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Gastroscopy: reviews of the procedure

Gastroscopy is a very informative procedure. The frequency of its holding increases every year.

What is gastroscopy?

Patient's recall of such a procedure is usuallynegative. The fact is that its conduct is associated with very unpleasant sensations. But it is a valuable diagnostic technique that allows you to explore the cavity of the stomach.

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Who conducts gastroscopy?

This procedure is performed by an endoscopist. This doctor is able to manage modern equipment, and also has in-depth knowledge of the morphology of various body structures.

Endoscopist is a relatively rare profession. It is for this reason that gastroscopy can be performed not in every medical institution of public health.

In order to obtain a specialty and endoscopist skills, the doctor must first be trained in a specialized center. Its duration is usually about 4 months.

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Gastroscopy: patient experiences

This procedure is not always easy.is transferred. The fact is that gastroscopy is the introduction of an endoscope with a probe. Previously, these probes were quite thick. As a result, of course, nobody liked gastroscopy. Feedback on the procedure was usually the most negative. Many noted that they would never agree to gastroscopy.

Currently this procedure is no longercauses such negative feelings in patients, as it was before, but still difficult to endure. This is especially true for those who have increased gag reflex.

Varieties of gastroscopy

gastroscopy through the nose reviews

Сейчас, помимо классической процедуры studies of the stomach with an endoscope, there are more modern techniques. At the same time, patients leave much better feedback about them. Gastroscopy in a dream enjoys genuine interest from patients. This is due to the fact that this method allows to investigate in detail the condition of the gastric mucosa and is not associated with any unpleasant sensations. The patient is simply put into a state of sleep, that's all. As a result, such people are satisfied and do not leave negative reviews. Gastroscopy in a dream is very good for those patients who have a serious gag reflex on the introduction of the endoscope. Yes, and for those who are afraid of various medical procedures, also great.

Another good technique is transnasal gastroscopy. Reviews of this procedure do not differ much from those left by patients after gastroscopy in a dream.

Indications for gastroscopy

Every year the number of diseases, as well as pathological conditions and clinical symptoms that are the reason for performing this procedure, is constantly increasing.

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One of the most common indicationsthere are suspicions that the patient has a stomach ulcer or gastritis. In this case, after identifying the disease, a person will have to undergo gastroscopy annually. This is necessary in time to identify the slightest changes in the morphological structure of the gastric mucosa.

Another indication for gastroscopyis the identification of the patient's body mass deficiency or anemia of unknown etiology. In addition, if the patient has a feeling of disgust for meat or a metallic taste in the mouth, then gastroscopy should also be performed. The recall, like the memories, the patient after such a procedure will not be positive, but the information that the doctor will receive as a result of its implementation, can save a person's life.

In addition, gastroscopy is included in the examination protocols for oncological search. So it is difficult to overestimate the significance of such a procedure.

Emergency indication for gastroscopyare suspected gastric bleeding. In this case, such a procedure allows not only to obtain useful diagnostic information, but also to temporarily stop the bleeding.


Currently, the conditions under which it is impossibleto conduct gastroscopy, not so much. Most often we are talking about low patency of the esophagus. In addition, care should be taken in patients with severe hypertrophy of the tonsils. So people better suited gastroscopy through the nose. Reviews after such a procedure is better, and the probability of damage to the tonsils will be excluded.

Another contraindication for gastroscopy is a severe general condition of the patient.

Why is it necessary to undergo gastroscopy?

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Today, such a procedure in Japan ismandatory for the entire population of the country. No medical certificate for a job will not be signed by a doctor if during the previous year the patient has not undergone gastroscopy. Feedback on such a procedure from the Japanese is the best. This is due, primarily, to the fact that its prophylactic treatment has significantly increased the detectability of malignant tumors in the very early stages of their development. As a result, surgical treatment was performed in patients in a timely manner and in relatively small volumes.

So in most cases, gastroscopy is aimed at controlling the course of gastric diseases, which over time can degenerate into malignant tumors.

Is gastroscopy performed for children?

Reviews of adult patients about this procedureable to push the idea that it is not carried out in children. In fact, today there are already a huge number of gastroscopes specifically for kids. They have a much smaller diameter than similar equipment designed for adults.

Gastroscopy for children is carried out on the sameindications that all the others. At the same time to facilitate portability of the procedure is usually performed gastroscopy through the nose. Reviews about her and in children and adults is better than the classic version of the study.

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Where can I be examined?

Check your stomach for anydiseases can be in various medical centers - both private and public. Today gastroscopy can be performed in Moscow. Reviews about this procedure, if it is carried out in the capital, are usually better, because it is here that the most competent specialists are concentrated, and also there is the most modern medical equipment.

Who can give direction to gastroscopy?

To date, provide suchTherapists and surgeons are also able to do this. Moreover, diseases of a therapeutic profile often do not require an emergency procedure. As for surgeons, to determine the tactics of treatment of the pathology of their profile, it is usually necessary to perform gastroscopy on an emergency basis.

What is a gastroscopy biopsy?

In the course of this procedure, oftenTo confirm the diagnosis, the doctor must send a portion of the diseased tissue for histological examination. His capture is done by pinching off. In the future, a tissue sample is sent for examination by a pathologist. That he will give the final conclusion about what kind of disease has changed the gastric mucosa.

Many patients consider this procedure.dangerous and refuse to hold it. In fact, biopsy during gastroscopy does not cause any harm. The only thing that will have to refuse to eat any food for at least a few hours. Hot can not be consumed during the day.

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