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Embassy of Moldova in Moscow: timetable and address

Moldova has always been a friendly countryadjusted to the Russian Federation. This contributed to the creation of strong relations between the two states, based on cooperation in various fields. The tourism business is not the last place in strengthening cooperation. Citizens of Russia enjoy spending time on the territory of Moldova, where you can enjoy national cuisine and fine wines of local production. Also often Moldovans come to our country to study or work here. The most important place for them is the Embassy of Moldova in Moscow. We will tell about it today.

Embassy of Moldova in Moscow

Russian-Moldovan Relations: Development Dynamics

Twenty-five years ago between Moldova andThe Russian Federation established diplomatic relations. Six months later, diplomatic missions were opened on the territory of friendly states. This was the beginning of long-term cooperation in various sectors of the economy. It is worth noting that the share of Moldovan goods on the Russian market is very high, which indicates the strength of our relations. After all, with each year, cooperation between the Russian Federation and Moldova becomes more profound and economically profitable.

The Embassy of Moldova in Moscow consists of several departments. Now the political, economic and consular departments are working here, fully focused on the reception of Russian and Moldovan citizens.

Embassy of Moldova in Moscow: address

Every Moldovan citizen must have informationabout the location of the diplomatic mission of his country in the territory of the foreign state where he is located. Street Kuznetsky Most, house 18 is the seat of the Moldovan representation in Russia.

Located on the ground floor of an ancient building, which for a long time there were various social institutions.

Embassy of Moldova in Moscow address

Embassy of Moldova in Moscow: schedule of work

Diplomatic mission of the Republic of Moldovaworks five days a week. The population is received from eight in the morning until six in the evening. Do not forget that the representatives of the office are going to lunch at one o'clock in the afternoon. Therefore, try to plan your visit in such a way as not to fall into this time interval.

The Embassy of Moldova in Moscow has severaltelephone numbers intended for different purposes. They can be found on the official website. There is one that is used only in emergency cases in the event of a threat to the life of a Moldovan citizen. For consultations there is another number, where you can get any advice and make an appointment with the staff of the diplomatic mission.

Functions of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova

Representation of Moldova performs a lot of functions on registration of necessary documentation. With the help of the staff of the diplomatic mission, the following issues are resolved:

  • issue of passports;
  • the conclusion of marriages;
  • registration of acts of civil status;
  • restoration of lost documents;
  • change of names and surnames;
  • obtaining a visa.

Almost any question is solved in the shortest possible time. This indicates the high professionalism of the Moldovan Embassy staff.

Kuznetsky Most Street

Visa regime between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova

Many potential travelers care aboutthe question of whether to apply for a visa, going on a tourist trip. This is often a stumbling block in choosing a country and a route for travel. We hasten to please you - there is a visa-free regime between Russia and Moldova. Therefore, you can freely stay in the country for three months.

If you are planning to stay in the Republic of Moldova for a longer period, then take care of the visa. Usually it is done about ten working days.

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