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Contract service in hot spots: do not get excited

One of Kozma Prutkov's aphorisms reads:military people are defending the fatherland. And it is true. The history of the last decades clearly demonstrates on the example of other states that only a strong and well-knowing army can resist numerous threats from countries that may not express their hostile intentions today but are always ready to take advantage of Russia's weakness if they suddenly feel .

Contract service in hot spots

Our country has a huge territory andextended border. Like any other superpower, Russia has geopolitical interests that sometimes cause the need for forceful interference both inside the country and abroad, and any army operation requires the high qualification of military personnel, their skill and psychological stability, and simply courage. For one year, soldiers are sometimes even unable to master the entire technical base of the material part. Service in hot spots and does require special skills and personal qualities.

All this applies equally to the psychologicaltraining. Yes, Russian youth are able to defend the national interests of our homeland and are even ready to die for them, but does the state have the moral right to demand this from the boys? The question is rhetorical. Only contractual service in hot spots can decide the question of who will voluntarily risk his life in case of need.

I want to serve under contract

And rank-and-file, sergeants and sergeants graduallybecome professionals, and it takes them several years to comprehend military affairs. To become such a military man, it's not enough just to write a statement with the words "I want to serve under the contract," you need to withstand a multilevel selection, including psychological, then take a course of study and get practical work experience in the armed forces. By 2017, the number of professionals in the Russian army should exceed 425,000.

Contract service in hot spotsIt is attractive for many because of high allowances to the monetary allowance. They are different, for example, in Kosovo, the Russian military receives at least thirty-six thousand rubles a month. The modest salary of a soldier serving in the 201st motorized rifle division in Tajikistan is paying a lot of money for fulfilling a military duty in the Chechen Republic. Such is the payment for risk.

Service in hot spots

Not everyone understands that contract service in hot spots just for the sake of money is not the best way to earn money. Therefore, a three-stage selection of candidates was introduced in military commissariats.

The initial stage includes a self-test, which any interested person can pass by answering the questions of the Defense Ministry's website and an interview in the selection clause.

Then a preliminary selection is carried out, duringwhich determines in what kind and type of troops the candidate can be most useful to the army. Then, personal data are checked, including the degree of loyalty, law-abiding, as well as the health of the applicant and his psychological state.

All the data obtained are the basis for an in-depth selection and decision on the candidate's suitability for service in the Armed Forces.

The soldier who passed such checkis sent to the training unit, and there is no guarantee that it will certainly be waiting for the contract service in the hot spots. So, someone who thinks that by writing a statement he will immediately receive weapons and go to the war zone, can comprehend disappointment.

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