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How to get unemployment benefits: step-by-step instruction, necessary documents and recommendations

Every citizen who has remained out of work in forcedifferent circumstances and officially recognized as unemployed, has the right to payments from the state. They are aimed at maintaining an acceptable level of living in the absence of official earnings.

In no way can these incomes be perceived asearnings. Moreover, their receipt is associated with certain requirements for those in need of support and their documents, on the basis of which it is determined the necessity of awarding the payment and its size.

All about benefits to unemployed citizens

To receive payments due to the absence of official earnings is possible only if registered with the employment service. This gives the official status of the unemployed.

where to get unemployment benefit

It is important to understand that it is infinitely impossible to receive financial support from the state. This is due to some factors. Let's consider them:

  1. The resources of the service allow people to help people without employment find open vacancies and arrange interviews with employers.
  2. The Employment Center provides opportunities for retraining, and in the absence of any education, to obtain a working profession.
  3. It issues starting capital to those who wish to start their own business. The amount of such payments is also determined and known in advance.

Regarding how much theunemployment, the law defines this period of twelve months. After that, the person is removed from the register. Then he is given the opportunity to find work on his own.

If within a period of up to 6 months to find a suitableoccupation with official earnings did not work, then you can register again. At the same time, the amount of financial assistance will be less. Although the pay periods are not necessarily continuous. To understand this, we can give a simple example, which we will consider below.

Unemployed citizen, applying to the serviceemployment, after consideration of the documents submitted by him, began to receive benefits. A few months later he was employed, of course, that payments ceased. After a time, having lost his job, he again turned to the service. There he was again assigned a benefit. All these events occurred intermittently, say, for three months the allowance was paid, half a year the salary was received, and another nine months after the re-submission of documents to the service again received benefits.

Having carried out simple calculations,how much time they receive unemployment benefits with possible interruptions, namely 18 months. It is important not to get confused. It is important to understand that the unemployed can not receive an unemployment benefit continuously for a year and a half. The continuity of the payment can only have one year. An equally important aspect is the legality of obtaining financial support from the state. That is, it is necessary to clarify when the payment will already be an illegally received unemployment benefit. Because ignorance of the norms of the law does not absolve from responsibility.

Stages of becoming registered in the employment center

The success of getting support from the state depends onfrom the correctness of the documents submitted. In various situations, the term of applying to the employment service becomes very important. How do I get unemployment benefits? There are several steps.

The procedure can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Appeal to the labor exchange. How do I get unemployment benefits? In this center you will be told about all this. Also on the stock exchange they explain what a list of documents is needed.
  2. Collection of certificates and other official papers in accordance with the list.
  3. Submission of the necessary package to the employee of the institution.
  4. Verify that the package matches the required list.
  5. Filling out a questionnaire for employment.
  6. Clarification of obligations arising after registration.
labor exchange

Categories of persons

At first glance, everything is quite simple. However, the solution of the issue rests on the list of documents, because the citizens applying for payments are very different, namely:

  • dismissed due to staff reduction;
  • dismissed on their own will;
  • graduated from educational institutions;
  • unemployed for up to one year;
  • persons who never had formal employment.

Basic Documents

people received unemployment benefits and worked

So how do you get unemployment benefits?In a natural way, there is a situation where each category of documentation for the employment service will be different. It is important not to be frightened, but to follow the recommendations of specialists, first of all, it is necessary to determine the list that is necessary for all categories:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • insurance certificate;
  • application for financial assistance due to lack of work;
  • documents on available education.

If an unemployed person has previously been employed, thenattach a work record and a certificate of the average salary for the last three months in the form of employment services. The latter is filled in the accounts of the former employer.

In a situation where the applicant has never been employed before or just graduated from an educational institution, then the list is sufficient.

If the unemployed was previously the founder of his own business, then it is mandatory to provide a document confirming his liquidation.

The issue of receiving benefits from the exchange fora person with disabilities. This category of citizens can claim payments. However, there are restrictions. That is, a disabled person receives an unemployment benefit only if the disability belongs to the working group. Such a citizen in his package must report a special certificate from the medical institution. If it is available, there will be no question of how to receive unemployment benefits for a person with a disability, even if the group has been appointed since childhood.

the unemployed receive unemployment benefits

It should also be noted that a woman's pregnancy is notis a reason for refusal to register at the employment center. As for disabled people, women in the situation need to submit a certificate from the polyclinic.

