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What is the law on protection of citizens' health and its meaning in people's lives

Health of citizens is a direct indicatoronly the economic development of the state, but also the place that the state occupies in the world economic system. After all, the basis of the productive power of any country is human labor, and how healthy the citizens of the state will be, the more useful and quality will be their work. That is why the economic prosperity of the state and its ability to compete in the international trading system depend on specific people and their state of health.

An important role in this respect is played by the law onprotection of citizens 'health, which laid the foundations and principles of protecting our compatriots' health, as well as the prevention of diseases. It should be emphasized that, unfortunately, despite the declared concern for the health of citizens, the state in fact does not fulfill its obligations in this respect. Free medicine remains only on paper, and in fact, in the event of serious complications, a person can expect serious treatment only in case of appropriate financing of a medical institution. Of course, one should not row everything one size fits all, but the system continues to be based on bribery and corruption.

Recently, state powergradually takes up increasing control over the fulfillment of its obligations by medical institutions and their leaders, as a result of which one can hope for positive changes in this regard.

Recently, the State Duma introduced a newthe law on the protection of public health, in which the protection of public health and the prevention of various diseases was given much more attention. The new law also regulates the relations that arise between the patient and the medical staff, in which the rights and duties of each of them are discussed in detail. In addition, the law on the protection of public health regulates the organizational, legal and economic basis for protecting not only human health, but the whole society as a whole. Particularly stressed are the recommendations on the conduct of a healthy lifestyle, the development of sports and children's sports circles.

Unfortunately, our children's health for todayday does not correspond to the norms and requirements that are the guarantee of a healthy and happy life for young citizens. On the one hand, this is due to the low quality of life of a large part of our population, on the other - the poor quality of many food products and the lack of essential vitamins. To some extent, the sanitary and epidemiological station, which does not always identify poor-quality food, also causes poisoning of children in kindergartens and schools quite often.

The basic principles of the health protection law state thathuman life and health are the main value for the state, therefore, constant development is being carried out in this respect. As for children, there are more serious demands, which begin from the conditions of their residence and the income of parents, to the protection of the rights of the child. Thus, the law on protecting the health of citizens fulfills the main task of providing the Russian Federation with not only acceptable working conditions, but also guaranteeing sanatorium-preventive treatment for all those who need it.

Thus, despite the economic crisis inworld economy, which affected our country, our state is gradually continuing to strengthen its positions in the world, moving along the path of economic development. And let this process is not yet high enough, but the trend itself already inspires hopes for improving living conditions. And the law on protecting the health of citizens in this regard plays a major role.

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