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How can I turn on the phone without the battery with the available tools?

In life there are situations when you are waiting for an importantcall and with surprise you understand that the battery of the smartphone is completely discharged. After reading today's article, you will learn how to turn on a cell phone without a battery.

When does this need arise?

At first glance, these are completely uselessknowledge that is unlikely to ever come in handy for any person who is watching the state of the battery of his device. However, information on how to include a phone without a battery can be useful in cases where the gadget is used as one of the elements of the security system.

how to turn on the phone without battery

Also, such knowledge will be useful in the case ofoccurrence of necessity to make an urgent call if the factory battery has ordered to live long. Let's say you bought a new smartphone, and the old one was gathering dust for a long time in the table. As a result, its battery is completely discharged, and the necessary files are saved in the device's memory. To get to them, it is not necessary to purchase a new battery. It is in such situations that people often have a question about how to turn on a mobile phone without a battery.

In case of emergency, you can try to briefly "resurrect" the mobile device. You can do this in several different ways.

What will it take to achieve the desired result?

To turn on a fully discharged smartphone,it is necessary in advance to stock up the stabilization power unit, voltmeter, flux, rosin, solder, soldering iron, USB-cord and uninterruptible power supply. With this simple kit you can independently reanimate the mobile device.

Algorithm of actions

Those who do not know how to turn on without the batteryphone, should remember that the standard charger is designed to work together with a basic battery that is capable of short-term output of significant current. If you directly connect a smartphone to it, the first time you turn on the transmitter, the voltage will drop almost to zero.

how to turn on a cell phone without a battery

Before you turn on the phone without a battery,It is necessary to acquire a stabilization power supply with built-in protection against short circuit. Such a device can be purchased at a specialized store or made independently. The voltage produced by it should be 3.7 V.

Turn off the mobile phone you need to disconnectfrom the standard charger and remove the battery. Next, you need to find the battery two contacts, the voltage on which varies from 3.2 to 3.7 V. You can do this with a voltmeter.

Not forgetting the observance of the polarity,apply voltage to the corresponding contacts of the battery compartment of the mobile device. Those who decided to use this device in the future solely as an element of the security system, it is possible to recommend de-energizing the power supply. You can also solder connection junctions.

how can I turn on the phone without the battery

Then you need to turn on the power supply and tryactivate the mobile device. If at you all turned out, the gadget is not completed by the module of information interchange from the chip, built in the storage battery. This indicates that it is suitable for use in security systems. In this case, the phone is able to function without a battery, but only with electricity.

In order to ensure their own securityit is necessary to refrain from carrying out similar experiments and to use this method only in exceptional situations. It is not necessary to discount the fact that in case of strong heating, the telephone battery may explode.

How can I turn on the phone without a battery through the USB interface?

At first glance, this is one of the simplest and mostobvious ways. But in fact, everything is a little more complicated. Mobile devices on the USB interface can receive a current with a limitation. Basic charging transfers the nominal current to the smartphone. When connecting it to a computer or laptop via a USB cable, the limit is 500 mA.

 how to turn on your mobile phone without battery

Those who wanted to figure out how to turn on the battery without the battery, will need to find the opportunity to connect the charger without using the battery.

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