/ / The drug "Gelomirtol Forte." Reviews, indications, contraindications

The drug "Gelomirtol Forte." Reviews, indications, contraindications

The drug "Gelomyrtol Forte", reviews about the applicationwhich is said to be highly effective in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which are inflammatory, refers to mucolytic, antimicrobial, and inflammatory processes preventing medications.

As an active element, the medicament containsin its composition a standardized myrtole, which is an essential oil of vegetable origin. Auxiliary substances of the preparation are the following: refined rapeseed oil and glycerin, liquid sorbitol in the form of dried substance and hydrochloric acid, purified water, as well as dibutyl phthalate and hypromellose phthalate.

The medicinal form of the release of the remedy iscapsules weighing three hundred milligrams, covered with gelatinous shell, dissolution of which occurs in the small intestine. Standardized myrtol affects the patient's body, providing a secreto-motor and secretolitic effect, leading to liquefaction of sputum. Also, the active substance activates the mucociliary epithelium. This process contributes to intensive sputum excretion from the body.

The appointment of high doses of the drug contributesantimicrobial and immunomodulating, antispasmodic and vasodilatation therapeutic effect. In addition, the drug has a fungicidal and antioxidant, antimicrobial and deodorant effect.

The drug "Gelomyrtol Forte", reviews about the applicationwho is said to have a positive effect on upper respiratory tract therapy, is prescribed for sudden and persistent bronchitis, which are chronic and acute, as well as for sinusitis. The drug is taken in conjunction with other medications recommended by a specialist. Within a day, you can consume up to ten capsules of the drug "Gelomyrtol Forte". Children under the age of ten are prescribed half-doses of this medication.

The drug "Gelomyrtol Forte", reviews about the applicationwhich is talked about the possibility of undesirable side effects, can cause symptoms of allergic manifestations. They can become a different kind of swelling and urticaria, respiratory tract cramps and heart palpitations, as well as shortness of breath. The organs of the digestive system can respond to taking the drug with stomach pain and bloating, nausea and diarrhea, as well as vomiting. In the event of undesirable phenomena it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The use of a large number of capsules of the drug"Gelomirtol Forte," reviews of overdose that indicate the possibility of serious harm to health, can cause malfunction in the activity of the heart muscle and respiratory system, and lead to a coma. In such cases, the patient needs to rinse the stomach with a solution of baking soda. If necessary, artificial ventilation is used. Contraindicated taking the drug for urine and cholelithiasis, as well as bronchial asthma. The drug is not prescribed for individual intolerance of substances that make up its composition, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.

"Helomirtol" remedy, instruction for usewhich describes the composition and form of the drug, goes on sale in gelatin capsules, having a mass of one hundred and twenty milligrams. The purpose of this type of drug is made by a specialist for the convenience of using it in small doses several times during the day, as well as children under 10 years old. The drug "Gelomirtol" (reviews about the application for kids indicate its high therapeutic effect) is prescribed only if the child can swallow the capsule.

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