are talking about a steel frame, which is pressed directly into the handle of the weapon, made of a very strong glass-filled polyamide. By analogy, the trigger guard is made.

The automation of the gun is based on recoilwith a short trunk stroke. Further - the barrel bore is locked by the coupling of the barrel with the bolt using a vertically swinging larva. This scheme is not new and was used earlier in the production of other models of pistols. During the movement of the barrel backward, the larva emerges from the shutter protrusions, the trunk "separates" from the bolt, stopping with a ledge on the frame. The shutter itself, moving, throws out the sleeve. The gun "Gyurza" has trigger trigger mechanism. The first shot can be carried out either by self-cocking, or by a pre-cocked cock.

Pistol gurza to buy

The gun "Gyurza" is made taking into account the requirements,required for the safe wearing and use of weapons. The design provides for two fuses, both - automatic. The button of the first one is located on the back of the handle and is removed only when the palm is fully covered. The second - blocks the trigger, directly on which the button for disabling it is located. Depending on the needs and features of use, ATP is available in several modifications with slight differences.

What conclusion can be drawn?If we talk about quality weapons, then to this, undoubtedly, belongs and the gun "Gyurza". Buy a pneumatic version, for example, you can almost in any weapons store, which is due to the popularity of the model.

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