/ What is more harmful: hookah or cigarettes?

Which is more harmful: hookah or cigarettes?

In recent years smoking hookah in the circle of friendsbecomes a sign of style and grace. Hookah is prepared and served in special hookah facilities or invites visitors to ordinary cafes in a separate hookah room, try this wonderful and intriguing mixture of fire, water, oriental furnishings and aromatic, soft-flavor tobacco smoke. However, the question that is more harmful than a hookah or cigarettes, few people can give a clear answer. Despite the harm of smoking, you can hear a lot of positive feedback in favor of hookah.

The first underwater stone of hookah smoking lies inthat young people consider this only a fun and fascinating entertainment, which must be tried. A hookah is the same tobacco, only with a high content of nicotine. Therefore, much more often young people who tried to smoke a hookah, then easily sit down on the same nicotine needle - cigarettes. Thinking about what is harmful, hookah or cigarettes, it is necessary to remember that both products contain nicotine, which is the strongest drug.

The second obvious misconception isthe confidence of hookah smokers is that the smoke, passing through the liquid, is cleared of harmful substances. Here it is necessary to reason logically. The product of burning tobacco is smoke. All harmful substances are contained in the smoke. Passing through water (juice, milk) in the form of bubbles, some of the substances dissolve in it, and at the same time, the smoke is saturated with the same moisture containing the same substances. Here is the answer, which is harmful, hookah or cigarettes: smoke is not filtered, but slips through the liquid. And even if special filters of cotton or plastic are used in hookahs, according to the conclusion of the World Health Organization, they do not in the least reduce the harm from smoking tobacco.

It should also be added that nicotine and tartobacco contained in moist smoke from the hookah, easier to settle in the lungs than dry smoke from cigarettes. Carelessly tightening a cigarette or a cigarette, a person will feel a strong irritation in the bronchi and cough. The wet hookah smoke does not actually irritate the lungs of the smoker. Therefore, he breathes in full, without fear for his health.

Dealing further, which is more harmful, hookah orcigarettes, it is necessary to remember that smoldering coals are an essential attribute of hookah. As you know, after a long smoking hookah begins to hurt his head, there is nausea and poor health. All these are signs of poisoning by the combustion product of coals - carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide in turn can affect the memory, the brain and the cardiovascular system, the mental state of a person.

The next argument of harm from the hookah isthe risk of infection with various infectious diseases. After all, most often hookah smoking in the company, passing the mouthpiece from hand to hand, and few people think about hygiene. In addition, if the smoking of the hookah takes place in a public place, such as a cafe, it is not known who used this smoking device before and how the sanitary and hygienic requirements in this establishment are observed. Cigarettes are usually smoked individually and once, taking them out of their own hermetically packaged pack.

Recently, tobacco producers forhookah, to reduce the cost of production and diversify products, instead of natural flavors began to add artificial. Artificial aromatic additives are few known chemical compounds, and the extent of harm from them is unknown. This kind of tobacco is most often served in cheap hookahs.

Thinking about what's worse, hookah or cigarettesdo not forget that smoking tobacco itself is not just a bad habit, but a drug addiction that adversely affects your health. Most often a smoker who uses tobacco in one way or another realizes that he is doing himself irreparable harm, but he can not quit smoking in any way. When he chooses what is more harmful, hookah or cigarettes - he tries to justify himself to others, that the other way of smoking tobacco is supposedly almost harmless and can be used. But the answer is much simpler: he does not want to recognize himself as a drug addict.

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