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Attachments to the TV. Smart TV set-top box

Digital television, which not so long ago wasthe prerogative of only a certain group of people is now available to everyone. But with the advent of open access to digital channels, many questions arose. Typically, they all relate to the problem of the correct choice of a digital set-top box to the TV, its connection and adjustment.

set-top boxes to the TV
Whatever one may say, the cost of the receivers is stillquite high, and many buyers do not want to simply squander their family budget. To the first time to choose the most optimal option, you need to study all the nuances.

Types of digital television

The main disadvantage of analog TVis the loss of signal quality during translation. With digital transmission, audio and video are encoded in binary code, so that all data loss is reduced to zero. But for the "perception" of coded signals, the TV must be able to "decipher" them.

Unfortunately, this feature is built-in onlyin modern models. That's why you need to purchase a digital set-top box to the TV, which will act as a decoder in the old TV.

Currently, digital television is divided into 4 types depending on the technology of broadcasting:

  • air, standard DVB-T or DVB-T2 - broadcast TV towers;
  • satellite, DVB-S format - transmitted, respectively, by satellites;
  • cable, DVB-C or DVB-C2 technologies - the signals are sent along the lines;
  • Internet TV, IPTV - to access the channels you need to access the global network.

The first thing to do before buyingprefixes for receiving digital television, it is carefully to study your TV. Some models already support several formats of digital broadcasting at the same time.

Receivers for terrestrial television

Digital terrestrial television is the mostbudget option, because for viewing channels you need a regular indoor or outdoor antenna and the console itself. In some cases, the amplifier will not be superfluous, but this depends on the distance from the TV tower. When buying a set-top box for terrestrial TV, it is important to ensure that it necessarily supports the DVB-T2 format.

how to connect a set-top box to a TV
The minuses of choosing such a prefix to the TVwe can call the dependence of the image quality on the strength of the signal - the more interference, the worse the "picture". Another disadvantage can be called a relatively small number of channels - there are only 32. In addition, you will not be able to watch HD broadcasts because the signal is broadcast in the usual format.

The main advantage of a set-top box for on-air televisionis its price. Models cost 1-2 thousand rubles, while they have a large set of built-in functions. A typical representative is the Oriel TV set-top box. The next advantage is mobility. You can connect another TV to the console at any time.

Satellite TV Receivers

To view satellite TV programs, in addition tothe receiver itself, you will need a satellite dish, as well as a signal amplifier. It is not recommended to collect such a set of equipment on its own - there is a high risk that the receiver will not fit the amplifier. Hence the main disadvantage is the high cost of the finished set.

set-top boxes for digital television
When selecting a satellite receiver,so that it supports the DVB-S format. In the set-top box to the TV you can also use the CI-slot for installing the conditional access card. With it for a fee you can view blocked paid channels.

By the way, about the channels.Any satellite cameraman provides to its customers about 1000 programs. But for this you will have to subscribe for a monthly fee. Without it, the number of transmissions will drop to 30-50. But in any case, all TV channels will be broadcast in HD-quality.

Attachments for cable channels

In the choice of a cable television receiverso many options. More precisely, he is only one - contact the cable operator. Unfortunately, cable boxes for receiving digital television are arranged so that they receive a signal from only one provider. If you select another service company, you will need to purchase the receiver again.

tv console oriel
The advantage of such television is highimage quality that does not depend on local conditions. So, if a satellite dish can get bogged down by a strong wind, as well as a street antenna, then it is practically impossible to create interference in the cable. Another advantage - you pay only for those channels that you want to watch.

Internet TV

To view Internet channels you will needprefix smart TV, as well as a router and high-speed Internet. The principle of broadcasting programs is as simple as possible - the receiver, received from the cameraman, connects to the wired Internet, goes to the network and shows those channels to which you are subscribed.

prefix smart tv
In fact, this possibility can be realized andon an ordinary PC, but the quality of the image, as well as the number of channels and many other factors will largely depend on the owner of the site. IPTV also gives you access to more than 100 channels, all of them in HD-quality.

In addition to watching your favorite gear, the consolesmart TV will give you the opportunity to go online directly from the TV, as well as watch the channel program, "rewind" the time ahead, put the movie on pause and much more. A significant drawback of such consoles is their price. In some cases, it can reach 25 thousand rubles. The cheapest options are at the level of 6-7 thousand.

Connection Features

The answer to the question "how to connect theTV "depends on the model of the device you have chosen.If you purchased a receiver for terrestrial television, then you will need an antenna coaxial cable for connection, you can buy it or make yourself by screwing the ends of the f-connectors.

To connect a satellite receiver, you canuse several options. It all depends on the functionality of your device. As a rule, there are several connectors on the rear wall. These can be Scart, RCA-slots, output for coaxial or composite cable and other ports. The easiest way to connect through the "tulips".

 how to choose a prefix for TV
With the cable receiver connected, there is no problemwill arise, because when you choose this option, the provider company will do everything for you. Also, you should not think about how to connect a set-top box to a TV set when choosing an Internet TV. More often the problem is solved with the help of HDMI cable. But you can also use Scart, RCA - it all depends on the functionality of the equipment.

Setting up the equipment

After combining the console and the TV youyou must switch to the appropriate playback mode. If you used a coaxial cable, you do not need to do anything. If Scart, RCA, then the remote control, set the TV to AV input mode. When using an HDMI cable, you, accordingly, need to select the item of the same name in the menu.

Then start searching for channels.If, when deciding how to choose a set-top box for a TV, you prefer IPTV or cable TV, then no additional manipulation is required - everything is already set up for you. Enjoy watching!

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