/ Chemical face peeling. Description, types of procedures

Chemical face peeling. Description, types of procedures

You can restore your youth by usingchemical means. The results of the peeling are visible for the fifth to the seventh day after the above manipulation. What is the essence of the procedure? On the skin of the patient's face, certain chemical agents are applied, usually weak solutions of carboxylic hydroxy acids, which, penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis, activate metabolic processes, remove pigmentation spots, smooth out small scars and wrinkles.

chemical face peeling
Chemical face peeling is often used forremoval of acne, pigment spots, as well as small scars. During the application of weak acids, a burn occurs on the surface of the skin, the depth of which is determined by the acid used, the residence time on the skin, and also the concentration.

Chemical face peeling is classified intodeep, superficial and median. Most often apply surface, which is conducted from 4 to 10 times, with a ten-day interval. A deeper peeling is the medial. The results are visible after the first procedure, performed one to three times, but with a monthly interval. In practice, the deepest chemical peeling of the face is performed least often.

glycol chemical face peeling
After carrying out these manipulationsthe cover becomes hypersensitive to ultraviolet light, so the procedure is best carried out in the autumn or winter period. At this time, the activity of the sun is minimal. As an additional tool, experts prescribe a cream with a softening effect that minimizes the discomfort that occurs after manipulation.

Chemical peeling of the face - quite painfulprocedure, therefore the doctor-cosmetologist sometimes appoints analgesic agents. Regardless of which chemical peeling method you choose, you will still feel a burning sensation, the skin will be hyperemic, and later it will begin to peel off.

Glycolic chemical face peeling - practicallypainless, effective, safe and very popular procedure, usually used to correct age-related changes in the skin. After it, the threat of injury or scarring is minimized.

For glycol peeling, carboxylic oxy acids (apple, citrate, lactic, glycolic, tartrate, etc.) are used.

chemical face peeling prices
Most often glycolic acid is used,because of all the listed it has the smallest molecules, so it easily penetrates into the skin. Thanks to glycol peeling, the skin becomes more silky, elastic and elastic, fine wrinkles are completely smoothed out, and the amount of deep wrinkles is markedly reduced. Glycolic acid activates the synthesis of ceramides (complex lipids), which are part of the biomembranes of cells. The skin becomes less flabby.

Chemical peeling face: prices

The price of this procedure mayvary considerably, depending on the materials used and the salon. As a rule, the cost of this procedure is from 1500 to 5000 rubles.

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