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Whey protein: product reviews

A lot of controversy arises around Whey proteins.Judging by the numerous reviews in the media, many people think that this is a trademark. This article will examine what Whey protein really is. The responses of professional athletes and trainers will help you decide on sports nutrition in accordance with the goals and choose a worthy brand in the market. Also, the buyer will be offered to familiarize himself with the market of inexpensive Whey proteins of both imported and domestic production, which are very popular, only thanks to their quality.

whey protein reviews

What is it about

Product Whey protein, reviews of which do not ceasein the mass media, nothing more than the usual whey obtained from dairy products. Besides this protein, there are still casein, soy protein, beef and egg. By the degree of purification, the serum can be in the form of a concentrate, an isolate and a hydrolyzate. Naturally, the better the purification, the more protein in the product, however, the price corresponds to the quality.

Whey protein is very good and fastis assimilated by the body, because of which it has a high popularity among athletes gaining muscle mass. In addition to protein Whey contains a small amount of fats, carbohydrates and lactose, which must be taken into account in their nutrition. Naturally, each manufacturer's task is to provide the buyer with a product with the maximum protein content and minimize all kinds of impurities.

whey protein 100 reviews

Breakthrough in the field of sports nutrition

Twenty years was needed in order to understand,how unprofitable for athletes to purchase foreign-made products made from Russian raw materials. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that domestic dairy processing plants export whey and soy protein to Europe, from which world-known proteins are produced on the shelves of sports shops. An example is Biotech USA Isolate Whey protein, reviews of which can be found on any sports resource. From America - only the name, and production is carried out in Hungary.

The appearance of the Russian manufacturer of sportsfood for all was a complete surprise. The trademark aTech Nutrition for a short period of time managed to move other brands on the shelves. After all, without transport costs and the difference in exchange rates, the protein does not have a single competitor in the price category.

Dymatize elite whey protein reviews

Revolutionary product

Indispensable for any purpose - at least sosays the manufacturer of the product aTech Whey protein 100%, reviews of which contain more information of an advertising nature. What novelty, in addition to the price, liked the buyers?

  1. Additional reduction in the price of the product due to packaging. Replacement of a plastic jar with a buckle will really save you money.
  2. A wide range of unique flavors. Chocolate, vanilla and banana have already become boring, so the tastes of strawberries, orange, cherries and caramels will be only welcome to the consumer.
  3. Presence of a measuring spoon. Significantly saves time for measuring the dose.

In addition, the manufacturer stated the absence ofaspartame and high protein content in Whey protein 100%. Reviews in the media about the products of this manufacturer are very controversial. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the positive and negative aspects of the protein under the trademark aTech Nutrition.

Atech whey protein 100 reviews

Good news is more interesting

The team of aTech Nutrition includes a veryfamous and respected athletes athletes - Shokin Andrew ("Mr. Universe 2014"), Konovalov Andrey (world champion in powerlifting), Oleshkevich Love ("Mrs. Universe 2014"). Such serious people would hardly have agreed to participate in any fraud, because credibility is earned over the years, and no one will want to lose it in a second.

In addition to the product Whey protein 100%, reviews aboutwhich spread far beyond Russia, aTech Nutrition company produces carbohydrates, essential amino acids, creatine and L-carnitine. According to the statistics of the Internet shop of sports nutrition "Workshop of Sports", which deals with the sale of Russian sports nutrition, the barrier with the millionth buyer has already been passed.

protein whey protein reviews

Low product quality?

In addition to positive statements about the proteinWhey protein 100% reviews are negative. First of all, the percentage of protein in the dose is subject to doubt. It is interesting that in early 2015, the fact of a low protein content in the product was not disproved, but was confirmed by the manufacturer with an indication of the cause - a party bug. Such an attitude to the buyer can not be called benevolent.

The company is accused by buyers of forgerycertificates of quality, which were obtained as a result of examination of the product in the laboratory. After all, possession of a document with a seal by Russian standards does not confirm the quality until the same certificate appears in the state register of certification and standardization. However, any buyer should have a question about certificates for imported products, which no one has ever seen. Are there any, and why were they silent for two decades?

Perhaps someone simply removes the competitor

As it was literally ten years ago, whenleaders in the production of protein from meat and dairy products saw a manifestation of consumer interest in a cheaper soy protein? Several false conclusions of examinations conducted outside the walls of respected research centers have buried an entire industry that has slowly started to recover thanks to the exposure of a criminal conspiracy. Protein Whey protein, which is recommended to refuse to buy, could well fall into the world conspiracy of foreign competitors. And suspicion takes place to be.

Studying all reviews authorized in the mediamass information users (given the real data, and the person can be found in social networks) leads to interesting conclusions. You can find that the Whey protein is only positive. Moreover, this conclusion concerns the brand as a whole, all products of aTech Nutrition. But the negative is spreading the person under the signature "anonymously", of course, there is no confidence in such reviews.

Elite whey protein reviews

High quality at an affordable price

The market for imported products is very extensive, and anythe buyer will find a protein by the criterion of price-quality, but most athletes prefer not to be ruined by an expensive protein, making their choice in favor of Dymatize Elite Whey protein. The responses of professional athletes about this wonderful product are quite interesting.

  1. Twelve different tastes that you want to try so much.
  2. A very low content of fats, carbohydrates and a complete lack of sugar make this product popular with athletes trying to get rid of excess fat.
  3. With this protein, there is no sense in additional use of amino acids, since the necessary dosage is contained in one portion of the protein.
  4. Adding digestive enzymes for betterdigestion and vitamin-mineral complex is questioned. After all, this is the usual protein Elite Whey protein. The responses are rather controversial, but this information takes place on the product label, although many sellers keep it quiet.

isolate whey protein reviews


It is clear that the product Dymatize Elite Wheyprotein reviews will be positive. After all, the company in the market of the United States is about twenty years. For such a period, it is quite easy to gain an active client base, the main thing is to observe the high quality of the product. Along with the quality of the product, its price should be affordable, because if you look at the Whey protein rating, you can find that no less well-known Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, SAN and many others present on the market the necessary product, differing from the above products only at the price of - it is much higher. Does it make sense to overpay for protein Whey protein? Reviews of professional athletes who do not participate in active advertising of sports nutrition, generally recommend that athletes pay attention to natural products, bypassing sports nutrition.

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