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Description of the bicycle "Stealth Aggressor" and its characteristics

A modern bicycle is a universalvehicle. It helps to remove stress, get a lot of good emotions, burn calories and get to the right place, without throwing harmful substances into the atmosphere. The modern market provides a whole host of different models with their own characteristics. How can I choose a bicycle from this? Today we will talk about "Stels Aggressor". What kind of bike and what are its characteristics?

Short description

This bicycle is produced by the company«Velomotors». It has been on the market for more than 15 years, so it managed to gain some popularity. The firm is engaged in release of inexpensive models. Everyone can afford its units.

From the appearance you can immediately say that "StealthAggressor "refers to the category of mountain bikes. It is intended for an extreme kind of riding called dert. In this discipline includes performing various tricks and jumps from the springboards. Has a bright design. Available in such colors: white, red, gray, black.

stealth aggressor


A lot of factors depend on it:How will "Stealth Aggressor" behave, whether it will withstand heavy loads from jumping and other. Made of aluminum frame. For bicycle bikes use a special alloy, which can withstand heavy loads. Also aluminum does not lend itself to corrosion and weighs much less steel, which is very important for jumping.

The frame has its own characteristics.The carriage unit of the Stealth Aggressor is lower in level than the wheel hubs. This is specially done to make it more stable. This geometry is also used for conventional mountain tanks. Also, his saddle is understated, and the upper tube is strongly inclined. This is necessary for convenience in the air when performing tricks.


This bike is installedspring-elastomeric fork with a power reserve of 100 millimeters. It is designed for middle jumps. For larger ones, you already need a fork with 160 millimeters. She also has a traffic lock. If you drive around the city or on level ground, then you can turn it off. So the energy will not go into the spring and it will be easier to roll.

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Here, the "Aggressor" is no different from the usualmountain bicycles. It has the most ordinary 26-inch wheels. The rims are supplied with double walls. So they withstand higher loads and do not bend.

Wide tires along with a deep tread pattern give good grip during the ride. Since the jumps are mostly made from the mound of the earth, then such a rubber is definitely not a hindrance.

Brake system

It must ensure securitybicyclist. This bike has two different brakes. The front is disc, and the rear is a usual rim. If you go from a hill, the center of gravity is transferred to the nose of the bicycle. Therefore, the front brake is more important. Therefore, there is a disk.

bicycle stealth aggressor reviews


There are only 21 speed.Front 3, and behind 7 stars. For skating on the city and off-road this is quite enough. And for tricks and jumps from the springboards, they do not need. Therefore, the switches on this bike delivered an entry level.

Reviews of the bicycle "Stelse Aggressor"

The opinions of those who ride this bike,were divided. Some say that this is a miracle machine, which has no analogues, and for such money it is better not to find anything even in the whole world. And others - that this is a typical cheap bike with poor-quality assembly and cheap parts. Why are the reviews about the "Stels Aggressor" so different?

It all depends on how the person rolls.If he leaves once a month to ride along the embankment or wind a circle around the park, he does not need a good bicycle. To do this, any Chinese bike with the cheapest equipment will work. For those who want to really engage in dertry, you need a good and high-quality bicycle.

The "Stealth" has several shortcomings. He has a rather stiff spring. And after landing, she shoots her hands. And when jumping it is very inconvenient. There were also a couple of cases when the frame broke.

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