/ How to Stop Vomiting in a Baby: Ways and Cautions

How to stop baby's vomiting: ways and warnings

As a rule, vomiting in a baby is a reaction toany external stimulus or acts as a symptom of the disease. Remember that before you think how to stop a baby's vomiting, you need to determine its cause. If vomiting occurs once, there is no reason to worry. However, when there is a systematic recurrence of vomiting, you need to contact the doctor as soon as possible. Strictly contraindicated wait a few days, and even more so, weeks.

There are several basic signs, in the presence of which it is worth considering how to stop vomiting in a child:

  1. If the recurring episodes of vomiting.
  2. If the infant babies a lot and very often (normal regurgitation - no more than a tablespoon).
  3. Vomiting with an admixture of blood, mucus or bile.
  4. Decreased appetite, rejection of breast milk,diarrhea or constipation, unusual behavior (drowsiness or agitation), pallor of the skin, quickening of the pulse, cool limbs. In these cases, it is necessary to call a doctor to establish the cause and urgently stop vomiting in the child.

The greatest danger of the occurrence of vomiting is for young children, especially for babies up to a year.

If a child after eating regurgitationaccompanied by the release of bile, and, this regurgitation is observed not constantly after feeding, it is necessary to undergo examination for the presence or absence of pylorospasm. Also, bile may be a sign of the presence of pancreatic diseases, hepatic dysfunction, gallbladder disease or the result of improper feeding.

If vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea and an increasetemperature, it can become a sign of an infectious disease. Often the cause of vomiting in infants is dysbiosis. In this case, you need not only to know how to stop vomiting, but also to undergo a special examination for the treatment of the disease.

There are several main recommendations that will help you decide how to stop vomiting in a child:

  1. If there is a heat stroke that also causes an increase in body temperature and diarrhea, it is necessary to stabilize the body temperature to eliminate vomiting and normalize the child's condition.
  2. If a child has been poisoned with medicines or chemicals, he needs to be hospitalized and washed immediately.
  3. When the cause of vomiting is food poisoning, rinsestomach and eliminate vomiting possible at home. So, it is necessary to give the child about 500 ml of boiled water and then to press a finger on the root of the tongue. In the liquid for drinking it is recommended to add activated charcoal (pre-raster) or powder (0,5-1 tbsp spoonful per 0.5 liters of water). Rinse the stomach until it is completely cleansed. If vomiting or diarrhea again resume, you should give your baby water to drink soda or salt (0.5 teaspoon of salt or soda taken at the tip of the knife).

However, it must be remembered that when the child is unconscious, it is impossible to wash the stomach.

When vomiting stopped, you can not have a babymake you drink or eat. Wait until he himself asks. A little water is allowed only after 2 hours after the completion of vomiting. If after this vomiting does not happen again, after a quarter of an hour it is allowed to give a drink a little more. You can feed only after the child's request for food. And the food should be light, and the portion - small.

There are many ways to stopvomiting in the child, but it is important to remember that it should be treated only after examination in a hospital institution. Only after that the doctor can appoint the appropriate treatment aimed at eliminating the cause of vomiting. The task of parents is to carefully monitor the baby's nutrition, provide it with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.

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