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Solution for inhalation, how to prepare and apply correctly?

Treatment of various coldsdiseases is more effective if inhalation is used. A solution for inhalation can contain both medicines and tinctures of different medicinal herbs.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

If you use a solution for inhalation that contains medicines, then inhalations should be carried out through a nebulizer.

To obtain an anti-inflammatory effecta 4% solution of gentamicin is used. The solution for inhalations, which contains this drug, is effective to use in the presence of chronic bronchitis. To conduct such an inhalation, one ampoule of "Gentamicin" should be used, which is dissolved in 3 ml of saline.

The use of "Dioxydin" in solution allowsto fight with such diseases as tracheitis, diseases of the pharynx, lungs. In order to make a solution for inhalation in bronchitis, follow the instructions for its dilution.

If the patient has signs of respiratorydiseases, perhaps, take "Rotokan", which is an extract of herbs. It includes yarrow, chamomile, calendula. To prepare a solution for inhalation, you need to take a teaspoon of the drug and dilute in 100 ml of saline. For one session, take up to 5 ml of the solution obtained and perform inhalations 3 times a day.

If a person falls ill with ARVI, you can applysolution for inhalation, which includes interferon. This drug has a pronounced antiviral effect. For inhalation, one ampoule of the powder is diluted with 5 ml of saline

Preparations that dilute sputum

To get an expectorant effect,apply "Lazolvan" - mucolytic. This solution is already available in ready form and is used in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis, when sputum is difficult to separate. Such procedures should be performed several times a day.

The use of "Fluimucil" can significantly reduce the viscosity of existing sputum. Do not use it in the presence of "dry" bronchitis and tracheitis.

To reduce shortness of breath, you can also use"Gensalbutamol" or "Steri-neb salamol". In the presence of acute attacks, 2 ampoules of the solution are used, and for light forms, half of the ampoule is also enough. To conduct these inhalations should be from 1 to 4 times a day, based on the patient's condition.

Antibacterial agents

If you have bacterial bronchitis,tonsillitis, pharyngitis, then it is necessary to apply the antibiotic "Fluimucil". In order to treat the disease, it is necessary to perform inhalations with the use of this drug twice a day, and to obtain a prophylactic effect it is enough once.

Inhalation with the use of natural preparations

For carrying out inhalations, natural preparations can be used, and honey is one of them. To do this, one spoon of honey is diluted in 100 ml of water and aerosol inhalation with this solution.

The aqueous solution of propolis hasimmunostimulating and anti-inflammatory action. To conduct inhalation, one drop of aqueous propolis solution should be diluted with furcilin or saline in a volume of 5 ml.

You can also use the juice of onions or garlic.They have an antimicrobial effect. To conduct the inhalation, take 3 ml of the juice of these plants and dilute them in 5 ml of saline. Very effective is the use of the Kalanchoe juice, which has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.

Solution for inhalation with a cold hasthe effect is much faster and better than the use of tablets. This is because the tablets first enter the gastrointestinal tract and only after that start their action. The use of inhalation allows immediate delivery of medications to a painful place.

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