What does the size of the benefit depend on?

Applying for benefits fromstate in the absence of work, many are interested in information about the amount of benefits that can be expected. After all, it is important not only how to get unemployment benefits, but also how exactly this financial aid is calculated, its minimum and maximum values.

Currently, the minimum amount is850 rubles, and the maximum is 4900 rubles. In this case, people who have lost work on reduction, the first three months can receive severance pay in the amount of 100% of their earnings. At the same time, an obligatory condition is to apply to the office of the labor exchange at the place of residence. It is this institution that is the place where you can get unemployment benefits. True, it is important to observe the necessary deadlines, which are limited to 15 days from the date of dismissal.

unlawfully received unemployment benefit

If the loss of work is related to the dismissal on their own initiative, then the receipt of these amounts is not possible. Nevertheless, the amount of the benefit is determined as follows:

  1. For three months the allowance is 75% of the existing salary.
  2. The next 4 months it is reduced to 60%.
  3. Before reaching 12 months. In the remaining time, the allowance is limited to 40% of the salary.

Again, if the deadlines are met, that is, the time from the moment of loss of work and registration should not be longer than 12 months.

Who receives the minimum benefit?

The amount of benefits is limited to 850 rubles for those:

  • who never worked;
  • at whom from the moment of dismissal more than 12 months have passed;
  • who lost their jobs due to violations;
  • for whom the work experience is less than 6.5 months;
  • who is a former businessman and participant of the PF.

Having dealt with the amounts to which you cancount, you need to register, for which the above list of documents is collected. However, there is a possibility of getting a refusal. And in order that the works are not in vain, it is important to know what the chances are.

Categories of unemployed citizens who are paid

To recognize a person unemployed, it is enough to hand over the established list of documents. The categories of those who are paid are determined by the following list:

  • persons who have reached the age of sixteen;
  • graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions;
  • dismissed for reduction and on their own initiative;
  • invalids of the third or working group;
  • pregnant women.

The category of those who do not even have to try, is also defined:

  • retired on reaching retirement age citizens;
  • children under the age of 16;
  • persons in prison.

Refusal of payments

where you can get unemployment benefits

It is important to understand that payments can be refused. The reason for this can be:

  1. Provision of knowingly false data.
  2. Failure to fulfill the obligations arising in the registration at the Employment Center, namely, a regular absence from the office for re-registration. On average, this should be done twice a month.
  3. Repeated refusal of the proposed vacancies or the possibility of obtaining qualifications.
  4. A serious violation is that a person received unemployment benefits and worked. In this case, all the amounts received will have to be returned. Otherwise, the court will interfere in the matter.

What is the reason for the suspension of payments?

Those who are already receiving benefits need to know about the circumstances that entail a suspension in receiving payments:

  • training in regions located far from their place of residence;
  • conscription;
  • care for seriously ill relatives;
  • maternity leave;
  • appearance in the department of the employment center in a state of intoxication;
  • violation of labor and educational discipline.

What is the reason for the complete termination of payments?

Full termination of payments can be:

  • is associated with a job;
  • when receiving a scholarship in the period of training on the initiative of the employment center;
  • is associated with the change of registration;
  • is associated with death;
  • achievement of retirement age;
  • voluntary refusal of payments.

Thus, the legislation is clearregulates all the circumstances that may be the cause for the loss of financial support. This imposes certain obligations on the unemployed. Quite often, the status of the unemployed can be confirmed by a special certificate. It is necessary in case of registration of various grants and privileges.

how much are the unemployment benefits

Although sometimes you need a certificate that does not receive unemployment benefits a person. Such a document is sometimes necessary when registering benefits for the birth of a child. That is, this is just one of the reasons.

Cash payment for one's own business

Undoubtedly, such a body as an employment center,is the most important for everyone who is left without work or is in search. After all, it was through him that the state found a way to implement such a program as supporting start-ups. The latter can get the initial capital to realize their bold ideas.

Especially it will be interesting for young graduatesuniversities and colleges, despite the small amount of the amount being paid out. The only condition for obtaining such support is registration as an IP and drawing up a business plan. If the applicant does not have the necessary qualifications, the employment center can organize the passage of special courses.

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