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Amur velvet. The healing properties of the healing tree

Amur velvet, the medicinal properties of whichknown since time immemorial, is a deciduous perennial tree. His delicate beautiful crown is decorated with pinnate leaves. Almost all parts of this plant are widely used in traditional medicine recipes. The tree leaves have effective healing properties.

Amur velvet medicinal properties
Amur velvet, the medicinal properties of whichare manifested thanks to the components that are useful in the human body, contains various vitamins in each leaf. This part of the plant is rich in flavonoids, essential oil and tannins. Thanks to the phytoncides present in the medicinal leaflets, Amur velvet is capable of antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anthelmintic action.

The Chinese call velvet the tree of black pearls.And it's not surprising. Its fruits, having a round shape, are painted black. In appearance, they resemble black pearls. The use of Amur velvet wood berries, whose medicinal properties allow to lower the level of blood sugar, is recommended for people suffering from diabetes. The fruits of the plant, which contain up to eight percent of essential oils, can normalize metabolic processes in the body and activate the pancreas. Healing berries are used to eliminate colds. They help with the flu.

To normalize the level of sugar is recommendedeating fasting in the morning hours of three or four berries. In this case, the fruit should not be washed down with liquid. It is worth remembering that to obtain the desired effect, the use of berries should be daily. The semi-annual course will allow to lower the sugar levels to the values ​​accepted for the norm. One or two berries of velvet, which are used before sleeping, help to cure a cold and flu. Daily intake of the same number of fruits of the healing tree allows hypertensive patients to normalize blood pressure.

velvet amur medicinal properties

Amur velvet, the medicinal properties of whichmultifaceted, finds its application in the form of broths and tinctures. These medicinal products are made of flowers, berries, bark and tree leaves. So, a decoction of fruits helps to get rid of pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia and diabetes. The medicinal drug from the bark of the tree has the same properties. Decoctions from these parts of the plant contribute to the provision of deodorizing, astringent, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Velvet Amur, whose medicinal propertiesallow us to recommend it for diseases of the stomach, diseases of the oral cavity and dysentery, is used for these pathologies in the form of tinctures. Make it from the fruits of the plant. Decoction of the bark of young trees helps with nephritis and leprosy. Apply it and as a cholagogue. To prepare medicinal potions, ten grams of dry crushed velvet bark are poured with a glass of boiling water. The mixture is put on the fire for fifteen minutes, and then it is cooled and filtered. The broth should be drunk in one day, dividing the volume into three parts.

Amur velvet reviews
Infusion of the leaves of the tree Amur velvet reviewsreceived as a remedy for digestion. Tincture from the same part of the healing plant can help with chronic form hepatitis and cholecystitis.

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