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Bilobil Fort - description of the drug

In one capsule, "Bilobil Forte" containsextract from the leaf of bilobate ginkgo, which improves the enrichment of the brain with glucose and oxygen. These effects are possible due to active substances - such as flavone glycoside, ginkolide and bilobalide.

Thanks to them, blood vessels expand,improves blood flow, inhibited platelet aggregation. Also protect tissues and cells from damage, which causes hypoxia. Bilobyl forte helps to improve metabolism and cerebral circulation, prevent deterioration of brain activity, improve blood circulation in hands and feet and reduce sensations of tingling, pain, cold and numbness at the time of walking.

Thanks to the experiments, scientists60% absorbed by the body of the extract. Enterohepatichesky recirculation with maximum absorption occurs in the first cycle after 1.5 hours, and in the second - after 12 hours. The agent is taken out in half for about 4 hours. 38% of the ingested extract is excreted after 72 hours through the lungs, 22% through urine, 29% through feces. Glycoside flavonoid is absorbed through the small intestine. Its content reaches its maximum concentration after two hours after acceptance. The glycoside is taken out in half for 2 hours, and completely for 24 hours.

In what cases is the drug "Bilobil forte"

This tool is used in cases wheredisturbed cerebral circulation. The pathology is manifested by the deterioration of memory and mental abilities, there is isolation and anxiety, slight dizziness, unpleasant tinnitus, often a sleep disturbance. Also, the drug is prescribed if peripheral circulation in the hands and feet is disturbed, that is, there is a cold and burning sensation in the legs, a pain at the time of walking.

How is the drug "Bilobil forte"

Usually prescribed one capsule bilobil threetimes a day after meals. Be sure to wash down with water. After the beginning of treatment after one month, an improvement begins to appear. In order to continue the effect, bilobyl must be taken at least three months. It's very important for people in old age.

The drug "Bilobil Forte" is also used incases of impaired brain function and in violation of cerebral circulation. This is manifested in the fact that memory and mental activity deteriorate, a deviation in behavior occurs, which is expressed by closeness and anxiety. In such cases it is recommended to drink one capsule of the drug 3 times a day. If there is noise in the ears and dizziness, then recommend to use two capsules per day, in the morning and in the evening. And if blood circulation in hands and feet is violated, then two capsules are prescribed per day, also in the morning and in the evening. The capsule must be swallowed whole and washed with water. The maximum therapeutic effect can be achieved within a month.

The patient should have at hand water, the drug "Bilobil Forte", the instruction for use.

Contraindications for use

The drug is contraindicated for those with increasedsensitivity to the extract of ginkgo biloba or to its other components. Also, the drug should not be used by children, women in the situation, and women who are already breast-feeding children.

Side effect of the drug "Bilobil forte"

In some cases, taking the drug may causea digestive disorder, a small headache or an allergic reaction in the form of cutaneous manifestations. In the case of a reaction to increased sensitivity, the drug should be discarded.

Bilobil Fort, reviews about which are positive,is popular not only thanks to efficiency, but also because of its affordable price. If you intend to start taking other medications, check with your doctor.

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