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Why does the child have diarrhea with mucus?

the child has diarrhea with mucus
In some cases, the presence of mucosal discharge inKale of an infant is not considered a manifestation of any disease, although it can cause a breakdown in the digestive system. With the introduction of new foods, the baby's unusual body can respond with such a reaction. Diarrhea in a child with mucus serves as an indicator of intolerance to any medications. The result of treatment with antibiotics can become a dysbacteriosis of the intestine, which implies the presence of mucus in the stool of the baby. With this disease, swelling and pain in the abdomen are observed.

Diarrhea in a child 10 months may be associated withteething. During this period of time, salivation increases, the baby experiences unpleasant sensations. In this case, he needs to chew something, bite. As a rule, these are objects that are nearby and are not always treated with antiseptics.

In most cases, mother's milk is sterile. If you notice diarrhea with mucus in the baby, first of all, you need to give milk for analysis, check for sterility.

diarrhea in a child with mucus
Dangerous Symptoms

The presence of a sharp, unnatural smell, bloodsecretions, the appearance of jelly-like mucus in feces should alert parents, since these indicators, if they are not isolated, indicate violations in the body. The child has diarrhea with mucus, he is poorly gaining weight, constantly being naughty - these symptoms are the reason for receiving medical advice.

Liquid white stools in combination with yellowing of the eye protein, skin often indicates liver disease. The delivery of the necessary tests will help to correctly diagnose the disease.

Noticing diarrhea with mucus, greenish foam in feces, consult a pediatrician, as these symptoms can be caused by intestinal infections that lead to diseases of the intestinal tract.

Insufficient lactose in breast milkalso provokes the appearance of frequent loose stools. This can be an inborn fact. The pancreas does not produce the right amount of lactase, the enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose, which thus can not be absorbed into the blood, but is retained in the intestinal tract. This creates imbalance in the intestine. In this case, the baby's stool is thin, foamy, with a sour smell.

diarrhea in a child 10 months

If the child has diarrhea with a mucus of wateryconsistency - this indicates a violation of the flora in the still undeveloped intestine. As a result of contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, fermentation takes place in the digestive tract, which causes a build-up of gases, abdominal pain and, as a consequence, a loose stool.

So, the emergence of a loose stool with an admixturemucus can be caused by various factors: inadequate nutrition, enzyme deficiency, intestinal infections, the composition of breast milk, the presence of all kinds of diseases. To establish the exact causes of diarrhea, it is necessary to examine the child for further effective treatment.

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