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Cheap electronic watches: review of models, specifications and reviews

The modern world is filled with incrediblea variety of events and phenomena, quickly replacing each other. Often a person, especially busy, literally loses his head, gets confused in his plans, forgets many things because of stressful conditions. Therefore, various devices that can provide great support come to the rescue. Among them - a wristwatch. They allow you to monitor time and rationally distribute your actions. In this article, we will consider the options for cheap electronic watches.

cheap electronic watches

Wrist Watch. Concept and types

Before moving on to the main topic of our conversation, you need to understand its main theoretical components. The wrist watch is a small device on the strap showing the current time, as well as some other data related to this category (date, day of the week, stopwatch, etc.).

Wristwatches are divided into three types:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Quartz ones.
  3. Electronic.

Our task is to consider the latter kind.Wrist digital watches are devices in which a generator is used to count time, converting its periodic oscillations into special signals, repeating in one second, a minute or one hour, respectively. To purchase such a device, you need to know its functional components.

cheap electronic wrist watches

Functional characteristics of electronic watches

Functional characteristics are understooda set of mechanisms and details that determine the operation of the device and ensure its protection. Electronic wrist watches have the following characteristics:

  1. Clock face. The main component of any clock.It shows the time and other additional information. In our case, the dial will always be electronic, it can differ in size, color of the displayed digits.
  2. Source of power. In simple models, a regular battery is used, in more advanced - a battery.
  3. Glass. This component is located on top of the watch and protects their internal parts from mechanical influences. Glass can be plastic, mineral, sapphire.
  4. Shockproof. This characteristic shows the survivability of the clock with strong or weak shocks of the device.
  5. Water resistant. The parameter shows the degree and quality of the hermeticity of the device, protects it from penetration into the water and moisture ingress.
  6. Additional options. This includes backlight, alarm, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, etc. The more expensive the watch, the more such options.

Price categories

The price of the device determines the quality and availabilityadditional options. If you are ready to give an impressive amount, you will get not just a watch, but also a wrist small computer that is able to show weather, call friends, and monitor health. A vivid example can be serve all known Apple Watch or Android Wear.

For an average amount of money you can buy a regular accessory, which will be manufactured at a decent level and will not leave your customer upset by any defects. But cheap electronic watches, on the contrary, costinexpensive, but require great care in handling, as budgetary materials can make themselves felt in cases of negligence showing to them. Despite such features, such devices are very popular in the consumer goods market and are in great demand. It's time to talk about them.

Cheap electronic wristwatch. Advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to inexpensive goods, there are always doubts and fears even at the thought of buying. But do not rush, because these devices have a lot of advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Saving. This is the main and indisputable plus - in any case, the buyer gives a little money and thereby not significantly reduces his budget.
  2. Rationality. Often, electronics manufacturers complement theirdevices the newest technological novelties which are necessary far not to everyone. For example, it is unlikely that a person will need to measure his pulse if he only needs to find out the time and start an alarm clock.
  3. Efficiency. This concept should be attributed not so much to the hours as to the purchase itself. For a small price you can buy a good accessory that can satisfy the basic needs of the buyer.

It is probably not worth talking about cons, since it is quite clear that any cheap product has minimal or incomplete functionality, as well as an increased probability of an early failure.

men's electronic watches cheap

Having the necessary knowledge, we can begin to consider the most popular inexpensive models. As a rule, this is a cheap Chinese electronic watch.


Watch this Chinese company cost about 300rubles. At the same time the manufacturer managed to serve its customer as much as possible. Here you can find a full calendar, a stopwatch, a chronograph, an autodat. The display is made using LEDs that improve the quality of the image. In addition, these watches still have a good anti-shock and water resistance. Sports design, although unusual, is good for both children and adults. This is a good solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, but at the same time they want to acquire something original and functional.


This is also a Chinese manufacturer.He makes watches more expensive, so their price varies around 1800 rubles. If you look at the picture, you can immediately notice their stylish design. They have a round dial, metal body, smooth rubber strap.In terms of functionality, the Xonix watch is slightly higher than its previous competitor, because they have a diving mode, they are able to react to changing the time zone. This model is well suited to those who are looking for a more familiar and universal appearance of the watch (the previous device does not meet such requirements).

cheap electronic watches for men


Perhaps two Chinese models asan example will suffice. In addition, there are quite a few manufacturers from China, so it will not be difficult to find any other watches from this country. Now the company is on the line from Japan Casio. It also manufactures devices from the class of "cheap electronic wrist watches". Their model range is characterized by a combination, that is, the devices on their dials can show time with numbers and arrows. This solution is suitable for enthusiasts who are looking for something special. The cost of such accessories is from 3000 rubles.

cheap electronic watches on hand


Men's electronic watches are cheap to buy from a Belarusian manufacturer. He will finish our list. There are several reasons for this: firstly, the clock from the "Electronics" really, as in the case with YAZOLE, cost small money (around 500 rubles),and secondly, their models are of high quality, despite their price (in most cases they serve a minimum of more than two decades). But, unfortunately, these devices do not have advanced functions. They manage only the display of time, date, short calendar, stopwatch, backlight and alarm clock. It will not work anymore here, which is compensated by a long service life.

cheap chinese digital watches

What to choose?

Of course, the choice always depends on the possibilitiesand preferences. If you have a good amount of money and want to buy a multifunctional device, then you should resort to expensive models. But there are people who only need a watch and nothing special. In this case, you should take a closer look at Belarusian watches. If you want something bigger, it's best to take something from Chinese models or Cheap electronic watches on hand from Casio.

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