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Cavinton forte - instructions for use

The problem of stroke is one of the most acutein Russia. Each year, more than five hundred thousand people suffer from diseases associated with impaired cerebral circulation. Russia is in second place in the incidence of stroke, and the disease is getting younger every year. It is not uncommon, when thirty-forty years old people are hospitalized in connection with a stroke. In the future, this leads to either a fatal outcome or disability. In such a situation, drugs that promote the improvement of cerebral circulation can be of great interest. The article tells about the medicine "Cavinton forte". Instruction to it is covered in detail, information on contraindications is given.

"Cavinton forte" - description of the medicinal product

Ischemic stroke is characterized by the fact that the brainceases to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen as a result of a violation of the blood supply, from which the nervous system suffers. Consider the pharmacological properties of Cavinton Fort. The instruction says that this is a drug related to the means that improve the cerebral blood supply, it contributes to the increased tolerance of cerebral ischemia. The international name of the medicine is Vinpocetine. Produced in the form of tablets. "Cavinton Forte" helps to significantly improve the blood microcirculation in the brain, reduces its viscosity. It helps to improve the tolerance of brain cells to hypoxia. In addition to ischemic strokes, the drug is used to treat arteriosclerosis of vessels, the effects of brain injuries, dizziness, venous thrombosis of the vessels of the eyes, vascular deformities of the hearing organs, menopausal syndrome, etc. The drug "Cavinton forte", the instruction for use draws attention to this, is able to enhance the effect of hypotensive means. Therefore, patients who take such medications, "Cavinton" appoint very carefully. Tablets are taken after meals three times during the day. The course of treatment is designed for two months. The drug is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Its bioavailability is seventy percent.

"Cavinton forte" - contraindications

In addition to the positive effect (improvement of workblood vessels), there are contraindications to Cavinton. People suffering from heart disease should be extremely cautious when taking this medication, as severe arrhythmias, angina pectoris are possible. In pregnancy and lactation, the drug is also prohibited from eating. Intracranial pressure and the first days after the transited hemorrhagic stroke are those cases when the reception of this remedy is impossible. When you receive "Cavinton Forte," the instruction warns about this, unforeseen complications may arise. These include tachycardia, a feeling of heat, thrombophlebitis, hypotension. Overdose of the drug threatens intoxication, for the treatment of which it is recommended to wash the stomach and take activated charcoal. Side effects of the drug include insomnia, weakness, headache and drowsiness.

Being an effective medicine, Cavinton Fort,the instruction of which contains information about various complications, refers to drugs that need to be taken only on the advice of a doctor. He needs to know what medicines his patient takes to take into account their compatibility with Cavinton Fort. And also the occupation of the patient. The specialist will be able to take into account both the patient's health condition, and his diagnosis, and possible side effects of the drug. "Cavinton Fort" can not accept drivers of vehicles and those people whose work requires increased attention.

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