/ Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic? It depends on the country of residence

Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic? It depends on the country of residence

Chic and well-groomed beaches, azure orsurprisingly blue sea, heavenly and undisturbed vacation - with all this is associated with the Dominican Republic. Especially good is the trip there in the student's or dank winter time, when most neighbors and acquaintances go to work or even lie with the flu ... So if you got the opportunity to spend your vacation on the wonderful island where this country is, then first of all it is necessary to find out whether visa to the Dominican Republic.

Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic

What do experts say?

It all depends on which citizenstate you are. Since the inhabitants of the United States of America, the countries of the European Union, Canada and the United Kingdom almost everywhere have a "green road", then the Dominican Republic is not an exception in this regard. They can come here without registering anything at the embassy. Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic for Russian citizens?

Dominicans need a visa
No, the same as for residents of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.This country will hospitably open its doors to you, and the permit for entry into it is the usual tourist "Tarkhet" (map). But the citizens of other CIS countries were not so lucky. Do you need a visa to the Dominican Republic for Armenians, Belarusians, Azerbaijanis? Yes, in order to relax in this paradise, they will have to issue a visa through embassies in their countries.

What is a tourist map?

This is a special permit to visit the country withthe purpose of acquaintance with its sights, culture, traditions, and also rest. It is issued right at the airport. It is valid for a month (thirty days). Of course, it is not free. Those who want to know if they need a visa to the Dominican Republic must understand that in this case a certain fee is also paid. It is not very big, and is ten dollars (or euros). To obtain such a card, during the control of documents you must show a foreign passport, which would act all the time that you intend to stay in the Dominican Republic. You will also be asked to show tickets confirming your departure from the country - home or somewhere else. By the way, when you leave the Dominican Republic, then you have to pay one more fee, twice as much - these are the local rules.

Dominican Republic visa for Russians 2013

What can I do to rest here longer?

Like in Vietnam or Thailand, and in manytropical resorts, there are tourists who want to splash in the tender sea not for a couple of weeks, but several months. What to do in this case? "Well, there's definitely a visa to the Dominican Republic!" - Skeptics will exclaim, and they will be wrong. Simply, having received the desired "tarhet" for thirty days, you can re-register it at any police station or in the local migration service for a couple of dollars. The maximum period during which you can then be in the Dominican Republic is three months. If you are a citizen of one of the countries whose residents require a visa to visit this resort, then the validity of the tourist permit for entry is sixty days. It can be extended in the migration service for another period.

Sometimes tourists are worried becausesome countries often change the rules of entry and exit, and information about this is not enough. Perhaps, a visa for Russians is already necessary at a resort like the Dominican Republic? 2013 has not made any changes to these rules, and tourists can calmly issue a "tarchet" at the airport. However, if the purpose of your visit is not rest, but business or work, then, of course, you will have to obtain the appropriate permission in the embassy.

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